Laboratory of Plant Physiology

Part of Plant Sciences Group
Part of Wageningen University
Part of Wageningen University & Research centre
Address Radix, Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB Wageningen
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Postal address Postbus 658, 6700 AR Wageningen
Phone +31-317-482147
Fax +31-317-418094
Email office. pph -at- wur. nl
Mission The Laboratory of Plant Physiology of Wageningen University aims to contribute to the understanding of how plants function. We are particularly interested in how plants respond to changes in their sometimes hostile environment and how they in turn effect this environment to their benefit.


Professor Prof.dr. H.J. Bouwmeester
Extraordinary professor G.H. Immink
Associate professor L. Bentsink
Associate professor Dr. H.W.M. Hilhorst
Associate professor A.R. van der Krol
Associate professor Dr. D. Vreugdenhil
Management Prof.dr. H.J. Bouwmeester

Current research

Completed research


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