Host-Microbe Interactomics Group

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Mission The microbial world is fiercely competitive and microbes have evolved to occupy almost every ecological niche including multicellular organisms. The diversity, sophistication, and range of molecular interactions between microbes and their hosts are remarkable. Our research ranges from work on the molecular mechanisms of diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria to the interactions between and beneficial bacteria and their human or animal hosts. The group combines expertise in cell biology, immunology, microbiology and functional genomics to further our understanding of the molecular interactions occurring in the cross-talk between microbes and their hosts.


Professor Prof.dr. J.M. Wells
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. M. Kleerebezem
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. M.A. Smits

Current research

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Secretariat Food Safety and Preservation
Secretariat Platform Bacterial Genomics
Secretariat Oral Health
Secretariat Functional Fermentation
Secretariat Bioingredients and Functionality
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