Utrechts instituut voor Linguïstiek OTS, Departement TLC

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Behoort tot Universiteit Utrecht
Acroniem UiL OTS
Adres Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht
Routebeschrijving Google Maps
Telefoon +31-30-2536006
Email UiL-OTS -at- uu. nl
Taak UiL OTS aims at developing scientific expertise in the systems underlying language, speech and their use. The institute's objective is threefold: to increase our understanding of language and speech, to train researchers who make a valuable contribution to this field of knowledge, and to share our knowledge with institutions beyond the academic world. At UiL OTS, the human language faculty is studied from a wide range of perspectives. UiL OTS seeks to exploit the synergies between these various areas to the full. In our research, the following general question is fundamental: What are the cognitive faculties underlying the structure and use of human language, and what principles govern their interaction? We aim to have a strong international position in the following areas: Language architecture and its modelling, Language acquisition, and Psycholinguistics.


Directie / Management Dr. M.L. Schoorlemmer
Directie / Management Prof.dr. H.E. de Swart

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