Acronym LTO
Address Prinsevinkenpark 19, 2585 HK Den Haag
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Postal address Postbus 29773, 2502 LT Den Haag
Phone +31-70-3382700
Fax +31-70-3382811
Email info -at- lto. nl
Mission LTO Nederland is the Dutch Organisation for Agriculture and Horticulture (Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie Nederland) in the Netherlands. As an umbrella organisation for five regional and sixteen sectoral organisations in agriculture and horticulture LTO has a particular focus on political activities. LTO Mission To stimulate a strong economic and social position for farmers, and a sustainable agricultural and horticultural industry in The Netherlands. A pro-active and international process will be used to provide optimal opportunities for farmers and growers to make profit. LTO Vision Farmers will produce a diversity of quality products (agricultural, horticultural, and green services) that will be oriented to the needs of specific customers. This will be done with due consideration for the soil, air and water, and animal welfare. Farmers will be custodians of a pleasant countryside providing history, peace, and open-air. LTO Objectives: improved social and economic position of farmers; improved skills and knowledge amongst farmers; improved marketing; sustainable farm management, including certification; a sustainable environment. Each regional organisation within LTO has its own objectives regarding income from members, provision of services, and commercial income. However, LTO Nederland must operate within the resources made available by the regional organisations NLTO, WLTO, GLTO, ZLTO and LLTB. LTO Principal Strategies: collective activity political work, generally carried out within sectors for the benefit of the membership as a whole; individual activity advice provided to individual farmers; group activity project work to tackle current issues, aimed at distinct groups of members. Historically, the LTO-network was primarily concerned with political strategies, and provision of advice to individual farmers and groups of farmers. The challenge to develop more non-political services has now been recognised and accepted.

Organisational departments

(Other departments may refer to researchers and projects as well.)
LTO Glaskracht Nederland
Limburg Farmers and Horticulturists Union
Projecten LTO Noord
ZLTO Projects

Current research

Completed research


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