Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences - IRAS

Part of Universiteit Utrecht
Address Yalelaan 2, 3584 CM Utrecht
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Postal address Postbus 80178, 3508 TD Utrecht
Phone +31-30-2539494
Fax +31-30-2539499
Email secretariaat. iras -at- uu. nl
Mission The mission of IRAS is to provide education and research on the human health risks of exposure to potentially harmful agents in the environment, at the workplace and through the food chain. Effects on ecosystems are also considered.
Addition Overige vestiging: Jeannette Donker- Voet Gebouw, Yalelaan 104 3584 CM Utrecht


Professor Prof.dr. M. van den Berg
Professor B. Brunekreef
Professor Prof.dr. F.R. Cassee
Professor D.J.J. Heederik
Professor Prof.dr. J.L.M. Hermens
Professor H. Kromhout
Professor Prof.dr. A.M. de Roda Husman
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. P.A. Koolmees
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J. Meulenbelt
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A.H. Piersma
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. B.J. Blaauboer
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J. Fink-Gremmels
Professor emeritus A.H. Havelaar
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. F. van Knapen
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. W. Seinen
Associate professor Dr. U. (Ulrike) Gehring
Associate professor G. Hoek
Associate professor Dr. J.A. Lenstra
Associate professor Dr. L.J.A. Lipman
Associate professor Dr. R.H.H. Pieters
Associate professor R.C.H. Vermeulen
Management Prof.dr. M. van den Berg
Management B. Brunekreef
Management D.J.J. Heederik
Management Drs. M.A.J. van der Lelij
Management Dr. L.J.A. Lipman

Current research

Completed research


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