Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences - SILS

Part of Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
Part of Universiteit van Amsterdam
Acronym SILS
Address Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam
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Postal address Postbus 94215, 1090 GE Amsterdam
Phone +31-20-5256970
Fax +31-20-5257934
Email m. c. brink -at- uva. nl
Mission The Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences is bringing together more than 200 researchers with knowledge from many areas of science, amongst others: biology, (bio)chemistry, (bio)physics, medicine and data analysis- and information technology. In these areas research is carried out at the molecular, cellular, and organismal level. The aim of SILS is to understand the functioning of a living cell. Biological processes are studied at the level of molecule, cell, cellular network and organism. SILS uses the research disciplines of Molecular Cell Biology, Microbiology, Plant Science, and Neurobiology while supported by Life Science Technologies. As such SILS is a multidisciplinary research institute. In its research SILS intends to make optimal use of amongst others genomics and microscopy technologies. Integrating the knowledge from different areas is essential to reach our final goal: understanding life processes. Therefore, Systems Biology has become a focal point of attention from 2004 onwards.


Professor Prof.dr. S. Brul
Professor Prof.dr. B.J.C. Cornelissen
Professor Prof.dr. Th.W.J. Gadella (Jr.)
Professor Prof.dr. L.W. (Leendert) Hamoen
Professor Prof.dr. M.A. Haring
Professor Prof.dr. K.J. Hellingwerf
Professor Prof.dr. R.E. Koes
Professor Prof.dr. C.G. de Koster
Professor Prof.dr. P.J. Lucassen
Professor Prof.dr. R. Nusse
Professor Prof.dr. C.M.A. Pennartz
Professor Prof.dr. M.P. Smidt
Professor Prof.dr. A.K. Smilde
Professor Prof.dr. W.J. Stiekema
Professor Prof.dr. M.J. Teixeira de Mattos
Professor Prof.dr. W.J. Wadman
Part-time professor Prof.dr. S.M. van Ham
Part-time professor Prof.dr. A.P. Otte
Part-time professor Prof.dr. H.V. Westerhoff
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. E.M.A. Aronica
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J. Borst
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. E.M. (Elly) Hol
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. P.L. (Peter) Hordijk
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J. Hugenholtz
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. K. (Kees) Jalink
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. O. (Ole) Jensen
Extraordinary professor A.H.C. van Kampen
Extraordinary professor J.J.B. Keurentjes
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. C.G. Kruse
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. M.S. Oitzl
Extraordinary professor M.W. Prins
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. R. van Driel
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. F.H. Lopes da Silva
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. N. Nanninga
Associate professor Dr. T. den Blaauwen
Associate professor H.C.J. Hoefsloot
Associate professor Dr. H.J. Krugers
Associate professor Dr. E.M.M. Manders
Associate professor Dr. T. Munnik
Associate professor Dr. M. Rep
Associate professor R.C. Schuurink
Associate professor Dr. C.S. Testerink
Management Prof.dr. W.J. Stiekema

Current research

Completed research


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