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Mission Research and teaching at the Business Economics Group focuses on choices and decision making at the farm level and within production chains. The management is broad, ranging from long-term strategic planning to day-by-day implementations. Research and teaching at the Business Economics group is closely related to technical disciplines, like crop science, animal science and landscape design. | Developments within the physical and institutional environment affect decision making in chains and farms. Economists within the Business Economics Group determine the impact of these developments on planning (including investments) and income. They also evaluate the consequences of National and EU agricultural policy measures. | The research program of the Business Economics Group comprises the following themes: | 1.Economics and management of farms and agro-production chains | 2.Economics of animal health, plant health and food safety | 3.Economics of sustainable agriculture


Professor A.G.J.M. Oude Lansink
Associate professor P.B.M. Berentsen
Associate professor M.P.M. Gielen-Meuwissen
Associate professor H. Hogeveen
Associate professor H.W. Saatkamp
Associate professor Prof. S.E. Stefanou

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