Meteorology and Air Quality Group

Part of Environmental Sciences Group
Part of Wageningen University
Part of Wageningen University & Research centre
Acronym MAQ
Address Lumen, Droevendaalsesteeg 3a, 6708 PB Wageningen
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Postal address Postbus 47, 6700 AA Wageningen
Phone +31-317-487754
Fax +31-317-419000
Email caroline. wiltink -at- wur. nl
Mission The Meteorology and Air Quality Group studies the atmosphere in all its beauty and variety of phenomena and its relevance for weather, climate and air quality. In particular we deal with the atmosphere above land and how it relates to life and the environment.


Professor Prof.dr. A.A.M. Holtslag
Professor Prof.dr. M.C. Krol
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. W. Hazeleger
Associate professor Prof.dr. W. Peters
Associate professor Dr. J. Vila-Guerau de Arellano

Current research

Completed research


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