Molecular Cancer Research

Part of Divisie Interne Geneeskunde en Dermatologie
Part of Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht
Part of Universiteit Utrecht
Address Universiteitsweg 100, (Stratenum Building 2.201), 3584 CG Utrecht
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Postal address Postbus 85060, 3508 AB Utrecht
Phone +31-88-7555874
Fax +31-88-7568531
Email f. c. p. holstege -at- umcutrecht. nl
Mission The research of the Genomics Lab is interdisciplinary in its aims and technology. Keywords include transcription regulation, diagnostics, (functional) genomics, proteomics, DNA microarrays and bioinformatics. Besides making use of and developing tools arising from the availability of whole-genome sequences, traditional biochemical , molucular biology and molecular genetic approaches are equally important. For projects aimed at understanding how the activity of genes is regulated (transcription regulation), the budding yeast S. cerevisiae is the most widely used model organism in the laboratory.| Research themes include:| - understanding mechanisms of genome-wide transcription regulation| - developing bioinformatic approaches for mining genome-wide data sets| - DNA microarray diagnostics| - microarray technology development.
Addition The laboratory was founded with a grant from the UMC Utrecht GenVlag program, is part of the Department of Physiological Chemistry and houses the Utrecht University Academic Biomedical Centre (ABC) microarray facility.


Management Prof.dr. R.H. Medema
Management Prof.dr. E.E. Voest
Programme leader / Group leader Dr. P.W.B. Derksen

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Secretariat The role of survivin in chromosome stability and cancer


D23120 Oncology

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