Energy research Centre of the Netherlands - ECN

Acronym ECN
Address Westerduinweg 3, 1755 LE Petten
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Postal address Postbus 1, 1755 ZG Petten
Phone +31-224-564949
Fax +31-224-564480
Email info -at- ecn. nl
Mission The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is the largest research institute in the Netherlands in the field of energy. It holds a strong international position in the fields of solar energy, wind energy, policy and strategy studies, biomass, energy efficiency and environmental research. We develop knowledge and technology, with and for the market, to enable a transition to a sustainable energy system. With its energy research, ECN focuses on a sustainable energy system: safe, reliable and environment-friendly. ECN also conducts research on future opportunities and economic backgrounds in the field of energy. ECN has offices in Petten, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Wieringermeer, Brussels and China.


Management R.A. Kleiburg
Management Ir. P.A.O.G. Korting
Management P.J. Sayers
Programme leader / Group leader Ir. M.J.J. Scheepers

Current research

Completed research


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