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Mission Environmental systems analysis is a quantitative and multidisciplinary research field aimed at combining, interpreting and communicating knowledge from natural and social sciences, and technology. Our mission is to further develop the methodology and scientific tools of systems analysis and apply these in strategic research topics, which are mainly society-driven. The applications aim at describing and analysing the causes, mechanisms, effects of, and potential solutions for specific environmental problems. The fundamental research problem is the improvement of concepts and methods for environmental systems analysis, with a special emphasis on the behaviour of large scale models, methods for uncertainty analysis, upscaling of scientific findings from small to large scale, (participative) integrated assessment, and the further development and operationalisation of the concepts of environmental functions and critical nature capital. The research programme is part of the Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK) which belongs to the Research School Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE). We have developed systems analysis along two lines: a substance oriented and a regional approach. The substance oriented approach aims to improve our knowledge of environmental problems, through integrated analysis of human activities, their environmental impact and possible abatement strategies. The substances studied typically include those associated with global warming, acidification and eutrophication. The research includes both the development and use of integrated environmental models and integrated assessment methods. It includes development of methods and models to quantify substance flows, methods for the assessment of uncertainties and methods for integrated analysis of the environmental impact of a specific agricultural sector. The regional approach deals with integrated environmental assessment in regiona


Professor Prof.dr. C. Kroeze
Professor Prof.dr. R. Leemans
Extraordinary professor W. de Vries
Associate professor Dr. R.S. de Groot
Associate professor Dr. L.G Hein

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