Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht

Part of Departement Natuur- en Sterrenkunde
Part of Faculteit B├Ętawetenschappen
Part of Universiteit Utrecht
Acronym IMAU
Address Buys Ballotlaboratorium, Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht
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Postal address Postbus 80005, 3508 TA Utrecht
Phone +31-30-2533275
Fax +31-30-2543163
Email imau -at- science. uu. nl
Mission The mission of the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht (IMAU) is to contribute to the basic science of the oceans, atmosphere and cryosphere. To achieve this we try to maintain an open and stimulating research and study environment in which students and staff are inspired to give their best. Education is an essential part of our mission and our researchers are therefore active teachers in the bachelor and master programs of our university.
Addition Het IMAU is penvoerder voor Buys Ballot Onderzoekschool (BBOS). In de onderzoekschool wordt samengewerkt met de vakgroep meteorologie en luchtkwaliteit van de Universiteit Wageningen en een aantal niet-universitaire instellingen.

Organisational departments

(Other departments may refer to researchers and projects as well.)
Department of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography


Current research

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