Ecology and Biodiversity

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Mission Research in the Ecology & Biodiversity Group focuses on the development, maintenance and functioning of biodiversity, in relation to ecological processes and interaction with atmosphere, water and soil. We aim to unravel, identify and quantify the ecological mechanisms by which plant biodiversity is regulated. We apply a mechanistic approach in our studies, using a combination of experiments, (long-term) field monitoring and modeling and we unite research conducted at different levels (plant, population, ecosystem, landscape) and at different spatial (local to continental) and temporal (growing season to centuries) scales. We apply the results of our studies to assess impacts of global change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
Addition The chair groups Plant Ecology and Biodiversity, Plant systematics, plant ecology and landscape ecology all merged (in two mergers) into one group 'Ecology and Biodiversity'

Organisational departments

(Other departments may refer to researchers and projects as well.)
Prince Bernhard Centre for International Nature Conservation - PBC


Professor Prof.dr. G.A. Kowalchuk
Professor Prof.dr. H.J. Laanbroek
Professor Prof.dr. J.T.A. Verhoeven
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. R.G.A. Boot
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. E. van Donk
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. M.J.A. Werger
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. D.F. Whigham
Associate professor Dr. M.B. Soons

Current research

Completed research


D22400 Ecology
D22500 Botany

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