Center for Higher Education Policy Studies - CHEPS

Part of Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS)
Part of Universiteit Twente
Acronym CHEPS
Address Drienerlolaan 5, 7522 NB Enschede
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Postal address Postbus 217, 7500 AE Enschede
Phone +31-53-4893263
Email cheps -at- mb. utwente. nl
Mission The Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) is an interdisciplinary research-institute located at the School of Management and Governance of the Universiteit Twente, the Netherlands. Since 1984, CHEPS has undertaken and published a considerable amount of research on higher education especially at system and institutional levels. CHEPS seeks to increase our understanding of institutional, national and international issues that bear upon Higher Education.


Professor Prof.dr. F.A. van Vught
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. G. Neave
Management J.M. File
Programme leader / Group leader Prof.dr. J.J. Vossensteyn

Current research

Completed research


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