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Mission Sustainable entrepreneurship with knowledge: |The Netherlands has a strong agro-food sector. The post-war development of knowledge was directed towards high-productivity agriculture. While this approach was successful, it is now leading to overspecialisation, environmental pressures and encroachment on public spaces. The agro-food sector is running into ecological and social barriers; a switch to sustainable production and livable rural areas is badly required. At the same time, the Netherlands must continue to hold its own against international competition. This calls for new alliances between entrepreneurs and researchers. TransForum Agribusiness & Rural Areas brings such alliances about. In this way a new knowledge network is established that satisfies two requirements: |* close partnership between research and practice |* cooperation among divergent disciplines to come up with integrated practical solutions. |Knowledge network: |TransForum Agribusiness & Rural Areas operates along practical lines. Cooperation between entrepreneurs and research institutes and between various scientific disciplines is key. There are three kinds of projects: |- innovative practical projects |- scientific projects |- knowledge projects |Projects build on the outcome of other projects. The foundation is provided by innovative practical projects. Apart from providing solutions to practical problems, these projects throw up new questions for scientific projects. Finally, research projects focus on the use and transfer of both practical and scientific knowledge. Scientific and research projects can give rise to new practical projects, thereby completing the knowledge circle and generating a new knowledge network for a sustainable agro-food sector and vital countryside.
Addition TransForum Agro&Groen is een zelfstandige organisatie met 7 medewerkers. TransForum Agro&Groen wordt gefinancierd vanuit ICES-KIS 3.


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