Donders Centre for Cognition

Part of Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
Part of Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Acronym DCC
Address Montessorilaan 3, 6525 HR Nijmegen
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Postal address Postbus 9104, 6500 HE Nijmegen
Phone +31-24-3612620
Fax +31-24-3616066
Email cognition -at- donders. ru. nl
Mission The Centre for Cognition conducts interdisciplinary research and provides training in cognitive psychology and its neighbouring disciplines. Psychological and neuro-biological principles of information processing are jointly studied by scientists from various disciplines. |The Centre for Cognition aims at: |1. Initiation, stimulation, and coordination of fundamental research in cognitive science and information technology. |2. Dissemination of knowledge in these domains through application, training and consultancy. |3. Training of researchers both in fundamental and in applied research in the cognitive sciences |Centre for Cognition research is organized in 5 divisions: |* Action, Intention and Motor Control |* Psycholinguistics |* Neuropsychology and rehabilitation|* Biological Psychology|* Cognitive Artificial Intelligence
Addition Since October 1992 the Centre for Cognition (then NICI) has been awarded the official status of a Graduate School of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences renewed DCC's accreditation in December 2007


Professor Prof.dr. H. Bekkering
Professor P.W.M. Desain
Professor Prof.dr. A.F.J. (Ton) Dijkstra
Professor Prof.dr. R.P.C. Kessels
Professor Prof.dr. G.K. Knoblich
Professor Prof.dr. J.M. McQueen
Professor W.P. Medendorp
Professor Prof.dr. R.G.J. Meulenbroek
Professor Prof.dr. A.P.A. Roelofs
Professor Prof.dr. H.J. Schriefers
Professor Prof.dr. M. Ullsperger
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J.I.M. Egger
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. L. Fasotti
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A.S. Meyer
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. B.E.R. de Ruyter
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. H.H.J. Kolk
Associate professor Dr. P.A.T.M. Eling
Associate professor Dr. W.F.G. Haselager
Associate professor Dr. R.J. van Lier
Associate professor Prof.dr. E.L.J.M. van Luijtelaar
Associate professor Dr. N. Sebanz
Management Prof.dr. H. Bekkering

Current research

Completed research


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