Centre for Language and Cognition Groningen - CLCG

Part of Faculteit der Letteren
Part of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Acronym CLCG
Address Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26, 9712 EK Groningen
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Postal address Postbus 716, 9700 AS Groningen
Phone +31-50-3635806
Email clcg -at- rug. nl
Mission The Center for Language and Cognition Groningen (CLCG) is the research institute within the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen which embraces all the linguistic research within the faculty. A considerable number of the researchers participate in the Center for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN), a local graduate school that brings together research from different faculties of the University of Groningen, viz. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Psychological, Pedagogical and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Philosophy, and, of course, the Faculty of Arts. CLCG likewise participates in the national graduate school in linguistics, LOT (Landelijke Onderzoeksschool Taalwetenschap). CLCG's linguistic research works hand in hand with instructional needs of the faculty, particularly in the modern European languages (Germanic, Romance, Slavic and Finno-Ugric), but also in communications studies and applied linguistics. CLCG has a special responsibility for Dutch languages and dialects, especially the minority languages spoken in the Northern Netherlands, i.e., Frisian and Lower Saxon. CLCG supports both pure and applied research. Opportunities for the latter are important for educational linguistics, aphasiology (neurolinguistics), discourse and communication, and computational linguistics.
Addition CLCG consists of six research groups, organized by subdiscipline: Computational Linguistics (Prof. dr. G.J.M. van Noord, coördinator); Discourse and Communication (Prof. dr. Carel Jansen, coördinator); Language Variation and Language Change (Dr. B. de Jnoge, coördinator); Language and literacy development across the life span (Prof. dr. C.M. de Glopper, coördinator); Neurolinguistics (Prof. dr. Y.R.M. Bastiaanse, coördinator); Syntax and Semantics (Dr. M. de Vries, coördinator)


Current research

Completed research


D36100 Linguistics
D51000 Psychology

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