LEI Wageningen UR

Part of Wageningen University & Research centre
Acronym LEI
Address Alexanderveld 5, 2585 DB 's-Gravenhage
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Postal address Postbus 29703, 2502 LS 's-Gravenhage
Phone +31-70-3358330
Fax +31-70-3615624
Email brigitte. denos -at- wur. nl
Mission LEI Wageningen UR is a leading social-economic research institute in international terms and an independent, strategic partner for government and companies. The unique data, models and knowledge of LEI support customers in policy and decision-making and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable world.


Management H.J. Silvis
Management Ir. L.C. van Staalduinen
Programme leader / Group leader Dr. J.C.M. van Meijl
Programme leader / Group leader Drs. K.J. Poppe
Programme leader / Group leader J.W. Reijs
Programme leader / Group leader Ir. J.H.M. Wijnands

Current research

Completed research


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