Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam - ACTA

Acronym ACTA
Address Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004, 1081 LA Amsterdam
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Phone +31-20-5980888
Email info -at- acta. nl
Mission Dental research at ACTA focuses on the study of health and diseases of the tissues in and around the oral cavity. Beside infectious diseases like dental caries and periodontal inflammatory processes, attention is paid to the development, function and regenerative capacities of the hard tissues in general, dysfuncti­on of the mastica­to­ry system and diseases of salivary glands and oral mucosa. It is the general aim to improve strategies for diagnosis and prevention of diseases and functional repair of the affected tissues in and around the oral cavity. In our attempts to fulfil this mission special care is taken to establish: - Integration of basic disciplines with the clinical fields; - Education and further academic training of PhD-students; - The promotion and improvement of the quality of the research in ACTA with special attention to the translation of the results into applications in clinical dentistry. To this end there is a vivid interaction with professional dental organisations and industries.


Dean Prof.dr. A.J. Feilzer
Professor Prof.dr. A.G. (Eddy) Becking
Professor Prof.dr. E. Bloemena
Professor Prof.dr. C.M. ten Bruggenkate
Professor Prof.dr. W. Crielaard
Professor Prof.dr. A.J. Feilzer
Professor Prof.dr. T. (Tim) Forouzanfar
Professor Prof.dr. S. Gibbs
Professor Prof.dr. G.J.M.G. van der Heijden
Professor Prof.dr. J. Klein Nulend
Professor Prof.dr. J. de Lange
Professor Prof.dr. F. Lobbezoo
Professor Prof.dr. B.G. Loos
Professor Prof.dr. J.H. Ravesloot
Professor Prof.dr. F.J.M. Roeters
Professor Prof.dr. E.A.J.M. Schulten
Professor Prof.dr. E.C.I. Veerman
Professor Prof.dr. D. Wismeijer
Professor Prof.dr. A. Zentner
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J.J.M. Bruers
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A. de Jongh
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. B.J.F. (Bart) Keijser
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. C. van Loveren
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. F.R. Rozema
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. L.E. Smeele
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. G.H.W. Verrips
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. G.A. (Fridus) van der Weijden
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. H.P. van den Akker
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J.R. Bausch
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. H. van Beek
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. W. Beertsen
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J.M. ten Cate
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. M.A.J. Eijkman
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. V. Everts
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J. Hoogstraten
Professor emeritus M. Naeije
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. A. van Nieuw Amerongen
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. P.F. van der Stelt
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. D.B. Tuinzing
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. U. van der Velden
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. I. van der Waal
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. M.A.J. van Waas
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. P.R. Wesselink
Associate professor Dr. A.D. (Astrid) Bakker
Associate professor Dr. F.J. Bikker
Associate professor Dr. R.C. Gorter
Associate professor Dr. C.J. Kleverlaan
Associate professor J.H. Koolstra
Associate professor Dr. R.B. (Rein) Kuitert
Associate professor Dr. Y. Liu
Associate professor Dr. G.C.H. Sanderink
Associate professor Dr. H. Shemesh
Associate professor Dr. J.J. de Soet
Associate professor Dr. T.J.M. van Steenbergen
Associate professor Dr. A.J.P. van Strijp
Associate professor Dr. A. (Ali) Tahmaseb
Associate professor M.H. (Monique) van der Veen
Associate professor Dr. J.M. Vervoorn
Associate professor Dr. C.M. Visscher
Associate professor Dr. A.J. van Wijk
Associate professor Dr. E. Zaura
Management Prof.dr. V. Everts
Management Drs. A. Stäbler

Current research

Completed research


D23240 Dentistry

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