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Part of Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam
Part of Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Acronym MolMed
Address Erasmus MC, Dr. Molewaterplein 50, kamer Ae 4.13, 3015 GE Rotterdam
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Postal address Postbus 2040, 3000 CA Rotterdam
Phone +31-10-7038053
Fax +31-10-7038025
Email molmed -at- erasmusmc. nl
Mission The Erasmus Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine brings together about 1000 members, amongst whom are more than 240 senior scientists, about 500 basic and clinical PhD-students and about 90 Post-docs from the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam. This centre includes the Academic Hospital of Rotterdam, the Sophia Children's Hospital and the Daniel Den Hoed Cancer Center. The research activities of the school are translational, i.e. include all research on the continuum between basic biomedical research and the clinic. The research in the School includes four main themes: |1) Endocrinology, Metabolism and Aging; |2) Hematopoiesis, Lymphopoiesis and Immune regulation; |3) Solid Tumors; |4) Infection and Host Response. |The research program is focussed on the Molecular basis of the Medical and Biological Science in the broadest sense. |The themes of the School can be divided into three lines of approach of the cell in the organism: |A) The inherent a genetic programming of the cell; |B) The endogene factors of the mechanisms; |C) The exogene agents working on the organisms and the cell. |Between these three topics, we can distinguish the many interactions on which the School focusses. The next departments of the Erasmus Medical Centre are included (mainly or partially) of the Research School: Orthopedics, Clinical chemistry, Nuclear medicine, Pathology, Oncology, Radio therapy, Hematology, Immunology, Pediatrics, Virology, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Bacteriology, Pulmonary diseases and a research part of Surgery. The training of PhD-students is an important task of the school. This training implies amongst others a broad Introductory Course in Molecular Medicine, General Courses which are part of PhD- training like Biostatistics and working with Laboratory Animals, and Specific Courses like Oncogenesis and Tumor Biology; Biomedical Research Techniques; Microbial Pathogenesis; SNP's; and Immuno-Endocrinology.
Addition Het complete onderwijs- en onderzoekprogramma van de School staat op de website, inclusief online inschrijfformulieren voor de cursussen en symposia. Daarnaast zijn alle lezingen en cycli van de deelnemende afdelingen opgenomen, alsmede een groot aantal gegevens van verwante onderzoekscholen en links naar andere websites.


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