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Part of Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group
Part of Wageningen University
Part of Wageningen University and Research centre
Address Mansholtlaan 10, 6708 PA Wageningen
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Phone +31-317-482066
Fax +31-317-484819
Email secretariaat -at- user. aenf. wag-ur. nl
Mission The Soil Technology Group is responsible for research and development concerning tillage and traction especially in relation to: the modification of mechanical and physical soil properties and soil structures by means of technical interventions, with special attention to the effect of reduced tillage systems. the effects of soil tillage or no-till systems on productivity and sustainability of land use. new tillage systems to be developed with optimal physical, chemical and biological conditions for traditional and non-conventional cropping systems enabled or compelled by new developments in science and society. Soil tillage, as a discipline, studies machine-soil-plant relations and is by definition of a multi-disciplinary nature. The above items are studied in connection with the interacting sciences i.e. soil and crop science, agricultural engineering and land and water management.


Professor emeritus N. van Breemen

Completed research


A13000 Soil
D15300 Geophysics

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