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Behoort tot Departement Religiewetenschap en Theologie
Behoort tot Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen
Behoort tot Universiteit Utrecht
Acroniem INTEGON
Adres Trans 14, 3512 JK Utrecht
Routebeschrijving Google Maps
Postadres Postbus 80105, 3508 TC Utrecht
Telefoon +31-30-2521998
Email ofr -at- uu. nl
Taak The Research Institute for Theology and Religious Studies (INTEGON) promotes research in the field of the interdisciplinary study of religion, with an emphasis on Christianity and Islam. (Post)secular moral and social orders and their interplay with religious imaginaries are further priorities of our research.
At INTEGON we combine research on religion in past and present with detailed reflection on the theoretical foundations and conceptual premises of the study of religion. Our research crosses historical and geographical borders, and focuses on contemporary as well as on historical themes in regions across the world, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia.
Aanvulling De departementen Filosofie en Religie van de Faculteit geesteswetenschappen, Universiteit Utrecht zijn samengegaan onder de naam Departement Filosofie en Religiewetenschap. INTEGON wordt Onderzoekinstituut voor Filosofie en Religiewetenschap (OFR)

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