Institute of Health Policy & Management

Part of Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Acronym iBMG
Address Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam
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Postal address Postbus 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam
Phone +31-10-4088555
Email info -at- bmg. eur. nl
Mission The Institute of Health Policy & Management offers education and research with a unique multidisciplinary approach in the field of policy and management in health care.
Addition Onderzoeksthema's:
Marktordening en stelselinrichting
Kwaliteit en doelmatigheid in de zorg
Bedrijfsvoering van zorgorganisaties Opleidingen
Bachelor Gezondheidswetenschappen, Beleid & Management Gezondheidszorg
Master Zorgmanagement
Master Health Economics, Policy & Law
Diploma Course International Health & Policy Evaluation
Postacademisch onderwijs -- Research themes
Competition and regulation in health care
Quality and efficiency in health care
Health care management Education programmes
BSc Health Policy & Management (Dutch programme)
MSc Health Care Management (Dutch programme)
MSc Health Economics, Policy & Law
Diploma Course International Health & Policy Evaluation
Postgraduate education


Dean Prof.dr. W.B.F. Brouwer
Professor Prof.dr. R.A. Bal
Professor Prof.dr. W.B.F. Brouwer
Professor Prof.dr. E.K.A. van Doorslaer
Professor Prof.dr. J.J. van de Klundert
Professor Prof.dr. P.L. Meurs
Professor Prof.dr. J.L. Severens
Professor Prof.dr. C.A. (Carin) Uyl-de Groot
Professor Prof.dr. W.P.M.M. van de Ven
Professor Prof.dr. J.M.H. Vissers
Extraordinary professor M.A.J.M. Buijsen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. R. Huijsman
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A.P. Nieboer
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. K. Putters
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. P.B.M. Robben
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. M.P.M.H. Rutten-van Mölken
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. F.T. Schut
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. W.R.F. Notten
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. F.F.H. Rutten
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. A. Steenhoek
Associate professor Dr. P.H.M. (Pieter) van Baal
Associate professor Dr. A.A. de Bont
Associate professor Dr. N.J.A. van Exel
Associate professor Dr. M.M.E. Foets
Associate professor Dr. L. Hakkaart-van Roijen
Associate professor Dr. M.A. Koopmanschap
Associate professor Mr. R.J.P. Kottenhagen
Associate professor Dr. W.K. Redekop
Associate professor Dr. M. Varkevisser
Associate professor Dr. R.C.J.A. van Vliet
Management G. Gerritse

Current research

Completed research


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