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Address Kromme Nieuwegracht 4-6, 3512 HG Utrecht
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Phone +31-30-2300799
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Email secr -at- verwey-jonker. nl
Mission Verwey-Jonker Institute is an independent research centre based in Utrecht, offering consultancy and innovation in the social domain. We built up a large client base over the last fifteen years, providing advanced, applied and scientifically sound answers to social questions. We are a national non-profit making foundation. Fundamental to our work is that our scientific services substantially contribute to social participation of citizens. We have been achieving this objective since 1993: seeking long-term solutions to current issues. The Verwey-Jonker Institute has a staff of approximately thirty-five scientists. Each of them has specific fields of knowledge and can apply a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques. The institute has developed expertise in accessing hard-to-reach population groups. Our research projects and advice gives support to evidence based policy making and effective implementation, with a sensitivity to dilemmas and problems in practice. Our research into social problems (and opportunities!) in the various areas of society is grouped into three categories: 1. Social Vitality, Security and Safety 2. Youth, Parenting and Education 3. Social participation 4. Multicultural Issues 5. International Policy Perspective
Addition Our research work is commissioned by local, provincial, national, European and international clients. Our most important clients are ministries, provincial governments and municipalities, social entrepreneurs and social partners, as well as other groups, such as patients' organisations. Through an ongoing stream of European and International research projects, the Institute maintains an international network for social and societal research.


Management Prof.dr. J.C.J. Boutellier
Management Mr. R. Limpens
Programme leader / Group leader Dr. F.B.J. de Meere

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