Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law

Part of Afdeling Internationaal en Europees Recht - IER
Part of Departement Rechtsgeleerdheid
Part of Faculteit Recht, Economie, Bestuur en Organisatie - REBO
Part of Universiteit Utrecht
Acronym UCWOSL
Address Achter Sint Pieter 200, 3512 HT Utrecht
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Phone +31-30-2538050
Fax +31-30-2537226
Email wateroceansandsustainability -at- uu. nl
Mission Research and study in the area of the international law of the sea, in particular the management of the natural resources of the sea. Providing assistance to governments (in particular of developing states) and international organisations. Provision of consultancy and advise. Provision of training and courses in this field.
Addition Voorheen Centrum voor Omgevingsrecht en -beleid/NILOS.


Current research

Completed research


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