Centre for Human NutriGenomics

Address Biotechnion, WUR gebouw 307, Bomenweg 2, 6703 HD Wageningen
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Postal address Postbus 8129, 6700 EV Wageningen
Phone +31-317-485108
Fax +31-317-483342
Email ingeborg. vanleeuwen-bol -at- wur. nl
Mission The Centre for Human NutriGenomics aims at establishing an international centre of expertise combining excellent pre-competitive research and high quality (post)graduate training on the interface of genomics, nutrition and human health. | Genomics is of strategic importance for improving health and well-being of people in the world. Dietary prevention of major diseases and disorders may benefit strongly from knowledge of the human genome and the function of human genes. Moreover, the application of genomics (plants, animals, micro-organisms) may lead to more healthy and safe foods which will contribute to the quality of life. | Research on life processes at the DNA level, however, may have strong ethical and social implications. Interactive communication with society about constraints and applications of this innovative new research area is of utmost importance. | [Scientific Objectives] | The primary focus in the Centre for Human NutriGenomics is on biomolecular research for healthy and safe foods, with the following objectives: | 1. Study functionality and safety of food ingredients relevant for human health | 2. Clarify molecular mechanisms underlying health effects of food | 3. Study the impact of genotype in the relation of nutrition and human health | 4. Develop and apply markers of exposure, bioavailability, function and risk | [Further Objectives] | - Tuning of initiatives and collaboration in the field of human nutrigenomics, i.e., training and research programmes from EU, NWO and other funding agencies. | - Establish optimal provision and use of human nutrigenomics infrastructure. | - Set up international alliances with expert groups on genomics, nutrition and human health. | - Keep up contacts with clinical and pharmaceutical initiatives on genomics.
Addition | [Organisational Structure] | The Centre for Human NutriGenomics is a cooperative endeavour of expert groups from Wageningen University & Research Centre, TNO Nutrition & Food Research, Maastricht University and the National Institute of Public Health & Environment. The Centre is part of the Graduate School VLAG Food Technology, Agrobiotechnology, Nutrition and Health Sciences.

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D21400 Genetics
D24300 Nutrition

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