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Part of Tilburg University
Acronym TILEC
Address Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB Tilburg
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Postal address Postbus 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg
Phone +31-13-4668789
Email tilec -at- tilburguniversity. edu
Mission TILEC's mission consists in gathering economists and legal scholars at Tilburg University to perform academically path-breaking and societally relevant research on the governance of economic activity. TILEC provides support for, and stimulates, the research activities of its members, thereby enhancing the intellectual climate at Tilburg University. TILEC's vision is to be, and be recognized as, a global leader in the research on governance of economic activity at the frontier between law and economics, known for its interdisciplinary method, path-breaking research output and societal relevance. For the period 2012-2017, TILEC has prioritized its research interests by focusing on the full use of the expertise of its researchers. TILEC's new research program on the governance of economic activity identifies six core research areas which (1) Institutions and incentives, (2) Competition, (3) Innovation, (4) Health care markets regulation, (5) Regulation of network industries and (6) Finance, Trade, and Investment. See for more information on TILEC's research program.
Addition TILEC started in 2003 as a joint venture of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management and the Tilburg Law School. Today, TIILEC continues to associate legal scholars and economists at Tilburg University who are willing to transcend the boundaries of their disciplines and who are interested in studying the pressing problems associated with the governance of economic activity. In 2012 TILEC involved some 50 researchers from both schools.


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