Submission of (Open Access) publications and research data

Submitting your (Open Access) publications and research data to NARCIS will increase visibility and retrievability of your research. You can provide the data in different ways.

Submission of information about research programmes and projects

Form for submitting research

Submission of personal and expertise data

To submit your personal and expertise data, please login here.

Submission research organisation (only together with the registration of current research)

Form for submitting research institutions

Submission of (Open Access) publications

You can submit your (Open Access) publications if your institution has a repository. If you want to submit your publications to NARCIS, you should contact the repository manager at your employing institution. For contact details, see the list of repositories.

Data check

Submissions will be examined by the editor(s). After a data-check (e.g. correct email of the sender) the submissions will be processed for the next update of the database.

More information

Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) promotes sustained access to digital research data. NARCIS is a service of the DANS institute. For questions, submission of data or more information, please contact us via or download the NARCIS flyer. DANS is an institute of KNAW and NWO.

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