EMGO Institute for Health & Care Research (EMGO+)

Part of VU Medisch Centrum - VUmc
Part of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Acronym EMGO+
Address Van der Boechorststraat 7, 1081 BT Amsterdam
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Postal address Postbus 7057, 1007 MB Amsterdam
Phone +31-20-4448180
Email secretariaat. emgo -at- vumc. nl
Mission The EMGO+ mission is to generate, conduct and publish excellent research of international standing to improve public and occupational health, mental health care, primary care, rehabilitation and long-term care. In this fields, the EMGO+ institute's objectives are to:
- strengthen the evidence-base for the current practice in prevention and care;
- engage in an evidence-chase to innovate prevention and care;
- develop new methodology in study design, instrumentation and analyses;
- provide advanced education and training for researchers and practitioners.
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Visiting professor Prof.dr. G.I.J.M. Zwetsloot
Professor Prof.dr. T.A. Abma
Professor Prof.dr. A.J.L.M. van Balkom
Professor Prof.dr. J.G. Becher
Professor Prof.dr. A.J. van der Beek
Professor Prof.dr. A.T.F. Beekman
Professor Prof.dr. D.I. Boomsma
Professor J. Brug
Professor Prof.dr. M.C. Cornel
Professor Prof.dr. W.J.M.J. Cuijpers
Professor Prof.dr. D.J.H. Deeg
Professor Prof.dr. J. Dekker
Professor J.M. Dekker
Professor Prof.dr. L. Deliens
Professor Prof.dr. R.M. Dröes
Professor Prof.dr. R.J.B.J. Gemke
Professor Prof.dr. J.C.N. de Geus
Professor Prof.dr. M. den Heijer
Professor Prof.dr. C.M.P.M. Hertogh
Professor Prof.dr. R.A. Hira Sing
Professor Prof.dr. A.C. Huizink
Professor Prof.dr. E.K. Hutton
Professor Prof.dr. J.M. Koot
Professor Prof.dr. S.E. Kramer
Professor Prof.dr. R.W. Kupka
Professor Prof.dr. P.A.C. van Lier
Professor Prof.dr. W. van Mechelen
Professor Prof.dr. B.D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen
Professor Prof.dr. R.W.J.G. Ostelo
Professor Prof.dr. B.W.J.H. Penninx
Professor Prof.dr. C. Schuengel
Professor Prof.dr. J.H. Smit
Professor Prof.dr. F.J. Snoek
Professor Prof.dr. M.L. Stek
Professor Prof.dr. M.W. van Tulder
Professor Prof.dr. J.W.R. Twisk
Professor Prof.dr. R.J.J.M. Vermeiren
Professor H.C.W. de Vet
Professor M. Visser
Professor Prof.dr. G.A.M. Widdershoven
Part-time professor Prof.dr. A.J.F.M. Kerkhof
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J.R. Anema (PhD)
Extraordinary professor P.M. Bongers
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A.L. Francke
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A. Honig
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. M. Hopman-Rock
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. L. Kingo
Extraordinary professor F.E. van Leeuwen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. M.E. Numans
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. G.H.M.B. van Rens
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. F.G. Schellevis
Extraordinary professor A.J. Schuit
Extraordinary professor T. Smid
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. H.F.E. Smit
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. D.R.M. Timmermans
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. C. Wagner
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. G. van der Wal
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. Th.A.H. Doreleijers
Professor emeritus J.M. Festen
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. L.P. ten Kate
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. M.G.A.A.M. Nijpels
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J.J.M. van Roosmalen
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. I.N. Wolffers
Management Prof.dr. J.C.N. de Geus
Management Prof.dr. H.E. van der Horst
Management Prof.dr. W. van Mechelen

Current research

Completed research


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