Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap - LOT

Behoort tot Universiteit Utrecht
Acroniem LOT
Adres Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht
Routebeschrijving Google Maps
Telefoon +31-30-2536111
Email lot -at- uu. nl
Taak Man's ability to use language to communicate is an extremely complex skill. It requires the ability to structure knowledge, to encode it in and decode it from linguistic signals, and to interact with others using such signals. Both the process of using language and the acquisition of the ability to do so result from the interplay of many factors. Progress in our understanding of language and its role in fulfilling the communicative needs of an increasing complex society can only be made if we can arrive at an analysis of the factors involved and the way they interact. Research in LOT thus focuses on the following issue: "What are the cognitive faculties underlying human language in structure and use, and what priciples govern their interaction?". It is the goal of LOT to create a scientific community in which this research can be optimally pursued. LOT sets out to achieve this goal both by the research carried out by its members and by educating a new generation of researchers with an open mind towards new developments, theoretical alternatives, and possible applications of insights obtained. LOT's research program, based on those of the participating institutes, covers a large area of linguistics. It touches upon other disciplines, such as psychology, logic and information technology, and is highly multi- and interdisciplinary. In order to reach its goals LOT will specifically a. enhance the quality of research and stimulate new initiatives and developments in research; b. provide a national forum to further communication between the participating insitutes with a view to short- and long-term collaboration; c. continue and enhance an effective curriculum for graduate students in linguistics committed to excellence with an optimal combination of national and local educational activities; d. to stimulate international communication for the benefit of research and education.


Directie / Management Dr. N. Versteeg
Directie / Management Prof.dr. F.N.K. Wijnen

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