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Financier Getting it right with meta-analysis: Assessing heterogeneity and moderator effects in the presence of publication bias and p-hacking
Financier Traces of Violent Gameplay in Adolescent Development
Financier Caught between security and treatment: the extension of the TBS-order
Financier Does Language Influence Economic Behavior? A Study of Pension Planning and Labor Market Performance of Immigrants in the Netherlands
Financier Advancing structural equation modeling with unbiased Bayesian methods
Financier Navigating our memories: How episodes and space combine in the hippocampal formation
Financier The co-evolution of well-being and the kinship network after parental divorce
Financier Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding in Nigeria. A post-secular perspective on youth peacebuilding
Financier Sanctions under the ICC's Principle of Complementarity: Case Study of Colombia
Financier Why do we experience body ownership? A study of the functional role of body ownership in healthy participants and patients with body integrity identity disorder
Financier 'Locked-in' yet not 'locked-out': developing individualized brain-based communication means for the paralyzed suitable for daily use
Financier Ahead of the game: Improving executive functioning in children with cerebral palsy using game-based cognitive training and neurofeedback
Financier Overbearing Underwriters or Maverick Issuers? Issuer-Underwriter Relationships and the Design of Corporate Bond Contracts.
Financier How to hedge our bets in educational testing: combining test results with teacher expertise
Financier Out of control: The Self-Control Strength Model of Family Violence within a genetically informative design
Financier Not straightforward: Mediation and networks in continuous time
Financier Trust on the Dark Web
Financier What causes differences in emotion communication across cultures?
Financier The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain. Academic Entrepreneurship in Legal Context.
Financier Unequal Rule: Economic inequality and political influence in advanced democracies
Financier Blood-brain barrier function: the key to successful cognitive aging
Financier The Role of Pupil Synchronization in Real Life Interactions: Implications for Trust and Deception
Financier Multi-level brain criticality as a mechanism of complex variability in perception and learning
Financier Gender stereotypes in secondary victimization: Examining the ?normalization? of non-normative rape
Financier The EU: Legitimacy through Legality?
Financier Citizenship and the institutionalisation of community currencies in Europe
Financier From centres of exclusion to cities of inclusion: encounters, knowledge exchange and conflict between asylum seekers and local communities.
Financier Bootstrap Inference for Risk Measures
Financier Effects of Forecast Uncertainty on Inventory Control
Financier Hybrid local governance in multiple social domains
Financier Smart Transformations in City-regional Law and Governance
Financier Enhancing smart disaster governance: Assessing the potential of the net-centric approach.
Financier Accessibility, Social justice and TRansport emission Impacts of transit-oriented Development strategies
Financier Smart Governance of Sustainable Cities
Financier Between self-regulation and formal government: the challenges of self-build housing and facilities, BESEFOGO
Financier Resilience and vulnerability at the urban Nexus of food, water, energy and the environment (ResNexus)
Financier Public accountability to residents in contractual urban redevelopment
Financier DEPICT: DEsigning and Policy Implementation for encouraging Cycling and walking Trips
Financier Specificity of the relation between nonverbal reasoning and mathematical abilities in adolescence: behavioral and neuroimaging studies.
Financier The practice of sustainable business models: The case of circular supply management
Financier An Innovation Systems and Organization
Financier Sustainable innovations and their societal impact
Financier Managing the transition to sustainable business models: the role of leadership and measuring shared value creation
Financier The Upscaling of Carsharing in The Netherlands
Financier Sustainable service logistics for offshore wind farms
Financier Enhancing resilience while maintaining efficiency: planning and human decision-making for the unpredictable
Financier Sustainability Impact of New Technology on After sales Service supply chains (SINTAS)
Financier Dynafloat: Dynamic urban traffic flow management using floating-car, planning, and infrastructure data
Financier Designing sustainable last-mile delivery services in online retailing
Financier When disasters meet conflict. Disaster response of humanitarian aid and local state and non-state institutions in different conflict scenarios.
Financier Anti-bullying programs 2.0: Tailored interventions to minimize bullying
Financier The neural signature of self-concept development in adolescence
Financier Modelling Global Value Chains: a new framework to study trade, jobs and income inequality in an interdependent world
Financier Pay-for-performance to improve the quality of health care in high and low income countries
Financier Neurofeedback training for enhancing self-control in drug addiction
Financier Crossing the Alps with Dante: Preaching Dante?'s Commedia in Fifteenth-Century Europe
Financier The Glass Ceiling for Women and Racial-Ethnic Minorities: Introducing the ?Dual Pathway to Leadership Model
Financier Piecing Auditory Cues Together: How We Learn to Integrate Cues in Speech Perception
Financier THE COST OF COGNITIVE DOPING. From dopamine to cognitive control via dynamic neural coding
Financier Retention of Title
Financier Cross-Border Enforcement and Fundamental Principles of Civil Procedure
Financier Time-Inconsistency and Implications for Investment, Saving, and Trading Behavior
Financier COOL Speciaal: Meting 2
Financier PIRLS 2016
Financier Nederland in TIMSS-2015, groep 6, basisonderwijs (NL)
Financier International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS)
Financier Inequalities, Insurance, Incentives and Immigration: Challenges and Solutions for the Welfare State (4Is)
Financier Playing With Urban Complexity. Using Co-Located Serious Games To Reduce The Urban Carbon Footprint Among Young Adults
Financier SimS City Value Cap: Simulations for Innovative Mechanisms for the Selforganizing City: testing new tools for Value Capturing
Financier Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions: Advancing the role of living labs
Financier Towards new forms of urban governance and city development: learning from URBan Experiments with Living Labs & City Labs
Financier Resilient Cities: Industrial Network and Institutional Perspectives on Economic Growth and Well-being
Financier Improving the Robustness of Urban Electricity Networks
Financier SELFCITY: Collective governance, innovation and creativity in the face of climate change
Financier Mobilizing grassroots capacities for sustainable energy transitions: path improvement or path change?
Financier Supply Chain Control and Compliance (SAtIN)
Financier Scalable Interoperabiliy in Information Systems for Agile Supply Chains (SIISASC)
Financier JUridical and context-aware Sharing of informaTion for ensuring compliance (JUST)
Financier How bodily information contributes to emotional recognition and empathy
Financier Identifying and testing effective methods to increase motivation for health behaviour change in digital interventions
Financier The effect of multiple accents on early language acquisition
Financier Neural Networks and Genetics of Depression: Developing a Machine-Learning Approach to Genetic Association Studies
Financier Stacking up the evidence: new methods for meta-analysis
Financier Pathways to Power: The Political Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin in Seven European Democracies (PATHWAYS)
Financier Origins of early individual differences in self-regulation
Financier Societal transformation and adaptation necessary to manage dynamics in flood hazard and risk mitigation (TRANS-ADAPT)
Financier The cleantech innovation capacity of countries: connecting the local and the global scale (CLEANTECH)
Financier Victimization in depressed patients
Financier The implementation and evaluation of an integrated intervention to detect and reduce domestic violence victimization in psychiatric patients
Financier Virtual Reality Aggression Prevention Training for reducing victimization in forensic clinics
Financier Intrapreneurship - Enabling Talent for Innovation
Financier Innovating Human Resource Management for Employee-Driven Innovation
Financier New Ways of Working and Human Capital Development
Financier Crossing boundaries: Connections and interactions between wage laborers and enslaved laborers in the Dutch Atlantic (1650-1800)
Financier Network planning and contract design for cross-chain control in cash networks
Financier Welfare Improvement through Nudging Knowledge (WINK)
Financier The Democratic Challenge: Shifting Responsibility and Electoral Volatility
Financier Distributed Intelligence for Smart Power routing and mATCHing
Financier Emerging Energy Practices in the Smart Grid
Financier Transition Patterns to Smart Energy Systems
Financier Stable and scalable decentralized power balancing systems using adaptive clustering
Financier Gaming beyond the Copper Plate: scheduling flexible consumption and decentralised generation within distribution constraints
Financier Smart Regimes for Smart Grids
Financier Car as Power Plant - Fuel cell cars creating an integrated, efficient, reliable, flexible, clean, multi modal and smart transport and energy system
Financier Structure and Organisation of Government Project - SOG-PRO
Financier Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime: A Comparative Study in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US"
Financier Room to decide: The spatial grounding of decision-making
Financier Promoting cooperation by facilitating collective action control
Financier Network dynamics in the ageing brain
Financier Attention please! Modifying visual attention towards food to overcome food avoidance and self-starvation in Anorexia Nervosa patients.
Financier Divided by Memory: Religious Conflict and Coexistence in Post-Civil War France, 1598?-1685
Financier The role of human behavior in global flood risk assessment models
Financier Novel polygenic models for mental disorders: from risk detection to disease mechanism.
Financier No Place in Legal Protection. Finding a new paradigm to protect citizens in the age of ubiquitous data
Financier Balancing efficiency, equity and feasibility in HIV treatment in South Africa - a revision of theory and tools for priority setting in health care
Financier Ageing workers in an ageing society: Labour force transitions and work in late life
Financier Re-LOAD: Motor skill Learning in Older ADults: neurocognitive correlates, individual differences, and interventions to enable healthy aging.
Financier Slum Tourism in the Americas: Commodifying Urban Poverty and Violence
Financier WORKOUT: self-regulation when out of work.
Financier Communicating appraisals and social motives (CASM): Interpersonal effects of regulated and unregulated emotion expression
Financier MISSION: Modelling and Supporting Web Search and Navigation by Older Adults
Financier Moving to see: the benefits of self-motion for visual perception
Financier Partner relationships and housing in the life course
Financier Tracing the template: Investigating the representation of perceptual relevance
Financier ENergy-Based analysis and control of the grid: dealing with uncertainty and mARKets (ENBARK)
Financier Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Smart Grids
Financier PMU Supported Frequency-Based Corrective Control of Future Power Systems
Financier Realizing the smart grid: aligning consumer behaviour with technological opportunities
Financier Understanding (mal)adaptive fertility
Financier Towards a neural mechanism of context-driven memory access in language: prefrontal cortex and neuronal oscillations
Financier Dissociative symptoms and sleep: Sleep normalization to alleviate dissociative symptoms
Financier Friendship Matters: Does adolescent friendship reduce the neurobiological consequences of childhood emotional maltreatment?
Financier COOL 5-18: Meting 3 MBO - CITO
Financier COOL 5-18: Meting 3 VO - 3 CITO
Financier Ongemak van Autonomie: Sturen van onderwijskwaliteit in het primair onderwijs (NL)
Financier Migrant Mortality and Border Control in the Mediterranean
Financier Social media and travel behaviour
Financier Explaining cutback management strategies in public sector organisations: change leadership in times of crisis
Financier Meditation or medication? Mindfulness training versus medication in the treatment of childhood ADHD.
Financier Continuously Campaigning for Volatile Voters? How policy positions and leadership images affect citizens' vote intentions before and during election campaigns, the Netherlands 2006-2012
Financier Economic Growth, Agglomeration, Networks and Related Variety in European Regions
Financier Governing climate change : Climate change adaptation policies and local resilience in Cambodia and Lao PDR
Financier A data-driven approach to reveal facial expressions that predict deception judgments
Financier The Role of Human Freeze Reactions in the Development of Stress Symptoms: A Longitudinal Approach
Financier Contracts, deals and bargains: negotiating by public servants
Financier Modulating anticorrelated networks in early Alzheimer's disease 'a simultaneous TMS-fMRI approach
Financier Partners in Fighting Subversive Organized Crime: Exploring and Evaluating New Forms of Governance
Financier Dealing smart with societal environmental concerns
Financier Continuation, Coordination and Cooperation of Disaster and Humanitarian Response : A Netcentric C3 Approach to Emergency Management and Citizen Participation.
Financier Governance arrangements within audit firms: influences on audit firms behaviour and their functioning in the financial markets
Financier Next generation governance arrangements for sustainable global value chains: in search of transparency, traceability, legitimacy and effectiveness
Financier Governance by commitment: Co-production in transitional change.
Financier Governance for Smartening Public Private Partnership
Financier Innovative practices in the governance of water supply and waste water management in urban areas
Financier Smart governance for networked infrastructures
Financier Smart governance at the regional-European nexus: monitoring and evaluating European Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs)
Financier Disentangling therapist effects in outcome monitoring feedback: Why some therapists benefit more from feedback than others
Financier The "always-connected" age of modern technology: The impact of new ways of working on employee well-being unraveled.
Financier Approaching the negative: The what, when and how of morbid curiosity.
Financier We the People: How Public Opinion towards Multiculturalism Shapes Political Outcomes
Financier What if I trust you but you don't trust me? Advancing a model of trust asymmetry in teams
Financier Evaluating scientific expectations on correlations using (in)equality-constrained hypothesis testing
Financier How organizations can retain older workers: the role of job crafting
Financier Exclusion and inclusion through crime control: How perceptions of social class divisions among criminal justice agents shape crime control policy and practice
Financier Brain mechanisms of conscious perception during binocular rivalry: beyond correlation, toward understanding.
Financier Compliance with the sales of age restricted risky products
Financier Buying for Charity
Financier Stories of justice and injustice: exploring victims
Financier High-Risk Auctions
Financier Vertical (in)consistency of international sentencing: Case Study of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Rwanda
Financier Governing public-private information infrastructures: a sociotechnical inquiry into tools of governance and factors impacting their adoption
Financier Can't see the wood for the trees? An investigation of impaired social context processing as an underlying mechanism of symptoms and social dysfunction in non-affective psychosis
Financier How do employees react to involuntary change over time? Identifying adjustment scenarios for change managers guiding employees through planned organizational change.
Financier The boundaries of solidarity: multi-level governance and redistribution
Financier Imaging deep brain stimulation: From reward-processing to psychiatric disorders.
Financier Ethnic Penalties in the Labour Market. The Influence of Institutional and Contextual Determinants.
Financier The role of GABA in stress resilience
Financier Domestic and International Determinants of Election Violence
Financier A bigger picture: applying the ecological perspective to childhood overweight
Financier Multilevel reliability and agreement studies with covariates
Financier Lifting the lid on socioeconomic disparities in health
Financier Monetary value of health gains - where to draw the line?
Financier Reasoning biases in psychosis: a novel, real-life interventionist-causal model approach
Financier Self-Employment Heterogeneity and Political Alignments in the Netherlands
Financier Politics at the Intersection: Gender and Ethnicity in Parliamentary Representation
Financier Unconscious, Social, and Evolved: The USER Model of Social Support
Financier The double-edged sword of defence: Fear and aggression
Financier Becoming a parent - Personality development during a major life transition
Financier Globalization and the Education Gap in Nationalism Assessing the impact of globalization-induced insecurities on anti-immigrant attitudes, protectionism and Euroscepticism in the advanced economies
Financier Effecting a change in transport mode choice: The effect of identity and individual variability in travel behaviour.
Financier Policy Design in Dynamic Matching Markets
Financier How much climate adaptation is enough? Developing a theoretical framework and associated computational toolkit for proportionate adaptation.
Financier Van voorschools tot en met groep 8: thema's uit het onderwijsachterstandenbeleid onderzocht (NL)
Financier Opbrengstgericht werken: van beleidsspeerpunt tot de uitvoering in de groep (NL)
Financier Competenties van leerkrachten in verband met Passend onderwijs
Financier Mapping the memory landscape: how the brain transforms experience into malleable mnemonic networks
Financier Me, myself, and... you: A social cognitive neuropsychiatry perspective on performance monitoring
Financier High Performance in the Networked Creative Industry: The role of ambition and collaboration
Financier The Politics of Security: The Impacts of Public-Private Security Assemblages on Governance and Citizenship
Financier Attracting and retaining top talent for the High Tech Systems and materials (HTSM)
Financier The battle of the souls: cultural and business orientations of creative firms and their effects on business models, growth and internationalisation
Financier Winning through becoming Janus-like: exploiting current businesses while exploring new entrepreneurial opportunities
Financier Service Logistics for Advanced Capital Goods
Financier Anxiety and cognitive performance: better insights and new treatments.
Financier Forensic finance: Detecting and preventing insider trading
Financier Online privacy and disclosure of personal information: A Cross-Cultural Research Programme
Financier A Different Angle: New Tools For Circular Data
Financier Food for thought: a tailored approach to enhance cognitive control
Financier When Does Government Listen to the Public? Interest groups and political responsiveness
Financier Where Offenders Commit Crimes: The Role of Awareness Space in Crime Location Choice
Financier Delta Oost; Nieuw sturingsperspectief op water en mobiliteit in het licht van duurzame gebiedsontwikkeling. (NL)
Financier Maatschappelijke participatie en het managen van risico's op victimisatie bij mensen met ernstige psychische aandoeningen
Financier Beat victimization! Psychomotor assertiveness training with elements of kickboxing for people with psychotic disorders
Financier Straatwijs, Zelfwijs, Anderwijs: Een training voor verslaafden met psychiatrische problemen (NL)
Financier Green/Blue Infrastructure for Sustainable, Attractive Cities
Financier CASUAL: Co-creating Attractive and Sustainable Urban Areas and Lifestyle - Exploring new forms of inclusive urban governance
Financier Gentrification 2.0
Financier Interethnic Coexistence in European Cities: A comparative and applied oriented analysis of neighbourhood-related policies
Financier IMAGINATION - Urban Implications and Governance of CEE migration
Financier Game Theory with Limited Information
Financier Images of belonging in the Dutch asylum procedure
Financier Explaining ethnic minority women's labour market participation: the role of household composition, gender ideology, religiosity and the welfare state
Financier Peers and Partners: A Social Network Approach to Adolescents. Peer and Romantic Relationships
Financier Improving norms for psychological and educational tests
Financier Gendered Choices: school and field of study trajectories of male and female adolescents in four European countries
Financier The role of anxiety in eliciting and maintaining childhood aggression: An experience sampling diary study
Financier Ethnic segregation of on-line social networks and its relationship to off-line networks and prejudice
Financier Self-control and the slippery slope of corruption
Financier Processing within person experimental and longitudinal data using Bayesian updating.
Financier Team learning in the context of educational innovations
Financier The influence of school on the development of civic and citizenship competences of adolescents, and their impact on future participation as citizen
Financier Dealing with diversity in the classroom: The role of teacher self-efficacy
Financier Understanding the effects of schools on students citizenship
Financier Social Networks Processes and Social Development of Children and Adolescents
Financier Scaffolding self-regulation: Effects on the acquisition of domain-specific skills and self-regulated learning skills
Financier The role of the bicycle as an egress and access mode for multimodal nodes
Financier Advanced Neuropsychological Diagnostics Infrastructure (ANDI)
Financier Utilizing eight-channel multi-transmit system for whole-brain 7 Tesla MRI
Financier NIS-2NL: New Immigrant Survey Netherlands - Longitudinal data collection among recent immigrants to the Netherlands
Financier Family planning and women's sexual and economic empowerment
Financier APRILab - Action oriented planning, regulation and investment dilemmas for innovative urban development in living lab experiences.
Financier The Europeanization of census taking in the Western Balkans
Financier From gene to mean. A neuroimaging genetics study on functional gene sets involved in endophenotypes of antisocial behaviour.
Financier Neural mechanisms for auditory streaming revealed by music compositions and multimodal functional neuroimaging.
Financier Dynamic Adjustment of Response Caution in Perceptual Decision-Making
Financier Do our genes pave our way? Modeling GE-covariance, GxE interaction and moderated GE-covariance in longitudinal twin-models.
Financier Proofing witness reliability
Financier Correlates, Daily Experiences, and Developmental Predictors of Adolescent Participation in Bullying and Victimization Roles
Financier Bullies, bystanders and defenders: moral functioning in primary education according to the Four Component Model
Financier Finding robust adjustable solutions for uncertain decision problems.
Financier Attention tracking and training for spatial neglect by means of brain-computer interface
Financier Can repeated brain stimulation facilitate training-induced cognitive enhancement?
Financier Legitimate and Effective Water Management in the European Union: the Stakeholders' Perspective in Times of Proceduralisation
Financier Search frictions and endogenous cycles in the labor and housing market
Financier Determinants and consequences of victim satisfaction with the police response
Financier Private labels: the brands of the future
Financier The neural basis of dual-task interference.
Financier The geographic scale of the ethnic diversity-social cohesion relationship: Why only neighbourhood ethnic diversity erodes cohesion and only cohesion within neighbourhoods.
Financier You are not alone: organizational design choices that promote honest reporting in companies
Financier Rebalancing Conflicts of Interests in Hybrid Business Forms: Mandatory Law versus Contractual Arrangements
Financier "I am 70% heterosexual and 30% attracted to women": 'Unveiling the contruction of sexuality for women who have sex with women in South African Townships'
Financier Normativity and voice in peripheral areas: Limburg in the era of superdiversity
Financier Organizational Models: Obsolescence, Collaboration, and New Development
Financier Protecting consumers of investment products in the EU through information disclosure: hit or miss?
Financier Holding Governments Accountable in Times of Austerity: An Experimental Study of Voters
Financier The social sustainability of ethno-cultural diversity in the Parisian suburbs: emotional experiences and contact strategies from a time-geographic perspective.
Financier Shifts in the application of confiscation measures and their effects on the legal position of the convicted person
Financier Co-Evolution of Networks and Real-Valued Actor Attributes
Financier Modelling neuronal and perceptual consequences of spatial attention in humans
Financier The psychometrics of stereotype threat
Financier Criticality theory applied to the 'wandering mind' problem in health and major depressive disorder
Financier The cultural politics of artist-activists in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Financier Information in financial markets: is regulation the key to more transparency?
Financier Radical indigenous politics and the university: unraveling discourses and practices of interculturality in Mexico
Financier Criminal records and reintegration
Financier The dynamics of co-production at the street-level. How citizens and professionals are the key to successful collaboration in the delivery of public services
Financier Justice in the bush: rituals, practices and narratives of restorative justice and reconciliation in rural post-war Sierra Leone
Financier Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in the Netherlands (CILSNL)
Financier Gender, labour and citizenship in South East Europe
Financier Judging absolute distances in real environments
Financier Peasant farms and agricultural policies: the history of a paradigm of response
Financier The effect of compensation schemes on claimants health after injury
Financier How schemas influence new learning: Different mechanisms, distinct memories?
Financier Walking along Ancestral Lines
Financier Singing birds and human voices: Processing of natural sounds by the human brain
Financier Connecting students' in and out-of-school learning: developing an explanatory framework
Financier Intervention for reading problems and dyslexia: What works?
Financier Towards financially sustainable public transport network development strategies
Financier An accessibility evaluation of TOD experiences in European metropolitan areas
Financier The electric bicycle phenomenon and the implications for spatial planning and sustainable mobility policy in the Netherlands and Europe
Financier Do what works: classroom interventions for children with ADHD symptoms
Financier Promoting student attitudes toward science and mathematics: A meta-analysis of experimental and quasi-experimental studies
Financier Assessment in arts education
Financier Effective classroom management strategies for educational practice
Financier Impact of assessment on motivation: effects and mechanisms in different contexts
Financier Inquiry learning support for children and adolescents: what works when and why?
Financier The role of the teacher in inquiry-based education in the classroom
Financier Teachers learning as peers: processes, factors, and outcomes
Financier Hedendaagse Detentie (NL)
Financier The second career: a photo and interview book
Financier Ontwikkelen van een high tech overname capaciteit: een instrument voor het bedrijfsleven (NL)
Financier Leren om niet te eten. (NL)
Financier De Wereld van de Groentefroetels (NL)
Financier Unilateralism and the protection of global values: opportunities and limits of the exercise of state jurisdiction
Financier Waar slaan criminelen toe? (NL)
Financier Seeding strategies to foster innovation adoption: an incentivizing approach
Financier Het analyseren van hoeken (NL)
Financier Online privacy in een geglobaliseerde wereld (NL)
Financier Combineren van innovatie en efficiency (NL)
Financier Beschermers buiten de staat (NL)
Financier Het verslaafde brein als behandelterrein (NL)
Financier Een geheugenlandkaart in het brein : De organisatie van herinneringen in de hersenen (NL)
Financier Are we what we eat? How may the food supplement tyrosine enhance the way we control our thoughts
Financier Me, myself, and ... you : psychopathie en sociale angst (NL)
Financier On the trail of brain fingerprints
Financier Does the tide rise all ships? Estimating the impact of an enrichment program on the educational achievement of excellent students using two experiments
Financier The algorithmic approach to Dutch verb spelling in between phases of preparation and conclusion
Financier Pricing competition in transport networks: multiple public and private operators
Financier Comparison of Transit-oriented Development between Europe and North America
Financier Whither Internet Law in China?
Financier Blowing in the Wind: Renewable Energy and Ethnic Minorities in Chinese Inner Mongolia
Financier Identification of the cognitive predictors of overconsumption and successful weight loss
Financier Individual and Development Differences in Delay Discounting
Financier Defamiliarization in the reading experience: Cross-fertilizing narrative theory, literary history, and qualitative methods
Financier Fronto-striatal contributions to response inhibition and response monitoring in schizophrenia
Financier Investigating language variation physically
Financier Becoming an Empire. The Role of the West in the Cultural Formation and Transformation of Assyria
Financier Children's executive function and prosocial behaviour: exploring the effects of parenting and genetics
Financier Territorial and technologies in an unstable knowledge economy. An evolutionary framework of regional resilience
Financier Memorials and remains of medical research in Africa: An anthropology of scientific landscapes, ruins and artefacts
Financier Varieties of Initial Learners in Language Acquisition (VILLA):Controlled classroom input and elementary forms of linguistic organisation
Financier NESSHI - The 'Neuro-turn' in European Social Sciences and Humanities: Impacts of neurosciences on economics, marketing and philosophy
Financier OPAL - Observatory for Parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty
Financier Feeling the Other: Emotion Interpretation in Intercultural Settings
Financier State Building Through Life Stories: Incorporating Local Perspectives
Financier Closing the Minority Achievement Gap: A SMART Model of the Benefits of Belongingness Interventions among Students from Ethnic Minorities
Financier Collateral Risk and the Funding Liquidity Squeezes
Financier Innovation Policy: Research & Development (R&D) and Competition Intensity
Financier Optimization for Conflicting Performance Requirements of Rail Operation and Maintenance
Financier Managing Complex System Disruptions (MaCSyD)
Financier HMI-R enabling resilience to improve the capability to cope with calamities and disruptions (RAILROAD)
Financier Multi-Party Risk Management and Key Performance Indicator Design at the Whole System Level
Financier Spatial Data Infrastructure for Urban Regions in the Delta
Financier Implications of housing and residential milieu preferences of highly educated international migrants (in creative and knowledge intensive industries) for spatial development of metropolitan areas
Financier Advancing successful intelligence development in the upper primary grades
Financier Sovereign Debt: Towards A Legal Framework for State Insolvency
Financier The Phonology of Slovenian
Financier Triggering the motivation of the gifted: effects of cognitive and motivational differentiation
Financier Developmental trajectories to excellence: Examining the interplay between students potential ability, background, motivational, emotional, social, and educational characteristics to explain excellence
Financier Gifted pupils: who are they, what do they do?
Financier Enhancing the development of motivation, self-regulation and achievements for potentially excellent students through an integrated enriched learning arrangement in mathematics and history education
Financier Excellent cooperative learning behavior in higher education
Financier Nurturing natural talents: the influences of family, school and teacher on the expression of giftedness for educational achievement in primary school. A twin study
Financier Gypsyness at stake. Identity politics in Argentina
Financier Parents' role in children's recovery after serious injury: A naturalistic observation study of daily parent-child communication
Financier Gay father families: The development of early parent-child relationships
Financier The walking brain; How our brain stabilizes our unstable locomotion
Financier From grouping to haptic object perception
Financier Schemas and mnemonics: a cognitive neuroscience approach to memory skills
Financier Syllable Structure and Syllabification: A Typological Perspective
Financier Digital Winter School Brain Lifestyle and Learning
Financier Governing 'new social risks': The case of recent child policies in European welfare states.
Financier Economic and psychological aspects of the introduction of electric vehicles
Financier A Saint in Times of AIDS: Religion and Masculinity Politics in Postcolonial Zambia
Financier Genetic and environmental pathways to personalized treatment in depression
Financier An Agent-Based Model of Thomas Kuhn's "Structure of Scientific Revolutions"
Financier What you see is not always what you get: Individual differences in adolescent perceptions of parenting and associations with adolescent adjustment
Financier Betting on dopamine - a neurochemical imaging approach understanding pathological gambling
Financier DADIOS (Data-driven Analysis of the Dynamics of Information-acquisition Over time during Social judgement)
Financier The impact of transitional justice measures on democratic institution building
Financier The welfare state under strain: A comparative study of diversity, austerity and public opinion
Financier Nationaal Kiezersonderzoek 2012 (NL)
Financier Tracking Emerging Adults, the fifth wave of the TRAILS study
Financier Neoliberalism and segregation. A comparative sociology of urban renewal in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
Financier Keeping track of where you are: Order memory in spatial navigation
Financier Bridge over troubled water: high quality teacher-student interaction as a protective
Financier Childhood mental health problems and overweight: cause, consequence, and joint predictors
Financier Assessing, understanding, and modeling visual salience and its dynamical impact on perception and selection
Financier Maintaining a common map of locations: remapping multi-sensory targets during eye movements
Financier Governance of the Discontinuation of Socio-Technical Systems (DiscGo)
Financier HowSAFE: How States Account for Failure in Europe: Risk and the Limits of Governance
Financier Dynamic Oligopolistic Competition between Innovating Firms
Financier Building the city from home space: mapping emerging urbanisms to question informalization and villagization
Financier The Impact of Social Security Contributions on Earnings
Financier Explaining and Countering Xenophobia: The Role of Friendship Processes
Financier TBS to the test: Towards standards for legally and empirically legitimate indeterminate sentencing of dangerous offenders
Financier The Dynamics of Genres: A Comparative Study of the Success and Failure of Electronic Dance Music in the US, UK and the Netherlands
Financier Executive inside debt ownership and the quality of external financial reporting
Financier Explaining the causal impact of ethnic diversity on social cohesion between and within ethnic groups
Financier Risky business? How businesses and facilities affect the spatio-temporal criminal development of urban streets
Financier Risk measurement and portfolio choice under ambiguity
Financier Killing them softly? Characteristics and consequences of 'soft repression' of political ideas by news media
Financier Unravelling the brain's pathways: How information is routed between regions
Financier Forging collaborations between science and entrepreneurs; a tale of two populations.
Financier Sacrifice in close relationships: Implications for personal and relationship well-being
Financier Does Size Matter: Gambling on Fair Value Gains by Too Big to Fail Banks
Financier Narrating the nation. Ideologies of identification in historical fiction for children
Financier Shifting Memories: Reversing Developmental Trends in Memory Illusions in (non)Maltreated Populations
Financier How Generic and Over-the-Counter Drugs Affect Societal Costs: A Dynamic Perspective
Financier Emotional modulation of visual selection as a function of time
Financier Taking European values more seriously: collective enforcement of EU non-economic law
Financier The spread of risk behaviors in adolescent networks: a multilevel approach
Financier Unveiling EU Administrative Discretion: The Role of Law and Good Administration
Financier Labour Market Opportunities and Criminal Participation
Financier Ruimte voor het wisselen van strook (NL)
Financier ife Events, Internet Usage, and Well-Being: A Study of the Integration of the Internet in Everyday Life
Financier The Rich-Club: a high capacity communication backbone of the human brain
Financier Proportionality to ensure good governance
Financier Redundancy in multilevel regulatory systems: investigating the regulation of electricity and gas transportation in the European Union
Financier Do phonological representations develop through vision-based predictions about speech?
Financier The Post-war European Shopping Centre: A Place for Encounter between Avant-garde Discourse and Daily Building Practices, 1945-1973
Financier Religion and Agency: a cognitive neuroscience approach
Financier Subjective cognitive impairment: a sign of incipient Alzheimer’s disease? A longitudinal study of functional and structural brain changes in healthy older adults with and without cognitive complaints.
Financier Explaining Europe's failure to deal with authoritarian regimes: Which actors make and break effective democracy promotion?
Financier Effective regulation of credit rating agencies
Financier Why interests organize on only some issues: Assessing the density and diversity of interest organizations in Western Europe
Financier Shades of Clientelism: A Comparative Study of Indonesia's Patronage Democracy
Financier The function of creativity: When creativity helps to avoid aversive states
Financier Social protections and precarious work in Continental Southeast Asian Borderlands
Financier Breaking the habit: the neural correlates of mindful eating
Financier Healthy Creativity: The Implicit Normativity of Healthy Citizenship
Financier Understanding the social and spatial dynamics in bicycle use in the Randstad and its policy implications
Financier Selling the nation's nature: Jan Christiaan Sepp's publishing projects on the flora and fauna of the Netherlands (1762-1811)
Financier Longitudinal data collection from teachers of Dutch twins and their siblings
Financier Intergenerational continuity of criminal behaviour, family dynamics, and the criminal justice system
Financier Defending European Values in the World Trade Organisation : Exploring the relationship between EU food regulation, WTO Law, and the Social Disintegration of Markets
Financier Examining brain network changes associated with cognitive training in children with and without learning disability
Financier Modelling the benefits of Swarm Planning, a dynamic way of planning for future adaptation to climate change impacts
Financier Modeling and Analyzing Multiparty Mediation Processes
Financier The other side of the gap: Do public officials trust citizens?
Financier Successful ageing despite socioeconomic adversity
Financier Het ontwerpen voor verbeterde herbelevingen van persoonlijke herinneringen (NL)
Financier Emotions for Real. Psychological and Neural Mechanisms of Naturalistic Emotion Perception
Financier The interplay and evolution of preferences in repeated interaction - An experimental economics approach
Financier Did I do that? The experience of self-agency in health and schizophrenia
Financier Industrial clusters facing globalization: The evolutionary dynamics of cluster growth in developed and emerging economies
Financier No carrots, no sticks: How do peer reviews among states acquire authority in global governance?
Financier Towards a regret-based paradigm for the ex-ante evaluation of transport policies
Financier Bullying, cyberbullying and pupil safety and well-being
Financier Banking competition and macroeconomic performance
Financier Indian-European Multi-level Climate Governance Research Network (MCGRN)
Financier Ageing and well-being in a globalising world
Financier When the brain takes a break: A model-based cognitive neuroscience account of taskunrelated thoughts
Financier Understanding the Functional Micro-Architecture of the Human Brain using Ultra High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Financier Dynamic Patterns of Trading Practices and Prices under Market Frictions
Financier Off with their heads! The effects of seeing a model's head and gaze on learning from modelling examples
Financier High-risk Politics: Explaining and improving political actors' decision-making on electorally risky issues
Financier Human factors in statistics
Financier Coping with Fragmentation: Assessing and Reforming the current Architecture of Global Environmental Governance
Financier Value heterogeneity in economics and business
Financier Database on Political Responsiveness
Financier Improving writing skills of students in primary education
Financier ISSP-NL (International Social Survey Programme) 2012-2013-2014
Financier Better airport regions: models and development pathways for sustainable urban transformation
Financier Implications of location preferences of highly educated workers for spatial development of metropolitan areas
Financier Analysing and Exploring Sustainable Urban Strategies (AESUS)
Financier The Innovative Potential of Contextualising Legal Norms in Processes of Urban Governance [CONTEXT]: The Case of Sustainable Area Development
Financier Homer in Modern Turkey
Financier Managing longevity risk
Financier Working after (early) retirement: Determinants and consequences of bridge employment
Financier Children's differential susceptibility to parenting: Putting "for better and for worse" to the test
Financier A different place for different people? Conditional neighbourhood effects on residents? socioeconomic status and mobility
Financier Learning to Forecast with Evolutionary Models
Financier Approximating mixed-integer recourse models by modifying the recourse data
Financier Privacy as Virtue: towards an actor based approach to privacy regulation
Financier Safety behaviours in the treatment of anxiety disorders: Solving a controversy
Financier Pathways to Power: Political Careers and Political Networks in the Netherlands 1900-2010
Financier Accountability in practice: an ethnographic study of evaluation research in Afghanistan
Financier Corporate security and private settlement: when cooperation with law enforcement is the exception
Financier Self-employment and work-life balance in Europe
Financier Charting the communicative function of chemosignals: Your emotional states produce chemosignals that recruit the same emotional states in me
Financier Brain rhythms and multisensory perception: Unravelling the basis of fundamental brain oscillations
Financier Interbank Relationship Lending: What Can We Learn from the Crisis?
Financier Protection of fundamental rights in the EU - towards the incorporation of a doctrine of positive obligations by the EU-Courts
Financier Normative Power and Military Means: the evolving character of the EUs international power
Financier Understanding human behavioural processes with Bayesian dynamic models
Financier Climbing the ladder or falling from grace: How norm violations shape social hierarchies
Financier Standing well
Financier A Behavioral Approach to Tax Incidence
Financier Bogus Symptoms, Hysterics, and Mother Teresa: A Cognitive Dissonance Analysis of Feigning
Financier Social learning in adolescence and deviant pathways in autistic development
Financier The origins of trust: A theoretical and experimental approach
Financier Trust in the police in an international comparative and longitudinal perspective
Financier The return to medical school in a regulated labor market: Evidence from admission lotteries
Financier The rhythms of aging: Exploring neural communication in the aging brain using MEG
Financier Intimate encounters with otherness: exploring sameness and difference on Serbia's couches
Financier Network psychometrics
Financier Development of the self from adolescence into emerging adulthood: The role of life transitions and variability in self-perceptions
Financier Cognitive bias in action: the role of confirmation bias in the development and maintenance of childhood anxiety
Financier Power analysis for simple and complex mixture models
Financier Uncovering the neural circuitry underlying the perception of motion in depth
Financier Sovereign debts, towards a Legal Framework for State Insolvency
Financier Stimulating the Addicted Brain: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Cognitive Bias Modification in Heavy Drinkers and Alcoholic Patients
Financier Flood resilient cities? Resilience strategies in flood risk management and urban planning -a comparative analysis of London, Hamburg and Rotterdam
Financier Why do women stop offending? Uncovering the mechanisms underlying female desistance
Financier Text and context. Paulus' Report of decrees from the imperial consilium
Financier Party Political Affiliations within the European Commission and their Consequences on the Commission's Performance as the EU's Legislative Agenda-Setter
Financier Extracting prior information to program audiovisual gaze shifts in dynamic environments
Financier Analyzing developmental change with time-series data of a large scale educational monitoring system
Financier Time and Identity. The relation between time and identity in the context of family migration law
Financier The Dutch Mobile Mobility Panel
Financier Reviewstudie Onderwijsachterstanden (NL)
Financier Prestaties en loopbanen van zorgleerlingen in Nederland. Secundaire analyses op COOL-data ten behoeve van evaluatie Passend onderwijs. (NL)
Financier Reviewstudie Sectorontwikkeling en autonomievergroting/Educational governance (NL)
Financier Review Study Quality of education
Financier Beter schrijfonderwijs op de basisschool (NL)
Financier Copyright in an Age of Access: Alternatives to Copyright Enforcement
Financier Model Uncertainty
Financier How the integration of sensorimotor simulation and mentalizing allows for human action understanding (ActU)
Financier Modeling Preferences and Decisions of Individuals and Households
Financier Research on Adolescent Development and Relationships (RADAR)
Financier Implementing Transit Oriented Development - iTOD
Financier Transit Oriented Development in the Randstad Southwing
Financier Advanced multi-channel RF-coils for sub-millimetre functional brain imaging on ultrahigh field magnetic resonance (MR) scanners
Financier Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in the Netherlands
Financier Transforming social media contents to political data
Financier The well-being of children subjected to divorce in co-parenting families: Child perspective and protective factors
Financier From greenhouse effect to climategate: A systematic study of climate change as a complex social issue
Financier The effect of prenatal stress exposure on child HPA-axis function and neurodevelopment: a gen
Financier The Nature of the Workmen's Marks and Their Interaction with Writing
Financier Heterogeneity in studies with discrete-time survival endpoints: Implications for optimal designs and statistical power analysis
Financier A Cross-Level Perspective on Relational Demography, Distributed Information, and Individual Performance
Financier Bestaat depressie wel? (NL)
Financier Inferring Preferences from Managerial Compensation Data
Financier Decision-making in Dynamic Environments
Financier The nihilistic brain: unravelling the cognitive and neural substrate of apathy in schizophrenia
Financier The econometrics of dynamic discrete choices and games
Financier Different selves: the impact of culture on the brain
Financier Sociale competentie-ontwikkeling en klasklimaat in het basisonderwijs (NL)
Financier The impact of time on the relationship between travel behaviour and the built environment
Financier Auteursrecht 2.0: handhaving van de regels of de regels handhaven? (NL)
Financier Mobility Management and Space-Time Paterns: Implications for Climate Outcomes
Financier Changing climate - changing behavior: integrating adaptive economic behavior in land-use models
Financier International law through the national prism: the impact of judicial dialogue
Financier Emotional dysregulation and threat bias in borderline personality disorder: changes in brain activation and information processing during the course of psychological treatment
Financier Good faith in family law: magic potion of flexibility or poisonous uncertainty
Financier Effectief omgaan met verschillen in het onderwijs - een review (NL)
Financier Schoolgrootte effecten opnieuw bezien. (Een overzichtsstudie naar de effecten van schoolgrootte op de schoolorganisatie, de kwaliteit van het onderwijsproces en de leerprestaties) (NL)
Financier Autonomieondersteuning en verschillen in motivatie en daaraan gerelateerde prestaties van niet-westerse allochtone en autochtone leerlingen (NL)
Financier Academisch docentschap in het voortgezet onderwijs (NL)
Financier Effectieve strategieën voor zelfregulerend leren (NL)
Financier De professionaliteit van lerarenopleiders (NL)
Financier Reflection in games
Financier De rol van leraren in de effectiviteit van ouderbetrokkenheid (NL)
Financier Wat zijn effectieve kenmerken van formatief toetsen? Een review van 25 jaar onderzoek (NL)
Financier De ''black box'' van samenwerkend leren geopend: Een meta-analyse naar de invloed van interactieprocessen op leeropbrengsten van samenwerkend leren (NL)
Financier The group dynamics of Adolescent Risk Behavior: The Importance of Clique Characteristics for Peer Influencing
Financier The density and diversity of interest populations in Brussels
Financier Impact of climate change on infrastructure networks
Financier An institutional and managerial scientific perspective on the transition to electric vehicles
Financier A new breed of contracts for faster subway and road construction projects
Financier Value of implementation with information on health technologies and clinical guidelines
Financier Health and work, which policies work?
Financier The Ties that Bind. An Empirical Evaluation of the Theory of Liberal Nationalism
Financier Health care inequities in low and middle income countries: Measurement and explanation
Financier Licht werpen op verslavingsgedrag (NL)
Financier 'You need no competence to join in': alternatives to constitutional law
Financier Extracting Concealed Information from Groups
Financier Binocular rivalry and the neural basis of consciousness
Financier Evaluatie van werkingsmechanismen van behandelingen: De weg naar evidence-based practice (NL)
Financier Cognitive, MRI and genetic markers of persistent versus remittent ADHD
Financier Theory of Mind and Mirror Neurons in autism
Financier Influence of neurobiological markers and callous-unemotional traits on treatment outcome of adolescents with disruptive behavior disorders in closed placement
Financier Novel functional markers of dementia using pharmacological resting state FMRI
Financier A neurocognitive perspective on the struggle between cognitive control and socio-emotional impulses among adolescents who attend pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO): Insights for education and intervention.
Financier Understanding and improving the development of language skills in primary school children
Financier Empathy related brain activity in aggressive conduct disorder and autistic individuals
Financier Improving learning from text: cognitive factors in knowledge acquisition through reading
Financier Online science learning in primary education
Financier Exploring the function of consciousness by testing the life-time and complexity of unconscious processes in the human brain
Financier Don't mind the gap: Brain mechanisms for the tracking of sounds in noisy scenes
Financier Dealing with Feelings: The (de-)mobilizing Role of Emotions in Political Communication
Financier Customary Legal Empowerment: A new Approach to Improving Women's Property Rights in Africa
Financier Taking the measure of public service motivation : validating a measurement instrument from an international and cross-sectoral perspective
Financier Security and the Politics of Belonging: Homegrown terrorism, counter-radicalization and the end of multiculturalism?
Financier Dopamine drives selection: Changing the way we think about attentional control
Financier Mediatized politics: A time-series analysis of the influence of politicians' media statements on the political debate
Financier Why Consumers Underestimate Size Changes and How to Help Them
Financier Methods and Materials: The Randomized Controlled Trial, its Subjects and Publics in Transnational Clinical Research
Financier Learning in networks
Financier Nature 2.0: the political economy of conservation in online and Southern African environments
Financier Integrating background knowledge about traumatic stress experienced after trauma into statistical models assessing individual change over time
Financier Confabulating Reasons for Behaving Bad: The Psychological Consequences of Unconsciously Activated Behavior
Financier Revising theories on voluntary regulatory regimes: lessons from European sustainable construction
Financier Learning to go: Frontostriatal coupling and the interaction between motivation and action
Financier Sustainable change towards diversity: the role of change agents and organizational learning
Financier Outside-In: Tracing the Imprint of the European Union's External Actions on Its Constitutional Landscape
Financier Desired and undesired effects of labor market policies for the unemployed - New empirical evidence and guidelines for improvement
Financier Dynamic Models with Multiple Thresholds and Endogeneity
Financier Incidence, causes, and consequences of negative interethnic contact
Financier Making sense of the war-ridden past: violence, memory and the historical imagination in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina
Financier Technological culture: An opportunity to reduce vulnerability to earthquake/ tsunami disasters?
Financier An intergroup perspective on helping: Overcoming social and psychological obstacles to receiving aid
Financier Comparative Analysis of National Procedures for Determining whether a Person is Stateless
Financier Devils and saints. Coping strategies of Moroccan male adolescents in the Netherlands and Belgium with their media representation
Financier Word by word. A digital test for measuring superficial and deep word knowledge in Cluster-2 pupils and pupils without special limitations
Financier Understanding paternal involvement: A longitudinal and dyadic perspective.
Financier Strategies of Compliance: The Commission, the ECJ, the Member States and the Enforcement of EU law
Financier Properties of weighted kappa
Financier Dancing the robot vs. doing the twist: Investigating forward and inverse models of human mirror system function
Financier How safe is the safe haven? Measuring the riskiness of the riskfree asset
Financier How To Understand Wesley Sneijder's Belief In Plastic Jewelry: The Persistence of Placebo Effects of Marketing Actions
Financier The Big Uneasy: Meaning Violation, Arousal and Adaptive Behaviours
Financier Sniffing out obesity: Neurobiological mechanisms of odour-induced food cue reactivity
Financier Attachment to new parents: Supporting adoptive and foster families
Financier The organization of production in a globalizing world: A new golden age for a trading nation?
Financier Praten met Pubers. Nieuwe theorieën over opvoeden praktisch toepasbaar maken binnen een bestaand opvoed-programma OUDERS van tegendraadse jeugd (NL)
Financier The Road to Reconciliation: Optimizing the Legitimacy and Efficacy of the ICC within the African Union
Financier Fiscal policy in the EMU: effectiveness, heterogeneity and implications for macroeconomic imbalances
Financier Play hard, learn hard. Serious gaming as a new tool to counter alcohol- and drugs-related school dropout in adolescents
Financier Mapping numbers to space: An embodied cognition perspective on number line development in infancy and childhood
Financier Looking, language, and memory: Testing a working memory model of language-attention interactions
Financier Applications of Prospect Theory to Health Economics
Financier Mobility in Social Networks
Financier Improving assessment of individual change in clinical, medical and health Psychology
Financier Likelihood-based inference in dynamic panel data models with endogenous covariates
Financier Conspiracy Culture in the Netherlands: Modernity and Its Cultural Discontents
Financier Finding European unity in Africa. Eurafrican discourses in Western Europe since the late nineteenth century
Financier Target identification in naturalistic multisensory environments: role of monkey auditory cortex
Financier The mapping of national cultures: Examining the robustness of measurements of cross-national cultural dimensions.
Financier How do brain regions work together to produce adaptive behavior?
Financier Come closer: unraveling the neurobiological mechanisms underlying Ecstasy-induced prosocial effects
Financier Gendered pathways into prison
Financier What is your alibi? The characteristics of alibis
Financier Incentives at work: theory meets evidence from field experiments
Financier Decoding the memory trace using multivariate analysis of electrophysiological data
Financier Movement selection in the parietofrontal cortex: the affordance competition hypothesis
Financier Remedying Human Rights Violations in Civil Proceedings
Financier Inequality in sentencing types: the importance of institutionalized decision-making
Financier How value and probability drive human brain function and behavior
Financier Visuele verwerking buiten de bewuste waarneming: wanneer beïnvloedt subliminale informatie gedrag? (NL)
Financier Empirically Testing the Theoretical Framework of Causality in Private Law
Financier Financial incentives for shareholders: A corporate law & economics and corporate constitutional perspective
Financier Interaction between benefits programs and the role of active labor market programs
Financier Enhancing the development of reading comprehension
Financier Foundations of vocabulary in first and second language learners
Financier Children's Social Competence and Classroom Social Climate in Primary Education
Financier Test-enhanced learning of texts
Financier Yes Wii Can: An Embodied Cognition Approach to Improving the Design of Animations for Primary Education
Financier Play your way into math; the effects of learning math by gaming on (pre-)vocational students' math knowledge
Financier Brain-environment interaction in relation to persistence of early-onset antisocial behavior: basic mechanisms and interventions
Financier Functional MRI as a biomarker in the presymptomatic and early stage of FTD
Financier Looking at movements: On variability in perception and action in human interactions
Financier De rol van de docent bij het verbeteren van het onderwijs in breuken: docentcognities, docentgedrag en leerlingopbrengsten (NL)
Financier Implications of climate change on maintenance policy
Financier Perception, Action and Control: Methods, Concepts, and Challenges
Financier Seeing, Reporting, and Interpreting: The Circulation of Optical Knowledge in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century (Descartes, Gassendi, Mersenne)
Financier The effect of motherese on infant language development: A computational and experimental perspective
Financier It is yellow and you can eat it: flexible coding of natural objects by the human brain
Financier The role of parenting and temperament in infants salivary alpha-amylase stress response
Financier The work-family interface: Positive and negative aspects of combining dual roles
Financier From simple associations to complex cognition
Financier Can we train to aim by fooling the brain?
Financier Social information processing skills in youth with mild to borderline intelligence in the Dutch criminal youth justice system: the development of an instrument
Financier Digitaal ondersteunde assessment in het rekenonderwijs (NL)
Financier Improvement of classroom assessment
Financier Every child deserves differentiated (special) math education
Financier Mathematics instruction in the classroom and students? strategy use and achievement in primary education
Financier Where the global becomes local ; Amsterdam and the changing face of finance.
Financier Educational systems and four central functions of education
Financier Toward a new and better understanding of empowerment and politicization: The psychological consequences of participating in collective action
Financier Good faith in family law: a magic potion of flexibility or poisonous uncertainty?
Financier Migration Law as a Family Matter
Financier When losing is winning: beating obese genes through extinction training
Financier Mapping ADHD: From behaviour to biology
Financier Institutions and policies for agricultural development in African post-conflict countries
Financier It's personal! Visuotactile predictive mechanisms of peripersonal space
Financier Withdrawal of administrative decisions, also in a European and comparative perspective
Financier An experimental investigation of developmental and individual differences in adolescent risky decision making: the role of peers, siblings and parents
Financier Semiparametric estimation of nonlinear panel-data models
Financier Individual criminal responsibility of managers
Financier Covert Constitutions;causes and effects of by passing constitutional amendment procedures
Financier Refining Public Service Motivation Theory: The Mediating Roles of Person-Job and Person-Organization Fits in Individual Performance
Financier Illusions in the Brain: A new approach to understanding visual processing
Financier How do regions diversify in the long-run?
Financier Markets as Solution to Transnational Public Policy Problems? An Analysis of the Problem-solving and Distributive Effects of Market-based Governance Mechanisms
Financier Contractualisation of ownership in civil law systems
Financier Moving control: How approach and avoidance motor actions affect cognitive control
Financier The Core of Fundamental Rights and the European Court of Human Rights
Financier Neural Mechanisms of Human Perceptual Decision Making
Financier Human Rights and Human Duties: Assessing the Obligations entailed in Human Rights
Financier The willingness to punish noncooperation and reward cooperation in social dilemmas
Financier Heterogeneous-agent financial market models: validation using micro- and macro-level data
Financier Integrating motivation, cognition and action - Frontal control of dopamine-dependent striatal processing
Financier Automated control in visual selection
Financier A Dynamic and Formal Account of What People Do Before and After They Make an Error
Financier Cascade Dynamics on Interaction Networks
Financier To bet or not to bet - Investigating the links between loss aversion, gambling and dopamine
Financier Perspective-taking in conversation: Listeners' use of common ground information
Financier Space and time in motion
Financier The Avignon Papacy and Armenia
Financier Self-threat and intrusive imagery
Financier Italian Saints and New Rulers: Carolingian Expansion and the Hagiographical Responses Compared
Financier Pictures in our head: Disentangling visual and semantic components of stereotypes
Financier Bi-manual perceptual integration
Financier A new model for altered face processing in social anxiety
Financier Forgiveness among peers: Its origins and proximate causes
Financier Multiple imputation using mixture models
Financier The cultural context of welfare distribution: a description and explanation of public attitudes towards social protection of needy groups in European welfare states
Financier The association between empathy development and bullying behavior in children and early adolescents
Financier Sexual development in relation to adolescents' internet use
Financier A time-serial weblog diary study of sexual development and the effects of E-based communication and counselling
Financier Sexual development in context: family and peers
Financier Bullying contextualized. A longitudinal study of its change and stability
Financier Legal aspects of children' s residence arrangements after divorce
Financier Changing the group process by changing outsiders' involvement
Financier The importance of individual characteristics for peer influencing
Financier Parenting, criminogenic settings and adolescent offending
Financier Neuropsychological factors and Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS) in detainees
Financier Better Decisions under High Pressure
Financier Parent Management Training Oregon (PMTO) in agressive children
Financier Accomodation of emotions during fast decisions
Financier Recognising emotions in a naturalistic background
Financier Subtyping of aggression and prediction of responsivity to aggression-replacement therapy, pharmacological therapy or combined therapy in adolescents with conduct disorder
Financier Learning and memory of multimodal information by teachers and school children
Financier The learning adolescent
Financier Autonomy and mild psychopathology in primary and secondary school: interventions directed at teacher and parent
Financier The learning teacher and the learning parent
Financier Development of the social brain; the role of peer influence
Financier Word learning from written text
Financier Cognitive talent development and talent expression in education: the role of child, context and education factors
Financier Nutrition and energetic functions as determinant for school performance and neurocognitive functioning at school age
Financier The learning child
Financier The role of sleep in learning; opportunities to improve child performance
Financier Biopsychological conditions for learning
Financier Twin-family study of individual differences in school achievement
Financier Sleep, food and exercise in relation to school performance: a large cross-sectional / longitudinal study
Financier Innovative learning resources and teaching methods
Financier Evidence-based interventions on the domain of thinking and beta-skills
Financier ICT reading intervention
Financier The use of new media in education
Financier Learning to read with mental imagery
Financier Human Rights and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: global impact on moral and political subjectivity
Financier Improving the flexibility of robotic arms
Financier Brain mechanisms underlying cognitive plasticity
Financier Securing Quality in Cross-Border Enforcement: Towards European Principles of Civil Procedure?
Financier Causal inference with panel data
Financier Hear with your ear, hear with your brain
Financier Beyond Agenda-setting: Towards a better understanding of the power relationship between politicians and journalists
Financier Towards a healthy cancer survivorship: investigating the role of Type D personality in colorectal cancer patients
Financier Reduced inhibitory control and excessive avoidance behaviour in chronic pain
Financier Labour location, the role of the caregiver (gynaecologist or midwife), and their influences on complications
Financier Study into lipolysis balance disorder in obesity
Financier Learning through modeling and self explanations
Financier Abnormal patterns of brain connectivity in major depression
Financier Portraying Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
Financier Towards a social theory of corporate governance: Interaction, Incentives and information in Private and Semi-public managerial decision-making
Financier Reviving research into the Napoleon complex: fact or fiction? - The effect of height on interpersonal behaviour in males
Financier Sex hormones in the impulsive brain
Financier A modelling-based approach to testing item-based versus resource-based working memory storage
Financier The way patients are dealing with their drugs
Financier Individual behaviour under low-probability/high-impact climate change scenarios
Financier Rangeland Privatization and Women's Well-Being: A Gendered Analysis of Tenure Transformations among the Maasai of Southern Kenya
Financier Aging in Autism: A double jeopardy or not?
Financier Sorting into incentive systems: How gender and preference heterogeneity affect career choice, earnings, work stress and well-being
Financier From conflict termination to peacemaking: Role and contours of a contemporary ?Jus Post Bellum
Financier Differential Susceptibility to Parenting: Gene-Environment Interactions in Children's Problem and Prosocial Behavior
Financier Time for change: Studying individual differences in dynamics
Financier Economic Cycles, Employment and Health: Disentangling Causal Pathways in a Cross-National Study
Financier Het effect van arbeidsmarktinstituties op de allocatie van arbeid en de adoptie van nieuwe technologieen
Financier The Globalization of High Culture: How Markets for Contemporary Art Develop in Brazil, Russia, India and China
Financier From distributor to gatekeeper: The role of retailers in international innovation success
Financier The Social Cost of Illiquidity
Financier Double Bind. Public service professionals coping with contrasting demands
Financier Public Policy and Firm Mobility Management: Implications for Climate Outcomes
Financier Sustainable Maintenance Policy for Infrastructure Networks in the Randstad: A climate change perspective
Financier The feasibility and impact of the transition to electric mobility in the Randstad
Financier Parents, Friends, and Delinquency in Adolescence
Financier Step by step: is training with the C-mill effective in improving step adjustments during standing and walking in stroke patients in the chronic phase?
Financier LEARNING in a brain and cognition perspective
Financier Development and validation of a simple instrument for the recognition of undernutrition in older persons
Financier COOL 5-18: Meting 1 BAO - 1 SCO
Financier Do you trust? Development of Trust versus Paranoia during Adolescence
Financier Tracking long-term memory consolidation and knowledge construction in the developing brain
Financier Concepts of tradition in the literary theories of Curtius, Kermode and Compagnon
Financier Empirical Study of Higher Order Risk Attitudes
Financier ADHD: a disconnection between the attentional control and sensory systems of the brain?
Financier Craving Simplicity in Public Decision-making
Financier Triple A: Anxiety, Alcohol and Automatic cognitive biases
Financier How do we change our behavior? ? Spontaneous reorganization of brain dynamics
Financier Unity in diversity: Qualitative and quantitative analyses of the detrimental effects of ethnicity and ethnic diversity on social capital
Financier The social brain in adolescence: Examining peer interactions from a developmental social neuroscience perspective
Financier Beyond National Models of Integration? Agenda Dynamics and the Multi-Level Governance of Immigrant Integration
Financier Good intentions gone bad: bridging the gap between intentions and healthy behavior
Financier Using the body to control the mind: An embodiment approach to eating behavior
Financier Social bonding: a new dimension in Social Anxiety Disorder
Financier What the eyes tell us about listening: The neural and cognitive correlates of pupil dilation as measure of listening effort
Financier What do they know? Information inaccuracy in interorganizational networks
Financier Resolution of Contemporary Investment Disputes: Conciliating Private Rights and Public Interests in Internationalized Commercial Relations
Financier Reaching in motion: sensorimotor computations for reaching in accelerating reference frames
Financier Anger in patients with antisocial personality disorder: Hot in the mind, cold in the body
Financier Media(ted) populism: Properties and consequences
Financier Belonging and Status in Peer Networks as Crucial Factors for Understanding Peer Influence Processes in the Realm of Adolescent Risk Behavior
Financier (Un)healthy ambiguity
Financier Neuropsychology of space: dissociations and interactions between near and far space
Financier Newly governing parties: success or failure?
Financier The Economics of Energy Efficiency
Financier Mass Assortments. The Role of Experienced Abundance in Choice and Consumption Behavior
Financier Acting on impulse: tracking sex hormones in the developing human brain
Financier A Healthy Body for an Entrepreneurial Mind: The Interaction of Health Insurance and Micro-Credit in Tanzania
Financier Improving the public health impact of Internet-delivered interventions
Financier Causal modeling of behavioral traits using genetically informative designs
Financier Joint Action: The Role of Motor Simulation and Cognitive Control in Young Children and Adults
Financier Memory formation under stress: The emerging importance of the brain mineralocorticoid receptor
Financier What is a mental simulation?
Financier What antidepressant manuals do not tell: tampering with serotonin and consequences for fetal brain development
Financier Cognitive and motivational components of adaptive and maladaptive decision-making: an integrative approach
Financier Mechanisms underlying consolidation of procedural memory formation
Financier How does the neural architecture of cognition map on its genetic architecture?
Financier From genetic pathways to cognition in ADHD: a question of the right connections?
Financier Pooling and prediction in visual cortex
Financier The (a)typical development of motor imagery: Neural correlates and therapeutical applications
Financier Functional neural network plasticity in adolescent twins and sibs
Financier How do neurons in the visual cortex code motivation? A multidisciplinary approach: from mice to humans
Financier Magic moments in word learning: Memory formation and consolidation across ages and language settings
Financier Towards an integrative theory of the genetically mediated neural substrates of ADHD
Financier Words of Violence - Conflict Dynamics and Free Speech
Financier Robust Multimodal Multi-objective network design
Financier Pharmacological modulation of alpha and gamma oscillations: implications for working memory maintenance
Financier Rehabilitation or Retribution? 'Cultures of Control' and Policies vis-à-vis Renegade States
Financier Legal Transactions
Financier Path creation and path dependence in a model of recombinant innovation
Financier Operational Bayes procedures for measuring risk and policy effectiveness
Financier The price of macroeconomic announcement news
Financier Ideological distance and democratic decision making
Financier Memory for sexual reward
Financier Career Concerns in Committees; An experimental Analysis
Financier Efficient two-stage and multi-stage multilevel designs: more power for the same price
Financier Market Distortions, Factor Allocation and Productivity Dynamics in Developing Countries
Financier Stepwise model-fitting approaches for latent class analysis and related methods
Financier Multivariate logistic regression using the ideal point classification model
Financier Emotional benefits and deficits in early vision
Financier Arabization and other techonologies of communication in a post-conflict situation among the Nuba of Sudan
Financier Hidden procedural safeguards in the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
Financier The role of uncertainty for fairness perception and revealed social preferences
Financier Perseveration in the development of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Financier Conspiracy
Financier An empirical and applied general equilibrium analysis of capital income taxation in the Netherlands
Financier Income Position of the Elderly in Different Welfare State Regimes: The Interdependence of Pension
Financier Towards an innovative legal framework for employment protection
Financier Semi- and Non-parametric Bayesian Inference
Financier Prevalance and riskfactor of victimisation in psychiatric patients
Financier Victimization of persons with severe mental illness; a qualitative study
Financier The environment of early adopters from an innovations perspective
Financier Psychological factors influencing the early adoption of electric vehicles
Financier Power dynamics in the transition to an energy efficient built environment
Financier Power dynamics in the sustainable mobility transition
Financier Overcoming System-level Transitional Inertia: accelerating the Dutch energy transition
Financier Power dynamics in the new gas and green raw materials transition
Financier Developing a Transnational Electricity Infrastructure Offshore: Design, Operations and Regulatory Solutions
Financier Power in transition
Financier A quasi-experimental design for joint fact finding and decision making
Financier Experimental work in a controlled setting: a simulation/gaming approach
Financier A modelling approach
Financier Effects of training in school
Financier Developing transnational electricity infrastructure in the North Sea: legal framework and regulatory solutions
Financier Electric vehicles: early stage adoption processes
Financier Experimental Studies on Cooperation in Dynamic Networks
Financier The adaptive nature of human intentional behavior
Financier Semantic context effects in spoken word production: Role of attentional control
Financier European Banking Sector Instability
Financier Bootstrap Methods for Time-Varying Processes
Financier Sunset legislation and experimental legislation
Financier The Feasibility of Cooperation under Various Sanctioning Institutions
Financier Complex decision-making in the drama democracy
Financier Uncovering the Determinants of Organized Labor Support for Redistribution: Union Structure and Cross-National Variation in Income Inequality
Financier The Intimate City: Affective Networks, (New Media) Technology, and the Articulation of Sexual Citizenship
Financier Developmental project (DEVO #2): Implementing a panel component
Financier Emotion is for influence: Development and test of a new theory
Financier The New Peace and Security Aspirations of the African Union: A Welcome Supplement or An Unacceptable Violation of Existing International Law?
Financier Risk, finance and enterprise: the 'peculium' as an instrument for capital investment under the Roman Empire
Financier Obligations to rehabilitate: the interaction between civil law and labour and social security law
Financier Do video games keep the brain young?
Financier Welfare state legitimacy: cross-national analyses from a multi-dimensional perspective
Financier The Influence of Family and School on Future Life Plans of Adolescents
Financier Part-time Employment and Human Capital Development
Financier From expecting to experiencing: The role of mental representations of attachment in the transition to parenthood
Financier Perceptual grouping in natural images
Financier Senior Commission Officials' Role Perceptions in a Changing Europe
Financier The neural mechanisms underlying motion perception: Guiding behavior in a dynamic 3-dimensional world
Financier Causation with respect to liability for misleading information towards investors
Financier The Regulation of Interpersonal Functioning by Serotonin in Adults at Risk for Depression
Financier Sparking a cycle of psychological change toward social change: The Emotion and Self-Regulation Interplay Model
Financier Bilateral: The politics of low carbon innovation: towards a theory of niche protection.
Financier Better learning arithmetic in elementary school
Financier Towards a European society. Bi-national marriages, European society
Financier Intentional Inhibition of Human Action
Financier A 'Virtual Reality' laboratory for psychological and neuroscientific investigations of normal and deviant human behavior
Financier Bilateral NWO ESRC: Selling genetic tests online: user perspectives on direct to consumer psychiatric genetic tests
Financier Building an infrastructure for multidisciplinary and longitudinal data collection of the physical and psychosocial impact of cancer
Financier a new class of econometric models for time-varying risk
Financier How the functional architecture of the working brain is shaped by oscillatory brain activity
Financier Seeing the Future First: Innovation, Entry, and the Market for New Products
Financier No Size Fits All: Experimental Test of Parents? and Children?s Differential Susceptibility to the Environment
Financier Casuistic Problem Solving in Substantive Criminal Law
Financier For better or for worse: Affective reactions to being better off
Financier The role of histamine dysfunction in sensory and cognitive deficits in schizophrenia
Financier Neural predictors of individual differences in the development of risk-taking
Financier Supporting structure for teachers at Suitable Education
Financier Involvement of parents in school policy
Financier Regional development of Suitable Education
Financier Pedagogical-Didactic acting and Suitable Education
Financier Functioning of government
Financier HRM, HRM results and school performances
Financier Preschool care and education in playgroups and child care institutions
Financier Connection between Pre and Early School Education and futher school career
Financier Effects of pre and early education and crèche on the future development of children
Financier Effects of changes in the weighting arrangements and other oab facilities
Financier Emphasis to basic abilities
Financier Professionalising and working together
Financier Dealing with excellence
Financier The role of councils and school boards by Pre and Early School Education (VVE)
Financier Aiming at the quality in schools for primary education
Financier Developments and requirements for Suitable Education
Financier Involving external parties in the pre-commercialization and commercialization stages of the innovation process. A systematic analysis of business markets
Financier Immigrants, Natives and the Occupational Career: Do Social Contacts Matter?
Financier Dealing with Divergence ? national adjudication of international crimes
Financier The interaction between executive function and motivation in Attention/Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder
Financier The Impact of Sexual Media Content on Adolescent Sexuality: An Experiential Perspective
Financier Boys will be boys? Gender differences in the socialization of disruptive behaviour in early childhood
Financier New! Investigating novelty's consequences on brain and behaviour
Financier Econometrics of Contagion in Insurance and Finance
Financier European Security Culture
Financier Cognitive and neural mechanisms of affective working memory
Financier Unraveling the Placebo Effect: The Power of Expectancies for Conditioning the Immune and Endocrine System
Financier Liquidity risk and derivative markets: Lessons from the crisis and insights for the future
Financier minding other states' business: free trade, fair trade and clean trade in the EU
Financier Dynamic functional neuroanatomy of cognitive control in humans
Financier State of Anxiety: A Comparative Ethnography of 'Security Groups' in Indonesia
Financier Capacity management in SFRMT and reliable transport chains
Financier Integrated transition strategy towards SFRMT
Financier Implementation of road pricing: vehicle technology, governance and institutional transition
Financier Acceptability of transport pricing: a psychological perspective
Financier Dynamic assessment of multi-modal transport networks
Financier Developing and evaluation of a modelling framework for urban weather and climate studies
Financier Improving integration of expert with tacit knowledge for strategic planning processes
Financier Urban Strategy climate proof
Financier Transport pricing: a multi-modal dynamic network perspective
Financier Implementation of transport pricing: an economic perspective
Financier Impact of climate change on mobility and residential choices
Financier Innovative Pricing for Sustainable Mobility (i-PriSM)
Financier Strategy towards sustainable and reliable multi-modal transport in the Randstad (SRMT)
Financier CESAR: Climate and Environmental change and Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad
Financier Natural 3D shape perception and image ambiguities
Financier The role of parental drinking in children's development of explicit expectancies and attitudes, implicit alcohol associations, and an early onset of alcohol use
Financier Generous People, Stingy Nations or Stingy People, Generous Nations? Explaining Cross-national Differences in Donations to Charitable Organizations
Financier The contingency of media's impact on national parliaments: a comparative study
Financier Pain or pane?? The role of pain-directed interpretations in chronic pain
Financier Towards climate change proof international nature conservation law: international law and the adaptation of species and ecosystems to the effects of climate change
Financier Eye can see it! Residual visual processing in the blind field of patients with visual field defects.
Financier Design Optimization through Eye-Movement Analysis
Financier Seeing is predicting: the role of prediction in perception
Financier Does power decrease morality?
Financier The Behavioral Economics of the Disposition Effect
Financier Smoking initiation and nicotine craving in adolescence: Testing gene-environment interactions
Financier Flexible Bayesian methods for theory and practice of financial risk management and some other key issues of the 21st century
Financier Scared stiff: Investigating determinants, correlates and consequences of peritraumatic freezing.
Financier Developing a process perspective on transitional governance: A longitudinal and bilateral assessment of pre-acquisition collaboration and post-acquisition integration processes
Financier Neighbourhood Deprivation, Exit, and Voice: Searching for Mechanisms of Decline
Financier Regulation in the pharmacy market - structural modelling of entry and location choices
Financier Biological and social factors affecting mood
Financier Reorienting Global Risk Regulation: Matching Regulatory Instruments and Enforcement Capacity in Emerging Market Contexts
Financier Anchoring as a window into auditory-motor synchronization: furthering insight to improve therapy
Financier Time to change: How timely changes in neuronal interactions lead to skill learning
Financier Health and health care utilisation: methodological and measurement contributions to empirical analyses
Financier Non-life: a life insurance approach.
Financier Altruistic punishment
Financier Ethnicity, trust and cooperation in post-conflict Liberia
Financier The Doctrine of Self-Interest in (the study of) Organizational Behavior
Financier Perceptions of cultural hierarchies
Financier Documentation and Archiving of Oral tradition: Researches and Interdisciplinary Approaches
Financier RenErGo - Renewable Energy Governance in China and the EU
Financier Structures and Legacies of Dynastic Power (in late imperial China and Early Modern Europe): SLDP
Financier Health Behaviour in School-aged Children: the Dutch Survey
Financier Family Survey of the Dutch Population 2008-2009
Financier Post-conflict-justice and 'local ownership'
Financier The embeddedness of criminal networks in local ethnic communities: a source of (ethnic) conflict?
Financier The role of communication in conflict escalation and de-escalation between ethnic groups
Financier Political conflict in five European systems: the role of citizens, the media, and parties in the politicisation of immigration and European integration
Financier Contagious social conflict: Industrial conflict as a source of strategic learning
Financier Relationships of ethnic diversity in local communities with solidarity regarding the in-group and exclusion of out-groups
Financier Learning language in a virtual scenario: A grounded approach in teaching natural language to computers
Financier Optimal perception under uncertainty: Testing Bayesian models of vision
Financier Legality as a factor determining criminal liability in a general part of criminal law for the European Union
Financier Current accounts, exchange rate systems and economic growth
Financier Teacher-pupil relations, scholastic learning of teachers and consent of teachers
Financier Every lesson a language lesson? Language skill and vocational education in Pre-secondary Vocational Education. State of the art of theory and practice
Financier Careers in Context
Financier In good and bad times: The relation between family solidarity and negative events
Financier Social motives and expectations in one-shot social dilemmas
Financier Performance of strategic asset allocations
Financier Repatriating? Photographs: Towards a Social Analysis of the Re-presentation of a Colletion of South African Missionary Photographs
Financier Coming of age in Burundi: Youth's social navigation in fragile contexts
Financier Imaging Genetics of Intelligence: towards a neurobiological understanding of intelligence
Financier Intellectual Responses to the Rise of Commercial Society in Early-modern Japan and Europe
Financier The Impact of Frequency on Borrowing
Financier The Embarrassment of Poverty: "Native" Jewish Responses to "Foreign" Immigration in Comparative Perspective, Amsterdam c. 1640, London c.1890
Financier The emergence of scales: Acquisition of relative adjectives in a cross-linguistic perspective
Financier Marsilio Ficino's Timaeus commentary: scientific speculations of a Renaissance interpreter
Financier Traveller response to unconventional trends
Financier Traveller response and information service technology: Analysis and modelling of economic effects
Financier The value of recreational areas in metropolitan regions
Financier State role in changing negative socio-cultural customs and stereotyped behavior: a way to eliminate violence against women and achieve gender equality for women in the Caribbean; Case studies Jamaica and Curaçao
Financier Residential arrangements of divorced parents and their children
Financier Progress in International Reading Literacy Study
Financier Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness in 20 OECD Countries
Financier Numb3rs, letters, and acronyms: ERP investigation of leetspeak
Financier Motivational information in group learning
Financier Meaning construction to corporality, moving and health by pupils with and without a physical disability and their teachers of physical education
Financier An Economic Analysis of Feedback and Appraisal
Financier Conditional Reasoning and Context
Financier School capacity for teacher development
Financier Travel Behaviour and Traffic Operations in case of Exceptional Events
Financier The sexual differentiation of the human brain
Financier Implicit Cognition and Addiction: Changing Perspectives and New Interventions
Financier Raising glasses and pointing fingers: A neurocognitive account of communicative actions
Financier Making movements: optimal and thus inconsistent?
Financier Gender makes a difference: stressing reward appraisal
Financier Synchronizing Networks: the modelling, use, governance and design of supernetworks
Financier The value of recreation: Now, and in a completely different future
Financier How Efficient Brains Develop
Financier A Neuroscience Approach to Social Identity Threat: The Role of Preconsious Processes in Motivational Withdrawal among Members of Stigmatized Groups
Financier Sleep and memory consolidation: cleaning up the hard disc
Financier Thriving in the Face of Adversity: Psychophysiological Markers of Resilience and Their Association with Attachment
Financier The Virtualization of Citizenship & the State of the State: Relinking Citizenship and the State in Conditions of Globalization
Financier Cultural sameness or preservation of own identity: the consumption of national cultural goods in times of European integration and mass immigration
Financier Behavior in dynamic games: theory, experimental validation, computation and application
Financier Taking the next step in understanding the role of peers and parents in antisocial behavior development: Gene-environment interplay
Financier To avoid overload. Unravelling the mechanism of the human brain to deal with the accumulation of information and the demands of novel circumstances
Financier Dynamic visual representations
Financier Cosmopolitanism in a world of interconnected threats and challenges. From a world of states to a world state?
Financier Lost in the social world: disentangling brain systems for social navigation early in development
Financier Politicizing Europe? A study of partisan and media framing of EU issues in national elections
Financier Re-inventing the Scales of Justice. Comparative constitutional law aspects regarding the role of western supreme courts and constitutional courts in a globalised context
Financier Prosecuting cross-border crime in the European Union - What role for the legality principle?
Financier Adaptation to Motor-Sensory Asynchronies
Financier Buffering our past: An integrated perspective on working memory and episodic memory
Financier Fear and disgust after trauma: the role of signal-learning and evaluative learning in the etiology and maintenance of post-traumatic stress disorder
Financier Liquidity Black Holes
Financier Visual perception: neural mechanisms of inference
Financier Dopaminergic modulation of fronto-striatal activity during cognitive control
Financier The commercialized media environment: Content, processes, and consequences for children and adolescents
Financier Development of Antisocial Behavior, Parent-Child Relationships, and Empathy During Adolescence (DARE)
Financier Reducing the Price of Anarchy in Supply Chains
Financier Mimicry and Peer Pressure as Determinants of Adolescent Risk Behaviour
Financier Structural and neural correlates of individual differences in inhibition across the adult lifespan
Financier Improvement of phenotyping in Genome Wide Association studies on schizophrenia: an Application of Latent Class Factor Analysis
Financier On the foundation of visual-spatial working memory: the maintenance and updating of memory representations in the oculomotor system
Financier Contemporary International Lawmaking in a Global Context: Between Privatization and Reinforced State Dominance
Financier Stimulating sustainable technology: the trade-off between exploration and exploitation
Financier Optimism as a resiliency for chronic pain: pathways and intervention
Financier The Truman Show. The Effects of Alcohol Portrayal in the Media on Actual Alcohol Consumption
Financier Social and psychopathological developments during adolescence: The assessment of mental disorders and contextually rated life events in the large TRAILS cohort
Financier Should we stay, or should we go? Understanding residential practice of urban middle-class families in the field of parenthood
Financier Models and solution approaches for complex production planning and scheduling
Financier Memory uncertainty and obsessive compulsive perseveration
Financier Information structure: towards a unified approach
Financier SHARE: Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe
Financier Competition policy and innovation: Implications for the health care sector
Financier Methodological advances in the collective approach to household behavior
Financier The dynamics of inhibitory control over behavior: a motor-tms approach
Financier Force-Feeding of Prisoners on Hunger Strike: The Right to Self-Determination versus the Right to Intervention
Financier Worry, cognitive sensitization and health complaints
Financier Questions of omission
Financier Audiovisual Consumer Law
Financier What you see is what you get: Brain mechanisms underlying motor related visual perception
Financier Toward Improved Subsidy Mechanisms: Dutch Subsidy Law as an Instrument for Implementing European Financial Incentive Measures
Financier Time, Restitution and the Law
Financier The Predictive Value of Prototypes on Young People's Alcohol use: Tests using Innovative Designs
Financier The multiple pathways from social disadvantage to health: A cross-national study
Financier Mixed emotions: Introducing a new determinant for inaction
Financier The effective judicial protection of fundamental rights against statutory acts in a comparative perspective
Financier The dark side of resource wealth: natural resources as source of armed conflict from an international law perspective
Financier Panel Study of Social Dynamics in the Netherlands
Financier Do you see what I see? Stimulating students' reflection through example-based learning
Financier Limits of Tolerance: Variation in and Differential Determinants of Ethnic Exclusionism in The Netherlands
Financier Functional neuroanatomy of emotional body language
Financier Committees of experts
Financier DNB Household Survey: A Study of Household Financial Decisions
Financier The effects of childhood abuse on the brain: moderation by genetic vulnerability factors
Financier Cohort survey school careers of pupils of 5 to 18 years
Financier Bias and Equivalence in Cross-Cultural Survey Research: An Analysis of Instrument Comparability in the SPVA Survey
Financier Optimal layout design and operation of compact storage systems
Financier Learning to avoid tastes: The nature of activity-induced taste aversion learning
Financier Regional economic growth, macroeconomic inefficiency and financial development
Financier Co-management of the Naimina Enkiyio forest in Loita Maasai, Kenya:conflicts, outside intervention and local dynamics of change andcontinuity
Financier The Rescaling of the Mortgage Market
Financier The Europeanisation of gambling organisations and the regulation of gambling within the European Union
Financier The Cognitive Psychology of Recovered Memories
Financier The principle of complicity in the law of state responsibility
Financier Beyond the Will: Implicit Motivation and Adaptation of Goals and Experiences
Financier The inner structure of cognitive networks
Financier The open source business model in the multimedia domain: the combination of open source and commercial services
Financier Complex interactions between international standardization and national innovation projects
Financier Ex ante evaluation policy renewal care structures in primary and secondary education
Financier Education research programme: New cohort survey 2005
Financier The role of serotonin in motivational and cognitive aspects of performance monitoring in unipolar depression
Financier Marital Relationships and Crime Across the Life Course: the Criminal Careers of Convicts and their Spouses
Financier Explaining stock options in executive compensation
Financier The dynamics of simple rule learning in infants and preschoolers
Financier Social Justice and the New Welfare State: What Does Justice between Parents and Non-Parents, Justice between Caring Men and Women, and Justice for the Elderly Entail?
Financier Policy implementation under adversity. The effect of policy polarization on the performance of government in different institutional and cultural contexts
Financier Modelling individual differences in change patterns
Financier Visualizing virtual lesions and plasticity in the working human brain: Simultaneously combining fMRI and TMS
Financier Multisubject analysis of EEG/MEG activity in anatomical connectivity graphs
Financier Modelling collective decision-making in the face of disagreement
Financier The importance of networks and place for the success and failure of ICT hardware firms in the Rhone-Alpes region
Financier Congestion in Network Optimization Problems
Financier The Legal and Moral Status of the Prohibition on Torture in the Global War against Terrorism
Financier Domestic violence in a Mexican tourist area
Financier Criminal Career Development and Adult Life Success
Financier Competition in the food chain under pressure
Financier Transnationality and citizinship: new approaches in the migration law
Financier Private regulation of food safety: protection or capture of public interests
Financier Netherlands Kinship Panel Study (NKPS)
Financier TRAILS (TRacking Adolescents' Individual Life Survey)

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