Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication

Part of Tilburg School of Humanities
Part of Tilburg University
Acronym TiCC
Address Warandelaan 2 (Dante Building, Room D 346), 5037 AB Tilburg
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Postal address Postbus 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg
Phone +31-13-4668118
Fax +31-13-4662892
Email ticc -at- tilburguniversity. edu
Mission TiCC stands for Tilburg centre for Creative Computing. It is an inspiring, leading scientific research and education centre that focusses on research into artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, knowledge access and discovery, and games. |TiCC aims at (1) exploring and exploiting in-depth knowledge and information gathered from our visual and written cultural heritage, (2) improving the interaction between humans and computers, and (3) designing applications on the new domain of serious gaming, in which through interaction with artificially intelligent systems people are involved in challenging game situations. In all three cases, the developments stimulate learning and adaptive behaviour in a variety of environments.


Professor Prof.dr. E.J. Krahmer
Professor Prof.dr. M.M. Louwerse
Professor Prof.dr. A.A. Maes
Professor Prof.dr. E.O. Postma
Professor Prof.dr. M.G.J. Swerts
Extraordinary professor H.X. (Hai Xiang) Lin
Extraordinary professor G. van Oortmerssen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J. de Vuyst
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J. Renkema
Associate professor P.H.M. Spronck
Associate professor Dr. H. Tates
Associate professor Dr. A.R. Vermeer
Associate professor Dr. C.H. van Wijk
Management Prof.dr. A.A. Maes

Current research

Completed research


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