N.W. Posthumus Institute

Part of Universiteit Leiden
Address Doelensteeg 16, 2311 VL Leiden
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Postal address Postbus 9515, 2300 RA Leiden
Phone +31-71-5272947
Email nwp -at- hum. leidenuniv. nl
Mission The N.W. Posthumus Institute is the Research School for Economic and Social History in the Netherlands and Flanders, including research focusing on non-Western history, world history and social-cultural history. The Posthumus Institute promotes innovative and advanced interdisciplinary research in economic and social history by stimulating joint research programs of participating institutes and provides a PhD training in economic and social history. The Posthumus also organizes three Reserach MA courses annually (starting in 2011).
Addition The Institute for History of Leiden University houses the administrative office of the N.W. Posthumus Institute since January 1st, 2010. At this moment, fifteen faculties cooperate in the Posthumus Institute: four Belgian faculties, nine Dutch faculties, the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam and the Centre of Social History of Limburg in Maastricht.


Management Dr. L.J. Touwen
Management Dr. C.J. Zuijderduijn

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