Netherlands Institute of Government - NIG


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Part of Universiteit Twente
Acronym NIG
Postal address Postbus 217, 7500 AE Enschede
Phone +31-53-4894408
Email nig -at- utwente. nl
Mission The Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) offers a curriculum in public administration and political science for Ph.D. students and carries out a research program entitled 'From Government to Governance'. The aim of the NIG curriculum is to train Ph.D. studens to become well-qualified researchers with a broad, solid knowledge of the various research traditions in public administration and political science. The joint research program of the NIG promotes cooperation among research groups in public administration and political science in the Netherlands. This program concentrates on the effects, changes and formation of government institutions. It aims to contribute to our understanding of the dynamics of government institutions by a confrontation of the theoretical and empirical analyses embedded in differrent perspectives on institutions.
Addition Hererkenning door de KNAW in 2012


Management Prof.dr. S.A.H. Denters
Management M.P.T. Sanders

Completed research


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