Top Institute Pharma - TI Pharma

Address Galileiweg 8, 2333 BD Leiden
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Postal address Postbus 142, 2300 AC Leiden
Phone +31-71-3322030
Fax +31-71-3322031
Email info -at- tipharma. com
Mission The Top Institute Pharma (TI Pharma) aims to achieve leadership in research and education in areas critical for the international competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry in the Netherlands. |TI Pharma will function as an interaction platform for pharma related societal matters. |TI Pharma will conduct groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary research and offer advanced training programs focused on improving the efficiency of the entire drug development process. |This will eventually reduce the 'time- & cost-to-patient' of new medicines, and as such contribute to the well-being of the society.
Addition TI Pharma is een samenwerkingsverband van 28 kennis-instellingen en 47 (bio)farmaceutische bedrijven. |Technologisch Top Instituut (TTI).


Management Dr. W. de Laat
Management Dr. A. Rijnders

Current research

Completed research


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