Laboratory of Entomology

Part of Plant Sciences Group
Part of Wageningen University
Part of Wageningen University & Research centre
Address Radix, Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB Wageningen
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Postal address Postbus 8031, 6700 EH Wageningen
Phone +31-317-484075
Email office. ento -at- wur. nl
Mission At the Laboratory of Entomology work continues to be done on the physiology of insect/plant interactions and the ecology of parasite/host and predator/prey interactions. In the last decade research on arthropod vectors of human and animal diseases complemented the research at the Laboratory.


Professor Prof.dr. M. Dicke
Extraordinary professor J.J.A. van Loon
Extraordinary professor W. Takken
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. L.E.M. Vet
Extraordinary professor M.F. Wallis de Vries
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J.C. van Lenteren

Current research

Completed research


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