Aquaculture and Fisheries group

Part of Animal Sciences Group
Part of Wageningen University
Part of Wageningen University & Research centre
Address Zodiac, De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen
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Postal address Postbus 338, 6700 AH Wageningen
Phone +31-317-483307
Fax +31-317-483962
Email office. afi -at- wur. nl
Mission It is our mission to be leading in academic research and education on sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries, with a focus on society relevant questions and on the interactions between aquatic organisms and their environment.


Professor Prof.dr. J.A.J. Verreth
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A.D. Rijnsdorp
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A.C. Smaal
Associate professor J.W. Schrama

Current research

Completed research


D18230 Fisheries
D22400 Ecology

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