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Acroniem NGI
Adres Laan van Nieuw Oost Indiƫ 334, 2593 CE Den Haag
Routebeschrijving Google Maps
Postadres Postbus 93035, 2509 AA Den Haag
Telefoon +31-70-3440672
Fax +31-70-3440632
Email info -at- genomics. nl
Taak The Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI) aims to ensure that society and economy benefit from the breakthroughs enabled by genomics in the fields of health, agro-food, sustainability, safety, enabling technologies and society. Places where talent is concentrated attract and spawn (new) businesses. Excellent science in a cohesive programme, state-of-the-art equipment and sufficient financial resources, can amplify this effect. This leads to new knowledge, new applications and new talent, creating both social and economic value. NGI accumulates excellence and focuses on challenging research questions that are of major importance to society. The generated mass attracts both funds and talent, the focus yields results. NGI s directive role vouches for quality, while its support promotes research and valorisation.
Aanvulling Opgeheven per 31-12-2013


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Financier Genetics of parasitoid life-history traits: using genomics to speed-up domestication

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D21400 Genetica
D22000 Biologie

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