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Part of Tilburg University
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Phone +31-13-4668600
Fax +31-13-4668699
Email information -at- tias. edu
Mission The mission of TIAS' research is 'improving society' by helping individuals develop to become better professionals, more effective managers and more responsible leaders.. We focus on the following research areas: · Management & Organization · Marketing & Retail · Finance & Control · Not-for-Profit · Health Care · Information Management · Logistics · Family Business |The output of research at TIAS takes many forms such as: papers, case-studies, research projects, publications and research centres. In addition, the output of research is not restricted to written output only, but may also be extended towards the development of human capital (researchers) and social capital (networking activities with companies, government, and other research institutes). Internal and external research projects are defined in several areas, e.g. Market Excellence, The evaluation of strategic market options, Reversed Logistics, Customer Profitability, Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC), etcetera.
Addition TIAS Business School is the new name of TiasNimbas Business School

Organisational departments

(Other departments may refer to researchers and projects as well.)
Globus - Institute for Globalization and Sustainable Development


Adjunct professor Dr. F. (Freek) Aertsen
Adjunct professor Dr. R. (Robert) Dew
Dean Prof.dr. C.G. (Kees) Koedijk
Professor J. (Jalal) Ashayeri
Professor Prof.dr. J.M.J. (Jos) Blommaert
Professor Prof.dr. D. (Dirk) Brounen
Professor Prof.dr. F.A.L. (Filip) Caeldries
Professor Prof.dr. Th.W.A. (Theo) Camps
Professor Prof.dr. K. (Kees) Cools (RA)
Professor M.H. (Micheal) Corbey
Professor Prof.dr. H.J.M. (Herbert) Hamers
Professor Prof.dr. K.H. (Koen) Heimeriks
Professor Prof.dr. E.H. (Edith) Hooge
Professor Prof.dr. J.R. (Jenke) ter Horst
Professor Prof.dr. P.P.M. (Philip) Joos
Professor Prof.dr. P. (Patrick) Kenis
Professor Prof.dr. C.I. (Carla) Koen
Professor Prof.dr. A.G. (Ton) de Kok
Professor Prof.dr. E.L.H.M. (Eric) van de Loo
Professor Prof.dr. M. (Mijntje) Lückerath-Rovers
Professor Prof.dr. R.J. (Ronald) Mahieu
Professor Prof.dr. K. (Khelifa) Mazouz
Professor Prof.dr. B.J.M. (Nardo) van der Meer (MBA)
Professor Prof.dr. R.J.H. (Ron) Meyer
Professor Prof.dr. R.K. (Rudy) Moenaert
Professor Prof.dr. C. (Chris) de Neuborg
Professor Prof.dr. Th.E. (Theo) Nijman
Professor Prof.dr. W. (Woody) van Olffen
Professor Prof.dr. Th.B.C. (Theo) Poiesz
Professor Prof.dr. R.A.J. (Rachel) Pownall
Professor Prof.dr. H.C.A. (Henk) Roest
Professor Prof.dr. F.A. (Frans) de Roon
Professor Prof.dr. N.M. (Nicolette) Sanders-van Gestel
Professor Prof.dr. S.G.L. (Sandra) Schruijer
Professor Prof.dr. A.M.H. (Alfred) Slager
Professor Prof.dr. A.C.N. (Arco) van de Ven (RA)
Professor Prof.dr. M.J.M. (Marc) Vermeulen
Professor Prof.dr. P.H.J. (Peter) van der Voort
Professor Prof.dr. S. (Sietske) Waslander
Extraordinary professor M.F. (Marcel) van Assen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. H.J.J.M. (Bart) Berden
Extraordinary professor M.A.M. (Michiel) Boersma
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. G.J. (Jo) Caris
Extraordinary professor G. (Gert) van Dijk
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. M. (Marco) Folpmers
Extraordinary professor R.C.J. (Ruud) Galle
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J.M. (Hans) Groeneveld
Extraordinary professor L. (Louis) Houwen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. F. (Ferry) Koster
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. R. (Rob) Slappendel
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. S.A. (Stan) Stevens
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. R.M. (Rolf) van den Berg
Professor emeritus Drs. B. (Bart) van Beurden (RA)
Professor emeritus Mr. H.G. Dix (RA)
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. P.J.W. (Piet) Duffhues
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. A.C. (Aart) Hordijk
Professor emeritus C.A.M. Mouwen
Professor emeritus Ph.A.V. Naert
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. W.J.M. (Will) Reijnders
Professor emeritus Prof.drs. C.J. Ruijgrok
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. L.A. Soenen
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. Th.M.M. Verhallen
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. A.A.L.G. Wentink
Associate professor M. (Mary) Bevan (MBA BA)
Associate professor C. (Camilla) van den Boom (MSc)
Associate professor Dr. J.R.G. (Roger) Bougie
Associate professor Dr. B.R.C.J. (Bob) van den Brand
Associate professor A. (Alfred) Crossman (PhD FCIPD)
Associate professor Drs. M.G.F.P. (Marjan) Deelen
Associate professor Drs. G.A. (Geert) Desmet
Associate professor Dr. E. (Eric) Dooms
Associate professor Mr. S. (Sonja) Dusarduijn
Associate professor Dr. E. (Eric) Engesaeth
Associate professor Prof. J. (Jeroen) de Flander
Associate professor Mr. J. (Jurgen) Geerlings
Associate professor B. (Barry) Harrison (BA MA)
Associate professor I. (Ingrid) Janssen
Associate professor Dr. M.G.J. (Maarten) Jennen
Associate professor Dr. F.A.L. (Freek) Lapré
Associate professor T. (Trefor) Mc. Elroy (BA CIPFA MSc FHEA)
Associate professor Dr. D. (Danielle) Verschuren
Management H.J.P. Baert
Management Prof.dr. C.G. (Kees) Koedijk

Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Secretariat Zicht op sturingsdynamiek (NL)

Completed research


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