NARCIS classification

In NARCIS, experts (including all professors and senior university lecturers) and research organisations are classified according to the NARCIS classification code (previously the NOD classification code).

Download the NARCIS classification here.

Introduction to the NARCIS classification code

The NARCIS classification code consists of two main categories. The "A" category indicates the area of interest; the "D" category indicates the discipline, for example area of interest A85100 Arts and Culture, or discipline D23231 Neurology. In addition, there is a "C" category; this is used for six interdisciplinary research areas, for example C50000 Environmental Studies. The NARCIS classification code was revised in 2009.

Searching in NARCIS

You can use the NARCIS classification code to perform searches in two different ways:

Search on facets

If you are searching for people or institutes, NARCIS provides the classification codes as a facet (or aspect) in the left-hand column.

Direct search

You can also type a classification code directly into the search box and let NARCIS produce a list of experts and/or institutes active in that particular area of interest or discipline.

Example of searches

Examples of searches

Search on facets:

You are looking for organisations active in Women's Studies. On the NARCIS homepage, click the "Organisations" tab. Under "Classifications" in the left-hand column, click "All classifications". A list of all classifications will appear. Look for "Women's Studies" and click on it. You will then get a list of institutes that specialise in Women's Studies.

Direct search

You have looked up the NARCIS classification code for Women's Studies: C40000. Type this code into the search box. Then click "Organisations" and a list of relevant organisations will appear.

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