Department of History and Art History

Part of Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen
Part of Universiteit Utrecht
Address Drift 4-6, 8, 3512 BS Utrecht
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Phone +31-30-2537856
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Organisational departments

(Other departments may refer to researchers and projects as well.)
Centre for Conflict Studies - CCS


Professor Prof.dr. B.J.P. van Bavel
Professor Prof.dr. J.W. Bertens
Professor Prof.dr. J.H. Blok
Professor Prof.dr. J. van Eijnatten
Professor G.E. Frerks
Professor Prof.dr. O.C. Gelderblom
Professor Prof.dr. B.A. de Graaf
Professor Prof.dr. B.G.J. de Graaff
Professor Prof.dr. I. de Haan
Professor Prof.dr. P.A. Hecht
Professor Prof.dr. M.B. de Jong
Professor Prof.dr. M.W. Kwakkelstein
Professor Prof.dr. W.W. Mijnhardt
Professor Prof.dr. T. De Moor
Professor Prof.dr. M. Mostert
Professor Prof.dr. K.A. Ottenheym
Professor Prof.dr. M.R. Prak
Professor Prof.dr. L.V. Rutgers
Professor Prof.dr. J.F.J.H. Stumpel
Professor Prof.dr. S. Stuurman
Professor Prof.dr. J.L. van Zanden
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. R.E. de Bruin
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. H.F. Cohen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. L.J. Dorsman
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. F. Grünfeld
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. A.F. Heerma van Voss
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J. Hoffenaar
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. E. Jonker
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. G.J. Knaap
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. I.M. (Ismee) Tames
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J. Vijselaar
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. D.A. Hellema
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. M. van Rossem
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. K.E. Sluyterman
Associate professor Dr. G. van Bueren
Associate professor K.J. de Clippel
Associate professor Dr. J. Demmers
Associate professor Prof.dr. I.G.B.M. Duyvesteyn
Associate professor Dr. H. Henrichs
Associate professor Prof.dr. J.P.B. Jonker
Associate professor Prof.dr. A.S. Lehmann
Associate professor Prof.dr. R. (Remco) Raben
Associate professor Dr. J. Verheul
Associate professor Dr. D.R.E. van de Vijver

Current research

Completed research


D34000 History
D35000 Arts and culture

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