Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Part of Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap - OCW
Acronym RCE
Address Smallepad 5, 3811 MG Amersfoort
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Postal address Postbus 1600, 3800 BP Amersfoort
Phone +31-33-4217421
Fax +31-33-4217799
Email info -at- cultureelerfgoed. nl
Mission The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands helps other parties to get the best out of our heritage. We are closely involved in listing, preserving, sustainably developing and providing access to the most valuable heritage in our country. We are the link between policymakers, academics and practitioners. We provide advice, knowledge and information, and perform certain statutory duties that have been assigned to us. The Cultural Heritage Agency is at the heart of heritage management in the Netherlands.
Addition Vestiging Amsterdam: Hobbemastraat 22;1071 ZC Amsterdam; T 020-3054771; Vestiging Rijswijk: Visseringlaan 3; 2288 ER Rijswijk; T 070-3073800 Vestiging Lelystad: Oostvaardersdijk 01-04; 8244 PA Lelystad; T 0320 269 700.


Management Prof.dr. J.G.A. Bazelmans
Management Drs. M.M. Hanssen
Management Ir. D.G. Houtgraaf
Management Drs. C. van 't Veen
Management J. van de Voorde
Management Mr. L.C. de Wit
Programme leader / Group leader H.C.M. van der Linden
Programme leader / Group leader Dr. J. Ottens

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