Animal Research Division abolished

Part of Wageningen UR Livestock Research
Part of Wageningen University & Research centre
Address Runderweg 6, 8219 PK Lelystad
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Postal address Postbus 2176, 8203 AD Lelystad
Phone +31-320-293211
Mission The core business of the Research Institute for Animal Husbandry is applied research and the dissemination of knowledge and information related to animal production. The focus is on cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, horses, rabbits and mink. Questions from clients are addressed by means of applied experimental research, system research, desk and modelling studies or customised extension activities. We do research dealing with housing, nutrition, fertilisation, watermanagement, farm economics, organic farming, product quality, grassland management, foddercrops, breeding, environment, nature management, milking, mechanisation, health and welfare for the entire livestock industry in the Netherlands and in countries with similar conditions.

Current research

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Secretariat BO-07-011: Animal welfare: working together on improvement

Completed research


D18220 Animal husbandry
D22400 Ecology

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