Vilans, Centre of Excellence in Long Term and Social Care in The Netherlands

Address Catharijnesingel 47, 3511 GC Utrecht
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Postal address Postbus 8228, 3503 RE Utrecht
Phone +31-30-7892300
Email info -at- vilans. nl
Mission Vilans is a merger organisation of the Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare (NIZW), the Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Handicap (iRv), the Institute for Home Care Innovations (KITTZ) and the Institute for Assistive Technology (KBOH). As of 1 January 2007 Vilans is an independent organisation dedicated to improve quality of life of people with special needs. For example: frail older people, people with learning disabilities, people with physical or sensory disabilities and people who suffer from chronical illness. Vilans develops and disseminates useful, practical know-how and information that helps providers in the care, welfare and assisted living sectors to gear their services to client demand and guarantee the quality of those services. At the same time, Vilans enables clients and their loved ones to clearly identify their needs, to see what their options are, and to find the most appropriate mix of services. Sharing knowledge between consumers and providers is essential for better coordination of supply and demand. Vilans' integrated vision of care, living and well-being brings together everyone involved. This results in a better quality of life for the elderly and for people with an impairment or chronic illness, and enables them to participate in the community to their full potential.
Addition Vilans is ontstaan op 1 januari 2007 door een fusie van NIZW Zorg, de stichting Kwaliteits- en Bruikbaarheidsonderzoek van Hulpmiddelen voor gehandicapten en ouderen (KBOH) en het Kwaliteitsinstituut voor Toegepaste ThuisZorgvernieuwing (KITTZ) en het iRv, kenniscentrum voor revalidatie en handicap.


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