Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science

Part of Universiteit Utrecht
Acronym DINS
Address Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht
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Postal address Postbus 80000, 3508 TA Utrecht
Phone +31-30-2534743
Fax +31-30-2532706
Email d. e. a. pozzi -at- uu. nl
Mission - To facilitate and promote leading fundamental and applied research in nanomaterials science and its potential for realising a sustainable society - To provide a top-level education to Master s and PhD students integrating experiments, theory and computer simulations in a multidisciplinary approach.


Professor Prof.dr. A. van Blaaderen
Professor Prof.dr. J.I. Dijkhuis
Professor M. Dijkstra
Professor Prof.dr. F.M.F. de Groot
Professor Prof.dr. L.W. Jenneskens
Professor K.P. de Jong
Professor Prof.dr. P.E. de Jongh
Professor Prof.dr. W.K. Kegel
Professor Prof.dr. R.J.M. Klein Gebbink
Professor Prof.dr. A. Meijerink
Professor Prof.dr. A.P. Philipse
Professor Prof.dr. R.H.H.G. van Roij
Professor Prof.dr. P. van der Straten
Professor Prof.dr. D.A.M. Vanmaekelbergh
Professor B.M. Weckhuysen
Part-time professor Prof.dr. B.J. Deelman
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. H.C. Gerritsen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. C.R. Ronda
Extraordinary professor R. Tuinier
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J.P.J.M. van der Eerden
Professor emeritus J.W. Geus
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J.J. Kelly
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. G. van Koten
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J.H. van der Maas
Associate professor Dr. A. Imhof
Associate professor Dr. C. de Mello Donega
Associate professor Dr. R.H. Tromp
Associate professor Dr. G.J. Vroege
Management K.P. de Jong

Current research

Completed research


D12000 Physics
E16000 Nanotechnology

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