Address Laan van Nieuw Oost Indië 334, 2593 CE Den Haag
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Postal address Postbus 93245, 2509 AE Den Haag
Phone +31-70-3495111
Fax +31-70-3495100
Email info -at- zonmw. nl
Mission ZonMw stimulates health research and healthcare innovation Progress in healthcare requires research and development. ZonMw funds health research and stimulates use of the knowledge developed to help improve health and healthcare in the Netherlands. ZonMw's main commissioning organisations are the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. In our view, two things are needed to improve health and healthcare in the Netherlands: knowledge, and actual use of knowledge. With a range of grant programmes, ZonMw stimulates the entire innovation cycle, from fundamental research to the implementation of new treatments, preventive interventions and improvements to the structure of healthcare. In selecting grant proposals, ZonMw always looks for a combination of innovation and quality, since this is the only way to deal with the complex challenges we face in society today, and ensure that clients receive affordable care of a high standard. ZonMw always strives for the best result.


Management Drs. H.J. Smid

Current research

Completed research


D21000 Life sciences
D23000 Medicine
D24000 Health sciences

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