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Mission A large part of the world fish supply still originates from captive fisheries. However,the stagnation of fisheries production in recent years has caused a dramatic increase in aquacultural production in many parts of the world. Research of the Fish Culture and Fisheries group focusses on the development of sustainable management practices for both fisheries and aquaculture. Research is organized according three levels of integration: 1.the organism 2.the production system 3.populations and aquatic ecosystems Studies at the Organism level aim at understanding the adaptive capacity of fish(and shrimp) under various environmental conditions, by studying the interplay between genetic predisposition, feeds, and water quality on one hand and the physiological/endocrine regulation of reproduction, health and growth of fishes on the other hand. Studies at the Systems level concentrate on understanding how fishes affect their environment, by investigating nutrient balances in aquatic production systems, and by designing sustainable integrated farming systems for fish, shellfish, corals and shrimp. Research at the Population level concentrates on the dynamics of fish populations in natural ecosystems, by analysing the complex interactions between various fish species and their individual habitat requirements.


Professor Prof.dr. J.A.J. Verreth
Part-time professor Prof.dr. A.C. Smaal
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A.D. Rijnsdorp
Associate professor J.W. Schrama

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A23000 Fisheries
D22400 Ecology

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