NWO Council for Earth and Life Sciences

Part of Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek - NWO
Acronym NWO-ALW
Address Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indiƫ 300, 2593 CE Den Haag
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Postal address Postbus 93510, 2509 AM Den Haag
Phone +31-70-3440619
Fax +31-70-3850971
Email alw -at- nwo. nl
Mission NWO Earth and Life Sciences (ALW) finances and stimulates high-grade scientific research in the field of earth and life sciences. ALW covers research on the solid earth, the biosphere, the atmosphere and climate, the oceans and the polar areas. ALW also supports research in life sciences such as ecology, evolution and biodiversity, in other words the natural world including humans. The interactions between the biotic and abiotic systems also fall under ALW's sphere of activities. Wherever necessary, ALW's responsibilities extend across its divisional boundaries to other scientific areas such as physics and medicine.


Management Dr. F.M. Martens

Current research

Completed research


D15000 Earth sciences
D18130 Soil
D18140 Nature and landscape
D21000 Life sciences
D22000 Biology

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