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Current research

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Financier Imagining a territory. Constructions and representations of late medieval Brabant
Financier The Imperative of Regulation: local and (trans-) national dynamics of drug regulatory regimes in the Netherlands since the Second World War
Financier Producing Affective Language: Content Selection, Message Formulation And Computational Modelling
Financier From Universe of Visnu to Universe of Siva
Financier Sexuality, religion and secularism. Cultural encounters in the african diaspora in the netherlands
Financier Human nature: medical and philosophical perspectives in the work of galen of pergamum.
Financier Management of the Self: a Humanities Approach to Self-Management in Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine
Financier We learn from our mistakes - or do we? Towards more efficient use of talking and listening experience in a second language.
Financier Asymmetry in Conversation
Financier Inquisitiveness below and beyond the sentence boundary
Financier Sublime Imperfections: Creative Interventions in Post-1989 Europe
Financier Knowledgeable Democracy: A Social-Epistemological Inquiry
Financier Entrepreneurship at Work: Analysing practice, labour, and creativity in journalism
Financier Uncovering Joyful Culture: Parodic Literature and Practices in and around the Low Countries (13th-17th centuries)
Financier A girl fallen from the sky': Effects of sensori-motor and emotional simulation on aesthetic appreciation of literary narratives
Financier Mixed feelings. Literary Hispanophilia and Hispanophobia in England and the Netherlands in the Early Modern period and the nineteenth century
Financier Beacons of Freedom: Slave Refugees in North America, 1800-1860
Financier Framing Prostitution
Financier Framing Indonesian art: colonial discourse and the question of Islam
Financier Het voorwerp verhaald. Een onderzoek naar de duurzame koppeling van object, verhaal en herinnering.
Financier Optische meetmethoden voor de museale praktijk. Een traject tot verdieping van technische museale expertise
Financier Facilitators in museums stimulate family conversations
Financier Retour de Paris. Cultural mobility, networks and locations. Dutch artists in Paris between 1800 and 1900
Financier EUWATHER - European Waterways Heritage: Re-evaluating European MinorRivers and Canals as Cultural Landscapes
Financier CHIME - Cultural Heritage and Improvised Music in European Festivals
Financier CMOP - Cleaning Modern Oil Paintings
Financier EnDOW - Enhancing access to 20th Century cultural heritage through Distributed Orphan Works clearance
Financier HIMANIS - HIstorical MANuscript Indexing for user-controlled Search
Financier Symmetry and asymmetry in folk
Financier Text setting
Financier Universal decorative patterns and geometric core knowledge
Financier Basic proportional patterns and geometric core knowlegde
Financier The acquisition of ordinals and the core knowledge system of number
Financier The linguistic typology of number systems and the core knowledge system of number
Financier Relative pitch in music and language
Financier What is shared (and what is unique) in music and language
Financier CHANGES - Changes in cultural Heritage Activities: New Goals and benefits for Economy and Society
Financier EURO-MAGIC - A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slide Heritage as Artefacts in theCommon European History of Learning
Financier Lost in Translation - Found in Meaning
Financier Giving cognition a hand: Linking spatial cognition to linguistic expression in native and late learners of sign language and bimodal bilinguals
Financier Developing socially responsible innovations: The role of values and moral emotions
Financier Frugal Innovations and Responsible Entrepreneurship: Case Studies in the Water and Health Sectors in East Africa.
Financier Value sensitive collaborative water governance
Financier From small start-up to growing business in the Dutch chemical industry: Debottlenecking business growth
Financier Big data and the dilemma of innovative knowledge versus threats to personal integrity
Financier Responsible innovation in Dutch potato breeding
Financier SCALES: Institutional design to balance public interests and individual liberties in the use of big data
Financier The Dynamics of Inclusive Finance in the Netherlands, 1750-1970
Financier Economies of Destruction. The emergence of metalwork deposition during the Bronze Age in Northwest Europe, c. 2300-1500 BC.
Financier Nice to meet? Meeting unmet medical needs: a social innovation to facilitate early access to investigational drugs
Financier Community Innovation for Sustainable Energy. Aligning social and technological innovation
Financier From animal model to translational strategy. On the ethical, scientific and institutional problems related to innovations in bio-medical animal research
Financier Motivations, drivers and barriers for responsible innovation in the Dutch food sector: the influence of a healthy food logo on the innovation agenda for healthy food.
Financier Prognosticating of patients in coma: towards a responsible practice
Financier Redesigning the electricity market in order to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable energy system
Financier Responsible production of biogas in India
Financier Capturing the societal value of smart energy systems
Financier RESPonsible innovation: linking formal and infOrmal assessmeNt in deciSion-making on Energy projects (RESPONSE)
Financier Developing and Implementing Smart Grids in India
Financier Safeguarding long-term stakeholdership in Smart Cities
Financier Smart use of smart media and games for the promotion of pro-social mobility behavior
Financier Images for the Future: from digitization to dissemination, when can we watch?
Financier In Search of Scents Lost: Reconstructing the Aromatic Heritage of the Avant-Garde
Financier Frisian Audio Mining Enterprise
Financier Visual Analytics for the World's Library Data
Financier Crossover collaboration for digital innovation
Financier MediaNow: Optimizing the Creative Retrieval Process for the Media Industries
Financier Tailored healthcare through customer profiling
Financier The Hackable City. Collaborative Citymaking in Urban Living Lab Buiksloterham
Financier Corporate collections as emerging heritage: Art market dynamics, corporate strategies, and public support for the arts
Financier Development, testing and dissemination of video games that prevent and treat anxiety and depression in children and adolescents
Financier Discussion Thread Summarization for Mobile Devices
Financier Blended Care: Fit for Practice
Financier Behind the scenes in Dutch fashion; Bridging the gap between independent fashion designers, craftsmen and fashion intermediaries
Financier Beschrijven, digitaliseren en beschikbaar stellen van Industrieel Erfgoed (NL)
Financier Can I Touch You Online? (CITYO)
Financier Serious gaming: behandeling van infectieuze complicaties in het ziekenhuis. Ontwikkeling pilot casus.
Financier WorkXperience: Simulation based serious gaming for sustainable lean transformation of manufacturing
Financier Onderzoek Art & Architecture Thesaurus-architectuurconcepten (NL)
Financier Structural Active Façade
Financier Material science and design fiction: collaboration for sustainable innovation in fashion.
Financier Designerly ways of capturing knowledge to support digital innovation in health & well-being.
Financier Direct ter Zake (NL)
Financier De ontwikkleing van een groeispurtmeetvest: Antrovest (NL)
Financier Measuring cue-reactive responses towards alcohol cues in everyday life contexts: A future for wearable technology?
Financier Vlisco: Made in Holland, adorned in West-Africa
Financier CrEATE: Crowd-sourced Evaluation and Annotation of Tonal Entities.
Financier 'Breindebaas' app: Accessible cognitive bias modification training for alcohol addiction
Financier Understanding Cultural Landscapes
Financier Zwemkleding als tweede huid (NL)
Financier Archiving Interactive Media (AIM)
Financier Quality of life assessment of people with psychiatric problems in need for help. One size does not fit all
Financier Quality of life in persons with severe intellectual disabilities
Financier Quality of Life and the Foundations of Health Policy
Financier Improving the conceptualisation and measurement of quality of life of patients with multiple chronic morbidities, exemplified by patients with cardiac disease undergoing cardiac intervention
Financier Socioeconomic inequalities in health and quality of life: which indicators to use in research, and in health (care) policies?
Financier Measuring and valuing quality of life in older adults with the ASCOT-NL
Financier The adult who is not hidden: Constructions of adulthood in British, Dutch and Flemish children?s literature, 1970-2010
Financier Achter de verhalen: tweejaarlijks congres voor intra- en extramurale moderne-neerlandistiek (NL)
Financier Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschappen 2008 (NL)
Financier Dialectgeografie en interne factoren. (NL)
Financier TRANSCRIPTIE-APP voor cyrillisch schrift (NL)
Financier Sagrada Familia in Ice
Financier Experiencescape Joods Historisch Amsterdam (NL)
Financier SMiLE (Serious Gaming for Minority Language Elicitation)
Financier Count yourself safe
Financier Analyse van realistische data-bestanden met spraak-input voor kinderen (NL)
Financier Wearable technology solutions for increased body awareness
Financier De Journalist (NL)
Financier Cicero gaat verder. Een multimediaal commentaar op een klassieke tekst voor gymnasiasten die meer willen. (NL)
Financier Koppeling van literaire competentie in de vreemde taal aan de moedertaal (NL)
Financier De Vliegende Hollander: van (inter)nationaal symbool tot lokale held (NL)
Financier Gedeelde literatuur: Cultuuroverdracht door leesgroepen. (NL)
Financier Channels of Change? Spirituality as conduit for individual and community transformation in the field of international development.
Financier Transparante Radiologie (NL)
Financier Evidence-based adviezen voor het schrijven van begrijpelijke teksten (NL)
Financier Smart Cities in a Smart Society
Financier De verbindende en scheidende kracht van rituele maaltijden: op weg naar een kwantitatief meetinstrument (NL)
Financier Meiden, voetbal! Een pps-gestuurd onderzoek naar de impact en impactmeting van voetbal op de sociale ontwikkeling van meiden (NL)
Financier Mijn baby is doof (NL)
Financier Mapping Memory Landscapes: A New Research Model for Exploring Infrastructures of Mass Violence and their Lasting Impact
Financier Selling the Golden Age
Financier ASSESS-IT (NL) Auditory Speech Sounds Evaluation - Spoken Sentence Intelligibility Test (Dutch): een nieuwe talig en audiologisch gebalanceerde spraakaudiometrische zinnentest voor het Nederlands (NL)
Financier Language in court: How linguistic factors influence decision making
Financier URBS. Sustainable strategies for the integration of cultural heritage in URBan landscapeS
Financier Visual communication of tactile apparel qualities
Financier Concert Lab: hoe muziekgebouwen klinken onder invloed van mensen
Financier Getting the message across: Optimizing apps that communicate vital but discomforting information through self-affirmation
Financier TypetoFind
Financier Effectiveness of explicit vs. implicit L2 instruction
Financier The impact of computer-mediated communication on literacy
Financier The fogland game: creating and validating a paper prototype of a game to fight smokers' needs for relaxation and social contacts
Financier Astronomy Training Videos for Elementary School Teachers
Financier Theorizing Technological Mediation: toward an empirical-philosophical theory of technology
Financier The 360° Visual Scenario Method: Moving from imagination towards full immersion
Financier DisplayLabb
Financier Data-Driven Film History: a demonstrator of EYE's Jean Desmet collection
Financier 'Storytelling' en materiële cultuur rondom het Vredespaleis in Den Haag (NL)
Financier Levend erfgoed. Beheer en behoud van begraafplaatsen in Noord-Nederland (NL)
Financier Cities of Readers: Religious Literacies in the Long Fifteenth Century
Financier Formulaic language in L2: acquisition, comprehension, production, and modelling
Financier Reconstructing the past through languages of the present: the Lesser Sunda Islands
Financier Het vermogen van kennis: een inventarisatie van de omstandigheden voor succesvolle kennisuitwisseling bij kleine ondernemingen in de creatieve industrie (NL)
Financier INclusive INsight. Understanding the sustainability network.
Financier Routine bewust ontwerpen voor de klas (NL)
Financier CANAAN: CreAtive Nodes in Amsterdam's Actor-artefact Networks
Financier BIM and supply chain integration for the building lifecycle
Financier Argument structure in three sign languages: typological and theoretical aspects
Financier The sea and land routes of southern Euboia, ca. 4000-1 BC. A case study in Mediterranean interconnectivity.
Financier New research methods for investigating criminal networks involved in illicit trades of humans, wildlife, and drugs: processing and visualizing patterns in big data sets
Financier 'More Magical than Disneyland': Modern Articulations of Pilgrimage to Mecca
Financier Reconfiguring Diaspora: The Transformation of the Jewish Diaspora in Late Antiquity
Financier Grasping Meaning across Languages and Learners (GraMALL)
Financier Going Dutch. The Construction of Dutch in Policy, Practice and Discourse (1750-1850)
Financier ReclaimLabb
Financier Scientific games for education: Games als educatiemiddel in voortgezet onderwijs en musea (NL)
Financier Care Model Design for Person Centered ICT-interventions in Home Healthcare
Financier Postbus voor de Open Samenleving (NL)
Financier E-Canon. Ontological computer modelling and the study of cultural heritage canons: the 'canon of Leiden' as case study
Financier Visualisation of Narrative Structures
Financier Hacking Heritage
Financier Knowledge sharing on cross-over creativity
Financier Metabotnik
Financier Innovating Science Communication at Medical Museums
Financier Paramilitarism, organized crime, and the state in the 1990s
Financier No More Heroes: Violence and Resistance in New World Poetry
Financier Making Scientific Inferences More Objective
Financier Examining the contribution of procedural learning to grammar and literacy acquisition in children
Financier Paying for All the King's Horses and All the King's Men: A Fiscal History of the Achaemenid Empire
Financier Covering the Ocean: Newspapers and Information Management in the Atlantic World, 1620-1770
Financier Transformations of Civil Disobedience: Democratization, Globalization, Digitalization
Financier Darwinizing culture: the status of cultural evolutionary theory as a science
Financier Splitting the mother tongue: The position of Anatolian in the dispersal of the Indo-European language family
Financier Gezond ouder worden met slimme brillen (NL)
Financier Ability Design in de Inclusief Groep (NL)
Financier Camerata Trajectina in the Dutch Song Database
Financier Protestantse cultuurschatten: religieus erfgoed beter in de kijker (NL)
Financier Optimizing verbal and non-verbal feedback delivered by avatars in games for transportation behavior change
Financier K21CCN: KIEM21stCenturyCinemaNL
Financier Bruggen bouwen tussen mode en technologie (NL)
Financier Sustainable Creativity in Post-Fordist Creative Industries
Financier Kledingproductie zonder patronen (NL)
Financier Uses of Literary Narrative Fiction in Social Contexts: Changes in Self and Social Perceptions
Financier Spinoza's Web
Financier Genes, Germs and Resources. The role of the family and the disease environment in mortality and longevity in the Netherlands, 1812-2015
Financier Units of meaning in sign language
Financier Facing the Enemy. The Spanish Army Commanders during the First Decade of the Dutch Revolt (1567-1577)
Financier Landscapes of Survival: Pastoralist Societies, Rock Art and Literacy in Jordan's Black Desert, c. 1000 BC to 500 AD
Financier The Popular Culture of Illegality: Criminal Authority and the Politics of Aesthetics in Latin America and the Caribbean
Financier Evolutionary Ethics? The (Meta-)Ethical Implications of Evolutionary Explanations of Morality
Financier Four Centuries of Labour Camps. War, Rehabilitation, Ethnicity
Financier On the same wavelength: How does language help our minds resonate in synchrony?
Financier Modeling interpersonal adaptation in gesture and speech
Financier Improving speech learning models and English pronunciation with articulography
Financier Faces of Evil: The Figure of the Perpetrator in Contemporary Memory Culture
Financier Incremental semantics
Financier Coping with Hunger
Financier The semantics and acquisition of referentiality
Financier Counting and Accountability. The Politics of Numbers in the democracy of Classical Athens
Financier The evolution of the lexicon. Explorations in lexical stability, semantic shift and borrowing in a Papuan language family.
Financier The Russian Language of Islam
Financier Understanding questions
Financier Slaves, commodities and logistics: the direct and indirect, the immediate and long-term economic impact of eighteenth-century Dutch Republic transatlantic slave-based activities.
Financier Parables and the Partings of the Ways
Financier The Epistomological Limits of Evolutionary Explanations of Morality
Financier Tsarist Katorga and Soviet Gulag in Western Siberia. War, Colonization and the Making of the 'Socialist Man', 19th - 20th Centuries
Financier Rehabilitation, War and Colonization in Italy and Its Colonies, 1861-1945
Financier Internment, Work, Poverty and Crime, in Hamburg, 1618-1669
Financier Colonial Enlightenment and Punishment in the Netherlands Indies: From Chain Gang to Upper Digul 1750-1942
Financier 'Arabism': Sufi and Salafi Discourses in Russia
Financier The language of Islam and the Russian Orthodox Church: Dialog, Mission and Conflicts
Financier The Language of Tatar Islam in Russia: Jadidism, Mirasism, Traditionalism
Financier The processing of in-situ wh-questions
Financier Revisiting the syntax and semantics of in-situ wh-questions
Financier The prosody of in-situ wh-questions
Financier Finance, Insurance and Maritime Logistics
Financier Commodity Chains of Sugar, Coffee and Tobacco
Financier The ripple effects of the MMC
Financier Meal Parables in Jewish and Christian Sources
Financier Slavery in Jewish and Christian Parables
Financier Family Relations in Jewish and Christian Parables
Financier Early Rabbinic Parables: Edition, Translation, Commentary
Financier Transnational Communication and Public Opinion in Early Modern Europe. Reporting the Thirty Years War in the Dutch Media, 1618-1648.
Financier Forces that bind or divide? Muslim interventions in the public realm 1989-2016
Financier Delicate Relations: Jews and Muslims in Amsterdam and London
Financier 'Mexico': The Materiality of Narcocultos in Mexico City
Financier 'Brazilië': Milícias and Music in Rio de Janeiro
Financier 'Jamaica': Visual Culture and Criminal Iconization in Kingston
Financier Models of Moral Justification in the Face of Evolution
Financier The Meta-Ethical Implications of Evolutionary Theory
Financier The Ethical Consequences of the Evolutionary History of Morals
Financier Everyday Matters. Material Historiographies of Television in Cold War Contexts
Financier Learning from each other. Formal analysis of multi-agent learning
Financier Networks of Knowledge: Spreading knowledge and reforms in the Carolingian era
Financier Any Number can win? - Measurement Theory for Economic Policy-Making
Financier Crossing Borders: Interreligious Ritual Sharing as a Challenge to the theology of Interreligious Dialogue
Financier From monastery to market place. Towards a new history of New Testament translations and urban religious culture in the Low Countries (c. 1450-1540)
Financier The ethics of flood risk management: Reconciling equity and efficiency in flood risk management
Financier Architects and bureaucrats: the court and the origins of architectural planning in Northern Europe (1370-1540).
Financier The exaptation of argument marking
Financier Multinational nuclear waste repositories: ethics and acceptability
Financier Figurative Framing: How metaphor, hyperbole, and irony shape public discourse
Financier Brainstorms: A Cultural History of Undisciplined Thought
Financier We should know better. An inquiry at the crossroads of ethics and epistemology
Financier Gassendi's Theory of Space, its Sources and its Influence
Financier Knights of Terror: Anders Behring Breivik, Online Radicalism, and the Rise of a New Rightwing Religion
Financier Marital Captivity: Bridging the Gap between Religion and Law
Financier Shakespeare in the Making of Europe (SIME 14-16)
Financier Barbarism: History of a Fundamental European Concept and Its Literary Manifestations from the 18th Century to the Present
Financier The transnational dynamics of social reform
Financier Degree Zero of Sound and Image: Creation before the Act, c. 1000-1700
Financier Frontiers of Language Variety
Financier Critique of religion and the framing of Jews and Muslims in the Netherlands today
Financier Multiple religious belonging: hermeneutical and empirical explorations of hybrid religiosity
Financier Immigration and religion in the Netherlands: A dynamic approach to religion in a multi-ethnic society
Financier Contested privates: The oppositional pairing of religion and homosexuality in contemporary public discourse in the Netherlands
Financier Making Islam work in the Netherlands. Islamic authority and Islamic law in the Netherlands among ordinary Muslims: recent trends and developments
Financier Religion Renegotiated: Faith-Based Organizations and the State in the Netherlands since the 1960s
Financier Negotiating health and illness: The United States as a reference model for Dutch health care, 1890-1990
Financier Television Histories in (Post)Socialist Europe
Financier The Tacit Dimension: Architecture knowledge and scientific research
Financier Practices of Responsibility in Change
Financier Optimizing the return on investment of game playing
Financier Effective and efficient philanthropic crowdfunding for cultural heritage sector
Financier Virtual eCoaching and Storytelling technology for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment (VESP)
Financier FuturA - Future Value Chains of Architectural Services
Financier Crafting Wearables
Financier De-escalate: Defusing escalating behaviour through the use of interactive light scenarios
Financier Musicians' demands for acoustic comfort on concert hall and theatre stages
Financier Mycelium design
Financier Time Capsule
Financier Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries (CICI). Comparative research in small scale clusters
Financier CHASING: CHAllenging Speech training In Neurological patients by interactive Gaming
Financier Assessing Executive Functions through Gaming: Development and pilot evaluation of an innovative diagnostic tool for children and adolescents with ADHD and cognitive control problems
Financier Mobile Activity Game for ElderlY (MAGGY)
Financier Erasing the impact of trauma memories with TraumaGameplay
Financier App Economics: The organization and monetization of networked gaming
Financier Exploratory Political Search (ExPoSe)
Financier Mind over matter. Debates about relics as sacred objects, c. 350-c. 1150
Financier The Scholarly Self: Character, Habit, and Virtue in the Humanities, 1860-1930
Financier Tracking second language acquisition through the wilds of natural language immersion: A cognitive-experimental approach
Financier Greek Criticism and Latin Literature. Classicism and Cultural Interaction in Late Republican and Early Imperial Rome
Financier Networked practices of contact: Cultural identity at the Late Prehistoric settlement of Aguas Buenas, Nicaragua, AD 500-1522
Financier The Landscape of Affordances: Situating the Embodied Mind
Financier Nature or nurture? A search for the institutional and biological determinants of life expectancy in Europe during the early modern period
Financier `A mosaic of them all': logics for multi-agent interaction via duality and correspondence
Financier The Chinese Impact: Images and Ideas of China in the Dutch Golden Age
Financier Dialect levelling in an expatriate community? Exploring Japanese negation in the Netherlands
Financier Embedding social responsibility in the design of offshore wind energy systems
Financier Network Interventions by Private Partners for Responsible Innovation
Financier The societal acceptance of the Combination chicken and sexing un-incubated eggs through genetic modification
Financier Towards a bio-based future: joining forces to maximize conditions of success for the transition towards a more natural and sustainable global food chain
Financier TeleBalancing
Financier Medical trust beyond clinical walls
Financier KINESIS
Financier The acceptability of shale gas: towards value-sensitive design of technologies and institutions
Financier Wise Choices and Smart Savings: Effectiveness and Acceptability of Persuasive Technology for Household Energy Saving (MORALPT)
Financier Platform wars for socially responsible smart grids: the influence of stakeholder networks and platform flexibility
Financier Syntactic variation in text grammar in Biblical Hebrew
Financier Syntactic variation in clause structure in Biblical Hebrew
Financier Syntactic variation in phrase structure in Biblical Hebrew
Financier Landed property and manorialisation in the Netherlands, the textual evidence
Financier Charlemagne's palace at Nijmegen. Its creation and impact.
Financier Material culture and exchange in the Carolingian Netherlands
Financier Agricultural production and the built environment of peasants in the Carolingan age
Financier Network analysis ethnohistorical data
Financier Network analysis archaeological data
Financier Material culture, pre-colonial materials
Financier Material culture, colonial materials, archaeometry
Financier Human and animal mobility
Financier Kantian empiricism: Divergent options for interpreting Kant
Financier From "Experience" to "Empiricism": Who is an empiricist?
Financier "Realism" - New models for accessing reality
Financier Structuring the realm of science: The role of historiography and the model of philosophical historiography
Financier The changing face of medieval Dutch narrative literature in the early period of print (1477-c.1540)
Financier The Meaning of Sport in Times of Health and Illness
Financier Population dynamics and survival of the Smooth Snake Coronella austriaca in a fragmented landscape under changing climatic and environmental conditions
Financier Terror Germanicus. German threat and memoria in the age of Augustus and Tiberius, 12 BC-AD 16
Financier Foolish texts from 1561
Financier Mysteries of Living Corpuscles: The Humanist Revival of Presocratic Philosophy and Atomism in Philosophy, Science and Medicine
Financier Keizers en Decurionen.Verspreiding en acceptatie van keizerlijke macht, ideologie, cultuur en mentaliteit in Romeins Italië (27 v.Chr.- 68 n.Chr.)
Financier Maps and Grammar
Financier Thinking community today. Conceptualizing the transience and persistence of belonging
Financier Thinking classified - Structuring the world of ideas around 1800
Financier Ganassi's La Fontegara - the Origins of Instrumental Diminution in Renaissance Venice
Financier Semantic Text Analytics and e-Humanities Research
Financier Debating crime and drugs: The United States as a reference model for Dutch concepts and Practices, 1890-1990
Financier Mediating civilization: Debating the role of the United States in the appropriation of media in the Netherlands, 1890-1990
Financier Consuming America: Public discourses about American consumer goods and consumerism in the Netherlands, 1890-1990
Financier The Good Society: The United States as a Reference Culture for State, Civil Society and the Citizen
Financier Does Syntactic Variation reflect Language Change? Tracing Syntactic Diversity in Biblical Hebrew Texts
Financier Island Networks: modelling inter-community social relationships in the Lesser Antilles across the historical divide (AD 1000-1800)
Financier Charlemagne's Backyard. Rural society in the Netherlands in the Carolingian age. An archaeological perspective
Financier Sportvoorzieningen en sportdeelname. Naar een optimale inzet van sportvoorzieningen ter stimulering van sportdeelname (NL)
Financier Van voetbalvrouwen tot vrouwenvoetbal (NL)
Financier Sports and physical activity in public space
Financier Meedoen met een motorische beperking: Training en coaching op maat (NL)
Financier SMART MOVES!
Financier The end of membership as we know it? Organized sports and sustainable social ties
Financier Finding the present in the distant past: The cultural meaning of antiquarianism in Late Antiquity (4-7th c. AD)
Financier Giordano Bruno's Atomism and the Aristotelian Tradition
Financier Girolamo Fracastoro, Julius Caesar Scaliger and Atomism
Financier Medical Atomism in 16th-Century Italy and Germany
Financier Computing regions
Financier Inclusion relations
Financier Grammaticometrics
Financier Persuasive gaming. From theory-based design to validation and back
Financier The New News Consumer: User-Based Innovation to Meet Paradigmatic Change in News Use and Media Habits
Financier The NextLevel: Gamedesign Principles for Effective e-health-based Mental Healthcare Therapy
Financier Learning Non-Adjacent Dependencies: A Mechanism for Language Acquisition?
Financier De receptie van Scandinavische literatuur in Nederland en Vlaanderen 1860-1940. Een vergelijkend onderzoek naar de rol van netwerken en naar de impact van het ethnolinguïstisch discours
Financier The American Ghazal: The Immigration of an Arabic Poetic Form (1960-2010)
Financier Kant and Wittgenstein on Ethics: Rethinking the normative foundations of ethical and legal responsibility
Financier Photographs & Preservation : New Challenges for Understanding the Lives of Photo-Works
Financier Dutch middlebrow literature 1930-1940: production, distribution, reception
Financier Locating Imagination. An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Literary, Film and Music Tourism
Financier Knowledge and culture
Financier Lend me your ears: the grammar of (un)transferable possession
Financier Foreign capital and colonial development in Indonesia
Financier Roman colonial landscapes. Non-urban settlement organization and Roman expansion in the Roman Republic (4th-1st centuries BC)
Financier Comparing colonial and non-colonial settlement patterns
Financier Exploring hidden villages in colonial and non-colonial landscapes
Financier Mapping possession onto morphosyntax
Financier Foreign investment and colonial society in Indonesia
Financier Mapping morphosyntax onto possession
Financier Foreign investment and colonial economic growth in Indonesia
Financier Settlement ecologies: location preference and land-use in colonial and non-colonial landscapes
Financier A theory for mapping possession
Financier The Dark Age of the Lowlands in an interdisciplinary light: people, landscape and climate in the Netherlands between AD 300 and 1000
Financier Trusting Banks
Financier Occupation patterns and land use
Financier Literary Tourism
Financier Vegetation and climate change
Financier Middlebrow publishers: programme, politics, practices
Financier Natural landscape evolution
Financier Music Tourism
Financier Competence: Trustworthy Models
Financier Forms of middlebrow criticism
Financier Motivation: Trustworthy Banks
Financier Literary middlebrow production
Financier Duties: Banks Trusting Citizens
Financier Evidence: Citizens Trusting Banks
Financier E-Humanity Approaches to Reference Cultures: The Emergence of the United States in Public Discourse in the Netherlands, 1890-1990
Financier The United States business system as reference model for the Dutcheconomy, 1890-1990
Financier Art and Propaganda in the 21st Century: A Dutch Perspective
Financier Towards a European History of Parliaments (1789-2009)
Financier Network in Transnational Memory Studies (NITMES)
Financier Circulation of Dutch Literature (CODL) : the reception and transfer of literature in national and international perspective
Financier Understanding public participation: Journalism and democracy in a digital age
Financier The Key Debates. Mutation and Appropriation in European Film Studies
Financier Hybrid Discourses - Transcoding Processes. Literature in the Margins of the Vernacular (1500-1700)
Financier Gender and Sexuality in (Neo-)Orientalism and Occidentalism: An Entangled History of European and Middle Eastern Identity Discourses
Financier Sites of Chemistry, 1760-1840
Financier The Black Legend and the Spanish Identity in Golden Age Spanish Theater (1580-1665)
Financier Transforming Religious Identities and Communities at the Intersections of the Rural, the Urban, and the Virtual
Financier Drifting Studio Practice - Return of the making in the thinking
Financier Paper Princes: paper in the expansion of European statecraft, 1522-1565
Financier Modelling processing deficits in developmental speech sound disorders
Financier Colonial rural networks. Dispersed settlement and colonial expansion in the Roman Republic (c. 4th -1st centuries BC)
Financier Digital Nationalism in China: Sino-Japanese History in Online Networks
Financier The role of hearing signers in the development of channel specific structures in sign languages of deaf communities
Financier A logic of relations
Financier The Development of Soviet Tajikistan and the Making of Modern Central Asia
Financier Over taal en leven in beweging (NL)
Financier The adult who is not hidden: Constructions of adulthood in British, Dutch and Flemish children?s literature, 1970-2010
Financier Cuban and Samaná Haitian as windows on creole genesis
Financier Philosophy as Science: The Project of the School of Brentano
Financier The Poet as Pop Star. Literary Celebrity in the Netherlands, 1780-1900
Financier Building tabernae: how commercial investment changed the cities of Roman Italy (200BCE-300CE)
Financier Moralising the global market. Fair trade in post-war Dutch history
Financier Pluripotente stamcellen: ethiek van lab naar patiënt (NL)
Financier The Ethics of Domestication; a new, contextualist perspective on problems encountered in the human-animal relationship
Financier The ambivalent imagination: 1500 - 1650
Financier The Complexity of Gender
Financier Landmarks in Language and Cognition
Financier Constructing powerful identities. The conception and meaning of 'rich' Hallstatt burials in the Low Countries (800-500 BC)
Financier Tapping into semantic recovery: an event-related potential study on the processing of gapping
Financier The many faces of gesture in human interaction
Financier Veranderingen en nieuwe ethiek van het landschap (NL)
Financier Verlichte dokters, verborgen krachten (NL)
Financier Natuur zonder grenzen: expertise en activisme, 1930-2000 (NL)
Financier Atheism and spirituality. Configurations of secularity among the Indian middle class
Financier Primitives of phonological representations
Financier Living in a Mediatised Society. An Ethnography of Media Rituals in the Netherlands
Financier Knowledge Sharing: Right or Privilege?
Financier Negotiating Medical Ethics A historical study of the interaction between medico-ethical theory and clinical research practices in the Netherlands after the Second World War
Financier Are we mere slaves of chance? Or, how to break free from causal chains
Financier Pinching loudly doesn't hurt: Adverb Modification and the Conceptual Structure of Events in Language and Cognition
Financier Productive Landscapes. An interdisciplinary inquiry into the productivity of crop husbandry
Financier The Moral Relevance of Weakness of Will: A Dispositional Account
Financier The Malleability of Mind
Financier What is a human being? A new anthropology based on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze
Financier Enlightenment, Sociability and Catholicism: Catholics in Dutch secular societies and masonic lodges, 1750-1800
Financier Towards an integrative model of spoken language: Incorporating cognitive, functional, and multimodal aspects
Financier Enlightenment and history. Changing views of the past in the Dutch Republic, 1715-1795
Financier Narrating the Aching Self: Representations of Depression in Contemporary Autobiographies
Financier Vasari's Enterprise
Financier Cognitive development in the context of emerging bilingualism: Cultural minority children in the Netherlands
Financier Ignoring the merry in marry: The effect of individual differences in attention and proficiency on non-native spoken-word recognition in noise
Financier Finding the limits of the limes. Using spatial dynamical modelling to reconstruct and understand the development of the cultural landscape in the Dutch part of the Roman limes
Financier Challenging Monopolies, Building Global Empires in the Early Modern Period
Financier The influence of genetic biases on the evolution, universal properties and diversity of speech and language
Financier You are at risk: how health risk information can be made more meaningful for consumers
Financier Community Museums Past & Present
Financier Patterns in morpho-syntactic acquisition as precursors of developmental dyslexia in Dutch at-risk children
Financier How to prevent landscape workers from contracting Lyme disease? The effects of adding pictograms and motivational elements to an information brochure for professionals with varying literacy levels
Financier Voting Engagement Tools as political decision aids. Effects on political literacy and political attitudes
Financier Prevention and health regulation behavior by understandable personal narratives
Financier Multimodality and Tailoring Complex Financial Information
Financier Texts that Teach and Readers that Learn: The role of text characteristics and children's reading skills in comprehending and learning from informational texts
Financier Mutual understanding via chat and telephone
Financier LIN: A validated reading level tool for Dutch
Financier Health promotion for low-literate adolescents: Increasing comprehensibility and persuasive effects of a school module on alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis
Financier Religieuze elementen in de communicatie over natuur (NL)
Financier Photographs and Preservation. How to save photographic works of art for the future?
Financier REVIGO
Financier Climate effects on decorated wooden panels (Climate4Wood)
Financier Paint Alterations in Time. Implications for Conservation, Presentation and Storage of Oil Paintings from Van Eyck to Mondrian
Financier The Colossal Stranger. Andrew Carnegie and Diplodocus Intrude on Europe,1899-1938
Financier First aid in second-language acquisition. Studies into an effective method for increasing vocabulary amongst young second-language learners
Financier Shedding light on endangered mutual heritage. Developing non-invasive imaging techniques to uncover, understand and preserve ancient Mexican pictorial manuscripts
Financier Cultural memory and identity in the Late Middle Ages: the Franciscans of Mount Zion in Jerusalem and the representation of the Holy Land (1333-1516)
Financier Overcoming the Faith-Reason Opposition: Pauline Pistis in Contemporary Philosophy
Financier Scientific Innovation in Livestock Breeding in the Netherlands, 1900-2000
Financier Revisualizing late Rembrandt: Developing and Applying New Imaging Techniques
Financier Dress and identity within the Christian and Muslim communities in Egypt from the third to the eighth century
Financier Modeling Artificial Language Learning
Financier Perceptual learning biases in birds
Financier French and the Catholic Christians of the Holy Land: language of a minority or minority language?
Financier Dress and identity within the Egyptian Muslim and Coptic communities in contemporaryEgypt, the Netherlands, and the United States
Financier Syriac and the Syriac churches in North-Iraq: the language of our Lord
Financier The development of the hybrid breeding technique in Dutch pig and chicken breeding
Financier The Truth of Conviction: Attestation, Testimony and Declaration
Financier Hebrew and the Jewish community of Baghdad: Arab Jews?
Financier Why Present-Day Philosophers Turn to Paul: Event, Comportment and Time
Financier Bilingualism in Medieval Ireland: bilingualism in the Martyrology of Oengus
Financier Dress and identity within the Coptic and Muslim communities in Egypt from the fourteenth to the twentieth century
Financier Arabic and its Alternatives: Religious Minorities in the Formative Years of the Modern Middle East (1920-1950)
Financier The Syntax of Idioms
Financier Decline and fall? Social and cultural dynamics in the Low Countries in the Late Roman empire (AD 270-450)
Financier In tune with eternity: song and the spirituality of the Modern Devotion
Financier Dress and identity within the Christian and Muslim communities in Egypt from the eighth to the fourteenth century
Financier Mannoury's Significs and the philosophy of language in the Netherlands
Financier E.W. Beth and A.J. Heyting. Their influence and ideas on philosophy, logicand related sciences
Financier Biography D. van Dantzig: from significs to scientific method
Financier Mapping the Via Appia
Financier Bilingualism in Medieval Ireland: bilingualism in the Sankt Gallen glosses to Priscian
Financier Paul among the Ancient Philosophers: Pistis as Reasonable Trust
Financier Perceptual learning biases in infants
Financier MPS - the Medieval Palaeographic Scale for dating and localizing handwritten manuscripts using digital palaeography
Financier Basiscript: a corpus of written language output as produced by elementary school children in the Netherlands, annotated for spelling, word frequencies and word properties, and a 20,000-word lexicon annotated for word senses.
Financier Scientific innovation in Dutch pig breeding, 1900-2000
Financier Segments and rules: a comparative study into the computational mechanisms underlying language acquisition
Financier Scientific innovation in Dutch sheep breeding, 1900-2000
Financier The Franciscans of Mount Zionand the representation of the Holy Land
Financier From Criticism to Methodology: Dutch reflections on science and society 1926-1970
Financier Fitting In/Standing Out: Comparing Majority and Minority Dress Codes among Egyptian Muslims and Christians
Financier Bilingualism in Medieval Ireland - language choice as part of intellectual culture
Financier Episcopal Social Networks and Patronage in Late Antique Egypt: Bishops of the Theban region at work
Financier The impact of age and exposure on forgetting and retention of the birth language in international adoptees: a perspective from Holocaust survivors
Financier Crime and gender 1600-1900: a comparative perspective
Financier Learning pronunciation variants for words in a foreign language: Towards an ecologically valid theory based on experimental research and computational modeling
Financier Human olfaction at the intersection of language, culture and biology
Financier Egyptian Temple Oaths in Ptolemaic Egypt. A Comparative Approach at the Crossroads of Law, Ethnics and Religion
Financier Voltooid Leven - Een kwalitatief-empirisch onderzoek naar de ervaringswereld van ouderen die hun leven als voltooid beschouwen (NL)
Financier Early Modern Historic Songs Based On Medieval Narrative Prose
Financier Improving the understanding of historical time of students aged 6 to 12
Financier Screening for Dyslexia in a Multicultural Context
Financier Reading behavior in advanced age: Do older adults become incoherent readers?
Financier Models of Language Evolution and the Topology of Semantic Space: The Case of Gradable Adjectives
Financier One grammar or two? Bilingual infants' processing of morphosyntactic dependencies
Financier Ressentiment, Democracy, Mediation: A Critical Reinterpretation and Revaluation
Financier Beyond New Jerusalem: The Governance of Planning in Rotterdam, Coventry and Le Havre, 1920-1960
Financier Bridging the gap between ethics and neurotechnology: the case of Brain-Computer Interfacing
Financier A Monument of Romanitas. Nazarius' speech to Constantine the Great (321 AD)
Financier Deconstructing stability. Modelling changing environmental conditions and man-land relations in the Pleistocene landscape of Twente (2850 - 12 BC).
Financier Enhancing Responsibility: the effects of cognitive enhancement on moral and legal responsibility
Financier Ferries and Finance: The Financial Infrastructure of the Dutch Republic
Financier Nouns and verbs, and what it means not to have them
Financier The interplay of Islam and the west: The unexplored dimensions in Islamic bioethics
Financier Beyond the European Myth. In Search of the Afro-Asiatic Alexander Cycle and the Transnational Migration of Ideas and Concepts of Culture and Identity
Financier Interpreting Questions: fine-grained compositional semantics
Financier Evidence-Based Belief Revision
Financier The making of a capital dialect: Language change in 19th century Cairo
Financier Thinking for speaking about events: a cross-linguistic approach to processing in L1 and L2
Financier What's in a plant? Tracking early human behaviour through plant processing and exploitation
Financier Handy connections between signing and speaking: Cross-language activation and cognitive effects in bimodal bilinguals
Financier Constructing constituencies: Dutch political parties and the language of politics, 1880 to the present
Financier The Poetics of Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica
Financier The Political Theory of Market Regulation
Financier Loyal Subjects or Reluctant Inhabitants? Jordanian Islamic Activists on King, Country and Citizenship
Financier Matching supply and demand side preferences in food innovation
Financier A Socio-Cultural History of Dutch Design, 1945-2010
Financier Between Deliberation and Agonism: Rethinking conflict and its relation to law in political philosophy
Financier Bridging the unbridgeable: linguists, prescriptivists and the general public
Financier The Regress Problem in Epistemology: A Probabilistic Approach
Financier Historical Roots of the Dutch Sustainability Challenge: The Impact of the Utilization of Material Resources on the Modernization of Dutch Society, 1850-2010
Financier Fora, stationes, and sanctuaries: the role of minor centers in the economy of Roman Central Italy
Financier Changing Platforms of Ritualized Memory Practices: The Cultural Dynamics of Home Movies
Financier Leprosy and Empire. The Shaping of Public Health Regimes in Multicultural Contexts: Suriname and the Dutch East Indies, 1800-1950
Financier The Many Dimensions of the Regress Problem in Epistemology
Financier Infinitism and the Regress Problem in Epistemology
Financier Video killed the home movie star? AUDIOvisual remediations and aesthetics of transition in home movies
Financier Leprosy in the Dutch East Indies, 1800-1950
Financier Conflict and the cosmopolitan rule of law: Kant, Nietzsche and contemporary cosmopolitan theory
Financier Re-evaluating conflict: Nietzsche’s ontology of conflict and its implications for agonistic political theory
Financier Rethinking conflict and its relation to law in contemporary political philosophy
Financier Leprosy in Suriname 1800-1950
Financier Prescriptivism and the media
Financier Minor centers in context: case studies from the Pontine region
Financier Geophysical mapping and interpretation of Roman minor centers
Financier A new approach to surface assemblages: mapping local and regional production and exchange systems
Financier Extending regional pottery classifications through archaeometric studies
Financier Attitudes to usage vs. actual usage in British and American English
Financier Building a digital research environment as a tool to enhance trans-national and comparative research on European colonial built heritage (1850-1970)
Financier The Beginnings of Farming in the Marmara Region of NW Turkey. Excavations at Neolithic Barcin Hoyuk
Financier Funerary Culture and Bioarchaeology of Tell Ibrahim Awad II: from the Early Dynastic Period to the Late Old Kingdom
Financier Beyond the Fathers: In Search of New Authorities
Financier Changing business systems and economic performance in Europe and Asia during the 20th century
Financier The Transformation of Citizenship Conceptions during the Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary Era in France, The Netherlands, and the United States, 1776-1830
Financier Reading Suffering. An Empirical Enquiry into Emotional, Intellectual and Ethical Responses to Narratives of Mental and Physical Pain
Financier MODOMA: Computer-Simulated Laboratory-Approach to Language Acquisition
Financier Civic and Cultural Identities in a Changing World. Analyzing the mortuary practices of the postclassical Peloponnese
Financier Common Rules. The regulation of institutions for managing commons in Europe 1100-1800
Financier Verbal Forms in Biblical Hebrew Poetry: Poetic Freedom or Linguistic System?
Financier Facing Society. A study of identity among the pre-Columbian and early colonial indigenous societies of the circum-Caribbean through the analysis of intentional cranial modification
Financier Political representation: communities, ideas and institutions in Europe (c. 1200 - c. 1650)
Financier A Collaboratory for the Study of Reading and the Circulation of Ideas in Early Modern Europe: A Digital Platform for Teaching and Research
Financier When what and where fall into place: the ontological status of place terms in Lokono
Financier The historical Republic. Historical and political thought in the late eighteenth-century Dutch Republic
Financier Individual variation in entrenchment of multi-word units
Financier The representation of people of mixed race in colonial and postcolonial literature of the Dutch East Indies (1800-present)
Financier In touch with the dead. A study of early medieval reopened graves
Financier Postcolonial Europe Network (PEN)
Financier From Idol to Museum Piece: Alternative Histories of Sculpture 1660-1815
Financier Network for Conservation of Contemporary Art Research (NeCCAR)
Financier Socio-cognitive mechanisms of symbolic communication
Financier Historical scholarship and school history: national narratives in Dutch and English textbooks, 1920-2010
Financier Interdisciplinary Innovations in the Study of Religion and Gender: Postcolonial, Post-secular and Queer Perspectives
Financier Trading values: cultural translation in early modern Antwerp
Financier Language use in real time: the dynamics of lexical knowledge in L1 and L2
Financier Solving the actuation problem: the role of perception in sound change
Financier Mind and Narrativity. Towards an Integrated Narrative Account of Self, Consciousness and Reasons for Action
Financier The value of deliberate metaphor
Financier The acquisition of a lexical tone system by children acquiring East-Limburgian
Financier Living Neolithization. Micro histories and grand narrative in Neolithic Anatolia and Southeast Europe (c. 7000 - 5000 BC)
Financier Digging for the roots of understanding (DRUST)
Financier Postmodernity, Space, and the Literary Representation of the City
Financier Communication in Context: Shared Understanding in a Complex World (CCCOM)
Financier The Jochids' history: a key to the map of premodern Eurasia
Financier Self-understanding in contemporary psychiatry: a role for the humanities?
Financier Hermes' Hormones: Biomics and biohermeneutics
Financier Military Human Enhancement: Design for Responsibility and Combat Systems
Financier Eurasian empires: integration processes and identity formations. A comparative program
Financier BMGN/Low Countries Historical Review in transitie naar Open Access
Financier The 'image-culture'
Financier Narrative reflective self-understanding: the corporeal
Financier Strategies in response to natural explanations of religion
Financier Enhancement and a normative conception of the human
Financier The discourse on Philosophical Anthropology and its relevance for a concept of practical self-understanding
Financier Practical self-understanding. Historical and philosophical perspectives
Financier The evolution of human social cognition
Financier Human capabilities as the justification for welfare economics
Financier Empire and Legacy in South India. Court Politics in Vijayanagara and its successor states, 1330-1770
Financier Dynastic Juniors in Europe and Asia
Financier The esthetics of the sultanate. Mamluk royal image and the legitimization of Bahri rule in Egypt and Syria, 1250-1382
Financier Crisis and Transformation of the Ottoman Ruling Class 1574-1617
Financier The Tsar's servants. Tatar Elites in Muscovite Russia 1450s-1700
Financier The Ming Dynasty's Barbarians at the Gates: Strategies for Dealing with the Other and Military Identity Formation
Financier Netherlands City Country
Financier Household formation, marriage patterns and economic development
Financier Human capital formation and economic development
Financier Subsistence economy in coastal wetlands
Financier The cultural landscape of West Frisia
Financier Formulaic Narrative Genres
Financier Political participation and economic development
Financier Cultural identity and communication networks
Financier Holy Books
Financier Emergent Cultural Literacy: subproject Children's Poetry
Financier Agency, Gender, and Economic Development in the World Economy 1850-2000
Financier Emergent Cultural Literacy: Assimilating Children's Literature
Financier Towards Logics that Model Natural Reasoning
Financier Neurolinguistic profiles of developmental dyslexia in a longitudinal perspective
Financier 'Reason of state' or 'reason of princes'? The 'new monarchy' and its opponents in France, Germany and the Netherlands, during the seventeenth century
Financier Farmers of the coast, coastal farming communities on the southern North Sea coast, 2000-800 BC
Financier Symbolizing Identity. Identity marks and their relation to writing in New Kingdom Egypt
Financier Mutual intelligibility of closely related languages in Europe: linguistic and non-linguistic determinants
Financier Natural Logic and Linguistic Semantics
Financier Estate reactions to the ‘New Monarchy’ in France (Fronde 1648-52) and Germany (Hesse-Cassel, Jülich, 1642-52)
Financier Linguistic distance measurements between closely related languages
Financier Complexity, Monotonicity, and Comprehension
Financier Mutual intelligibility in the Germanic language area
Financier Mutual intelligibility in the Slavic language area
Financier A Computational Theory of Natural Logic
Financier Developmental Trajectories of Advanced Reading Networks: Interactive processes
Financier A model of mutual intelligibility of closely related languages
Financier Valckenier and the menace of the ‘New Monarchy’: Louis XIV and ‘reason of state’ for a republic
Financier Normalization / Compensation patterns in developmental dyslexia
Financier Participation and representation in small-scale water-boards
Financier Dutch water-boards in an international perspective
Financier Mutual intelligibility in the Romance language area
Financier Participation and representation in regional water-boards
Financier The polder model. Political culture in water boards (c.1400-c.1800) Research into the administrative culture of the water boards between 1400 and 1800, to establish whether this culture contains the roots of the Dutch consensus culture
Financier The workmen’s marks in their historical and functional context
Financier Princely or Royal Reason of State? The nature of the crown in Rohan’s deliberations
Financier New Technologies as Social Experiments: Conditions for Morally Responsible Experimentation
Financier Human dignity as the basis of human rights?
Financier Moving the language user - Affect and perspective in discourse processin
Financier Communication of Heritage Netherlands
Financier DRiP: Drip irrigation Realities in Perspective
Financier Biofuels: Sustainable Innovation or Gold Rush?
Financier Bodily Integrity in Blemished Bodies
Financier Marginal scholarship. The practice of learning in the early Middle Ages (c. 800 - c. 1000)
Financier Sense of body intactness in cancer patients
Financier The uniformity of linguistic variation: Subject-Predicate relations
Financier Proud to be Dutch. The role of war and propaganda literature in the shaping of an early modern Dutch identity, 1648-1815
Financier A long-term compass for the protection of global biodiversity
Financier Dynamics of Memory - The Netherlands in the Second World War
Financier Places of terror: Trends and tensions in the transnational memory of totalitarian terror and genocide in Postwar Europe
Financier The Dutch camps as disputable places (initiative Kamp Vught, Kamp Westerbork and Kamp Amersfoort
Financier Keeping the days. Time and Identity in Middle-America
Financier Identifying specific language impairment in monolingual and bilingual children: Executive functions and linguistic processing
Financier Images at war: photography, gender and humanitarian aid
Financier Dealing with foreign traders, dealing with conflict. Strategies of conflict resolution and their role in trade relations in the Baltic c. 1450-1580
Financier Visions of Rome. Strategic Appropriation of the Roman Heritage in Humanist Latin Poetry
Financier The tensions of neoliberal democracy and the role of the news media: The case of Chile
Financier Moving Scenes: Theatre, Passions and the Public Sphere in Early Modern England (1580-1642)
Financier The Politics of Irony in Contemporary Latin-American Literature on Violence
Financier Modelling musical similarity over time through the variation principle
Financier From isolation to coherence: an integrated technical, visual and historical study of 17th and 18th century Dutch painting ensembles
Financier What are the chances? An explication of single-case probability
Financier Back to the Book: Analog Literature in the Digital Age 1990-2010
Financier What makes a good listener? Correlates of speech-comprehension ability in young and older adults
Financier Transformations in intimacy. Sexuality and modern personhood among middle-class Nigerians from 1940 to the present
Financier The semantic anatomy of conditional sentences
Financier The intimate voice of the Russian Avant-garde: adapting the aesthetic self and the rise of Socialist Realism
Financier Newcomers in Chains: Slave Migrants in the American South, 1820-1860
Financier Merging boundaries. Phoenician communities in the western Mediterranean and the Atlantic: cultural consumption and adaptation strategies circa 750-550 BC
Financier Brave New Worlds: Internal Colonization in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Italy, 1900-1940
Financier What we hear is how we speak: The role of frequency in language acquisition
Financier Beauty and the Feast: Social Landscapes in Greater Amazonia and the Caribbean Materialized Through Ritual Performance
Financier Female Spies or 'she-Intelligencers': Towards a Gendered History of Seventeenth-Century Espionage
Financier DeviantArt: Mapping the Alternative Art World
Financier Language Portal Dutch / Frisian
Financier Understandable language - Short future exploration
Financier Understandable Language - Inventory knowledge and tools
Financier Adrift or adroit? On the sources of electoral volatility in the Netherlands, 2006-2010
Financier The Performative and Relational Abilities of Things
Financier A Kind of Imagination that has Nothing To Do with Fiction? Allan Kaprow and Hannah Arendt and a Practice for a New Publicness of Art - A Research Proposal in the Art
Financier Dependency and Resistance: sugar cane cultivation and sustainable development in the Hispanic Caribbean (1840-1920)
Financier Chemistry Education in the Netherlands
Financier Aesthetic Experiences and Medium-Specific Aspects of Absorption
Financier Varieties and Determinants of Absorption in Narrative Film
Financier Parsing and metrical structure in native language acquisition
Financier Parsing and metrical structure in second language acquisition
Financier Parsing and metrical structure: A cross-linguistic study
Financier Migration to the city of Rome
Financier Entrepreneurism, Governance and Chemistry
Financier The cemeteries of Crustumerium (800 - 450 BC), a social and artefact based analysis
Financier Settlement and territory of Crustumerium, settlement archaeology and early state formation in central Italy (800-450 BC)
Financier The urban labour market of Roman Italy under the Early empire
Financier Incomplete acquisition and L1 attrition of German as a first language among Kindertransport survivors and family migrants of German-Jewish origin
Financier Kant on the significance of empirical knowledge of human agency
Financier Kant on moral consciousness and the non-empirical grounding of morality
Financier Chemistry in everyday life: A research programme in the history of chemistry in the Netherlands during the second half of the eighteenth century
Financier Varieties of Absorption in Narrative, and Aesthetic Experiences A Comparative Study of Responses to Literature and Film
Financier Detecting and assesing small archaeological sites in a rural Mediterranean context
Financier Surface/ Subsurface: relating buried remains at small archaeological sites to surface survey data
Financier Parsing and Metrical Structure: Where Phonology Meets Processing
Financier Moving Romans. Urbanisation, migration and labour in the Roman Principate
Financier International adoption and language development: a perspective from Kindertransport survivors
Financier Kant on morality and empirical knowledge of human agency
Financier The people and the state. Material culture, social structure and political centralisation in central Italy (800 - 450 BC)
Financier Rural Life in Protohistoric Italy
Financier Buried history of war. The scientific potential and cultural and historical value of archaeological features and finds from the Second World War
Financier Goedereede-Oude Oostdijk: A Roman marketplace
Financier Den Haag Ockenburgh: a fortification as part of the Roman coastal defence
Financier Tiel arround 1000: analysis of some old excavations
Financier Origin and Early History of the Medieval Centre Helmond. A synthesis of the Archaeological Data
Financier Study of the castellums (Roman fortlets) in Utrecht: internal structure of the fortlets Domplein and Hoge Woerd
Financier Back to Linear Pottery culture: "forgotten" surveys of Linear Pottery culture
Financier Between appearance and reality: the excavation Bergumermeer S-64B as a milestone of Stone Age research in the Netherlands.
Financier Roman Aardenburg: castellum or fortified town?
Financier The Local Politics of Attention: Local policy agendas in a comparative and historical perspective.
Financier The ground tracks of Ezinge; dating and interpretation
Financier Dealing with new leadership and the past by the policy maker of tomorrow
Financier The Boshoverheide: the largest prehistoric cemetery in the Netherlands opened
Financier Aliens Wanted? A study in cultural interactions following the entrance of North African troops into Europe (1936-1945).
Financier Desiderata Neo-Kantianism Research
Financier Defining the Ritual, Analyzing Society. The social significance of material culture in pre-Roman cult places of central Italy (ca. 900 - 400 BC)
Financier Was Forum Hadriani a consuming market for food from Midden-Delfland?
Financier "Aanloop Molengat" wreck. Analysis and presentation of the first underwater excavation in the North Sea
Financier Vechten 1946-1947: a cross section through the main castellum of our country
Financier Towards a European research and data network for cultural tree-ring studies
Financier Towards a Platform for the Cultural History of Children's Media (PLACIM)
Financier Age of Trust and Cooperation? The Social Fabric of Urban Communities in England, Italy and the Low Countries, c. 1350-1550
Financier Constructions emerging
Financier Multimedia Research and Documentation of African Oral Genres: Connecting Diasporas and Local Audiences
Financier Picturing the Visual Artist. Formations of Artisthood in Photographic Portraits: 1960-2000
Financier Recoverability in the syntax of natural language
Financier Recognition and retribution. Transitional justice in the Netherlands Indies after the Second World War
Financier Naturalistic Solutions to the Benacerraf Dilemma
Financier Keeping in touch in a changing world: network dynamics and the connections between the Aegean and Italy during the Bronze Age-Iron Age transition (ca. 1250-1000 BC)
Financier The Roman census: counting and identity
Financier The First Modern Media President: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Image in Public History Since 1997
Financier A Toolkit for Transnational Communication in Europe
Financier Maneuvering with Authority in Medical Advertisements
Financier A computational model of human spoken-word recognition in real-world conditions
Financier Domination or collaboration: the development of power relations between ethnic groups in the seventeenth-century plantation colony Suriname
Financier From Sinful Self-Knowledge to Individual Self-Expression? Practices of Identity Construction among Girls in the Juvenile State Reformatories in the Netherlands, 1858-1975
Financier Consigning the 1970s to History. A Global perspective
Financier Precarity and Post-autonomia: the Global Heritage
Financier Live to Be a Hundred. Cultural Narratives of Longevity
Financier The founding of IABA Europe, the European Chapter of the International Auto/Biography Association (IABA)
Financier Linguistic resources for weakly referential nominals
Financier The resistance of the world. Philosophical foundations of the historiography of science
Financier The History of the Library of Isaac Vossius
Financier Accepting responsibility for the social role of technologies
Financier Tragedy and the Tragic
Financier Late Antiquity and Early Islam: Continuity and Change in the Mediterranean and Arabia
Financier The Low Countries at the Crossroads. Netherlandish Architecture as an Export Product in Early Modern Europe (1480-1680).
Financier Literary studies and globalisation (The French Example)
Financier Domestic Servants in Urban South African Literature
Financier The Indian Roots of Modern Chinese Thought: Yogacara Buddhism
Financier Rationality and Decision: the impact of new models of reasoning on decision-making
Financier Filling in the blanks in European dendrochronology: building a multidisciplinary research network to assess Iberian wooden cultural heritage worldwide.
Financier Turkmenistan Research and Exchange Network
Financier A Finance-Security Assemblage: Governing Finance in the War on Terror
Financier Data and Tradition. The Hebrew Bible as a linguistic corpus and as a literary composition
Financier Extent and organization of the Middle Assyrian Empire during the 13th and 12th centuries B.C.: a new provincial capital in Iraqi Kurdistan
Financier WIC-CorD: a Dutch Written Input for Children Corpus, POS-tagged and lemmatized, with a derived lexicon tagged for frequency and linguistic characteristics
Financier Biblia Sacra II
Financier Linking Historical Lives (Linked Lives): A Database with 160 Years of Life Courses of Brothers and Sisters (1850-2010)
Financier Heimat Photography. Dutch cultural nationalism in illustrated books and periodicals (1920-1950)
Financier Transforming Memories in Contemporary Women's Rewriting (1970 - the Present)
Financier Immunity of the members of Dutch Parliament seen in a European context
Financier Politicizing deliberative democracy
Financier Improving inter-municipal democracy
Financier Nicht gewusst? Popular opinion regarding the Holocaust during the German occupation of the Netherlands, 1940-1945
Financier The Indian Trading Diaspora: the Emergence of transnational business networks
Financier In Search of the Japanese Family: Modernity, Social Change, and Women's Lives in Contemporary Japan
Financier Decision making about electoral systems by deliberative democracy arrangements
Financier Between Logic and Common Sense: the Formal Semantics of Words
Financier The age effect in bilingual development: grammatical gender in second language acquisition and first attrition
Financier Sonic Skills: Sound and Listening in the Development of Science, Technology and Medicine (1920-now).
Financier Non-Assyrian population groups in the expanding Neo-Assyrian Empire
Financier Kanesh: an early multi-cultural urban centre? The impact of Assyrian merchant colonies in Anatolia
Financier Overarching missionary objectives within the religious oders
Financier Chatechistic programs for the laity
Financier Narratives of missionairy self-understanding within the religious orders
Financier The homiletic construction of a disciplined religious subject
Financier Labour in the Iranian Oil Industry
Financier The Impact of Migration: Migrant-Related Change in the Ancient Near East
Financier Material culture and changing consumption patterns in the settlements of Hoogeloon and Riethoven
Financier Coordination of the analysis and publication of the settlements of Hoogeloon and Riethoven
Financier Associations in the European Revolutions of 1848
Financier The villa of Hoogeloon and the settlement at Riethoven. Key sites in the Roman rural landscape of the Lower Rhine frontier zone between limes and loess
Financier Religious orders and religious identity formation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, ca. 1420-1620
Financier The Promise of Organization. Political Associations, 1820-1890, Debate and Practice
Financier The Inquisitive Turn. A New Perspective on Semantics, Logic, and Pragmatics
Financier History of New testament Conjectural Emendation (1): The Period of Wettstein and Bowyer
Financier History of New testament Conjectural Emendation (2): The Period of the Dutch School of Conjectural Criticism (1850-1925)
Financier Inquisitive Pragmatics
Financier Inquisitive Logic
Financier Inquisitive Semantics
Financier Conjectures Collected, Edited and Evaluated
Financier Gisbertus Cuper and the international political and scolarly conversations on political philosophy and religion
Financier New Testament Conjectural Emendation. A Comprehensive Enquiry
Financier Romeyn de Hooghe and the reconceptualization of religion
Financier Fault line 1700: Early Enlightenmment Conversations on Religion and the State
Financier Articulating Modernity: The Making of Popular Music in 20th Century Southeast Asia and the Rise of New Audiences
Financier Towards a historical database of migrant organisations in Europe
Financier Integrating Heritage. Building a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) for interdisciplinary research of the heritage and history of the Dutch landscape.
Financier Managing Dutch Water Safety Vulnerabilities A social cultural perspective on the threats of flooding
Financier Lexical flexibility: formal semantics meets experimental psycholinguistics
Financier Splitting and clustering grammatical information
Financier The 'Hollandsche Schouwburg' as 'lieu de mémoire'
Financier Prisoners under German military occupation
Financier Memories and recovery. History of the Jews in the Netherlands 1945-2010
Financier Popularisation and media strategies (1700-1900)
Financier The Future is Elsewhere: Towards a Comparative History of Digital Futurities
Financier Cultural Representations of Living Nature: Dynamics of Intermedial Recording in Text and Image (ca. 1550-1670)
Financier Photographic Traditions in Black Popular Modernities: towards a socio-historical analysis of the visual economy in and beyond South Africa
Financier Narrative fan practices: A key to cultural dynamics
Financier The Nation and Its Other: The Emergence of Modern Popular Imagery and Representations
Financier Material Culture, Consumption and Social Change: New Approaches to Understanding the Eastern Mediterranean during Byzantine and Ottoman Times
Financier Cultural innovation in a globalising society: Egypt in the Roman world
Financier Moral Emotions and Risk Politics
Financier The Conversation Frame: Linguistic Forms and Communicative Functions in Discourse
Financier What is really possible? Philosophical explorations in branching-history-based real modality
Financier Central Franconian Syntax across Borders
Financier Logics for intelligent interaction: expressivity and succinctness
Financier The quest for the legitimacy of architecture in Europe, 1750-1850
Financier Unexpected sisterhood (similarities in dialects)
Financier From Orthodoxy to obscurantism? Theological frictions in the contemporary Russian Orthodox Church
Financier Human capital and economic growth in Europe, ca 1880-2000
Financier Crossing communication borders: first language reversion in healthy, aging Dutch migrants in Australia
Financier Organizing the Masses: The Contested Nature of Early Irish, British and American Pressure Groups, 1820-1840
Financier Prosody in whispered speech: retrieving alternative cues to pitch
Financier Argumentation through Anecdotes: On the Rhetorical Function and Cultural Significance of Anecdotes in Early Chinese Thought
Financier The Dynamics of Light Verbs in the History of West Germanic Languages
Financier Perceptual learning of speaker attributes and its effect on spoken-language comprehension
Financier Paying the Public Sector: Desert-Based Conceptions of Distributive Justice in Public Sector Remuneration
Financier An Objective Guide for Public Policy? Scope and Limits of Data-Driven Methods in Statistical Model Evaluation
Financier Prosody and syntax: how are they related?
Financier Probabilistic Causation in a Spacetime Framework
Financier From Science to Popular Culture: Artes magicae in England between the Scriptorium and the Printing Press, 1200-1500
Financier Commercializing science and the flow of knowledge
Financier Challenging the classical tradition: receptions of antiquity in Julia Kristeva's theory of intertextuality
Financier The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish War against Rome (66-70): New Sources, New Perspectives
Financier Economic Tropes, National Identity and the Dutch Novel (1782-2007)
Financier Shaping Roman virtue. Early Roman oratory and the fashioning of aristocratic identity in the Empire
Financier Dialogical Foundations and Semantics (DiFoS)
Financier Towards an appropriate societal embedding of neuroimaging
Financier Responsible early diagnostics for Alzheimer's disease
Financier Persuasive technology and social values
Financier Moral fitness of military personnel in a networked operational environment
Financier Surveillance in urban nightscapes
Financier Optimization of complex palliative care at home by making use of expert consultation via telemedicine
Financier New modes of governing pharmacovigilance
Financier Peasants' political parties and democratisation in Eastern Europe around 1900
Financier Mysticism for a new age: Hendrik Herp's Spieghel der volcomenheit in manuscript and print (c. 1455/60 - 1552) and the Franciscan Observance in the Low Countries
Financier Quantity matters: Building a theory of Q-implicature
Financier Willem Frederik Hermans in the post-war European context
Financier The power of autonomous literature: Willem Frederik Hermans
Financier Dynamics in the writing of Willem Fredrik Hermans: anti-hero, game player / spoiler and polemicist
Financier Scales and scalar implicatures
Financier Cultural transmission and artistic exchanges in the Low Countries, 1572-1672: mobility of artists, works of art and artistic knowledge
Financier A discourse-based framework for calculating Q-implicatures
Financier History of the Censorship of History (1945-2011)
Financier Report in Latin war narrative
Financier Democratization and political terrorism: The formation and destruction of the two-party system in the Red River Valley of Louisiana, 1865-1878
Financier The organization and triumph of the Democratic Party in the Red River Valley
Financier Mobility of artistic knowledge (ideas)
Financier Mobility of artists (producers)
Financier Mobility of works of art (products)
Financier Speech and thought representation in Latin war narrative
Financier Legal cases on posthumous privacy and reputation (1980-2010)
Financier The Awyu-Dumut family of Papuan languages in its linguistic and cultural context
Financier Proto morphology and internal morphological diversification of the Awyu-Dumut family
Financier Engaging heritage. Constructions of historical distance in English and Dutch educational resources
Financier Heritage educators and history teachers: concepts and ideas
Financier Heritage Education, Plurality of Narratives and Shared Historical Knowledge
Financier Dorestad: vicus famosus
Financier Unlocking North Holland's Late Neolithic Treasure Chest. Single Grave Culture behavioural variability in a tidal environment
Financier Salvage documentation of South African Khoekhoe and !Ui languages
Financier Endangered sign languages in village communities
Financier Oss-Mikkeldonk & -Mettegeupel: the dynamics of the late prehistoric and Roman period cultural landscape
Financier Use of the landscape for cattle breeding, hunting and fishery in northern Westergo (Friesland) in the Roman era and the early Middle Ages
Financier The Roman Fort and Harbour of Velsen 1 (N.H.) The Structural Evidence and Selected Finds
Financier Odyssee - a direction of a solution in the width: the 1000 not elaborated sites, that will lead to sustantial knowledge increase, will be made digital available
Financier Alor-Pantar languages: origins and theoretical impact
Financier The Dutch Wars of Independence, c. 1560-c. 1650
Financier Ethos and Interpretive Strategies ? The Negotiation of Value Positions in Contemporary Literature
Financier Women and Islam: New Perspectives
Financier The Varieties and Epistemology of Cognitive Artifacts
Financier The nature of evidentiality
Financier Textual and hermeneutical research implications of a codico-liturgical approach to the Byzantine and Slavic manuscript tradition
Financier Targum Samuel in Ashkenaz and Italy
Financier Mobility Concepts and the Construction of the Car as Acoustic Cocoon in Europe, 1930-1970
Financier Functional projections in analytic languages
Financier Development of new automated measurement tools
Financier Constitutionalization in Italy and Germany
Financier Computational Foundations of Social Choice (CFSC)
Financier Dutch Atlantic Connections,1680-1795 : The circulation of people, goods and ideas in the Atlantic world, 1680-1795
Financier From Muskets to Nokias: technology, consumption and social change in Central Africa from pre-Colonial times to the Present
Financier A Historical Enquiry Concerning the Composition and Spread of the Skandapurana
Financier 'Kindersprache, Aphasie und allgemeine Lautgesetze' revisited
Financier The power of satire: cultural boundaries contested
Financier Remediated enlightenments: religious and political satire in the age of the mass media (1970-2007)
Financier Enlightenment contested: Dutch satire in the periodical press (1780-1800)
Financier The political economy of transition in Indonesia, 1910s-1960
Financier The Transfer of Knowledge in a Cuneiform Culture
Financier Assessments of Past Science
Financier Dutch Fashion Identity in a Globalised World
Financier Towards the construction of a catalogue of Byzantine liturgical codices
Financier From Ghafurov to Primakov: the politicisation of academic Oriental Studies in Moscow and Leningrad/St.Petersburg since 1950
Financier Jorge Luis Borges in the Central Literary Polysystems of Western Literature
Financier Humanists as Philosophers: The Place of Renaissance Humanism in the History of Thought
Financier Emergent Categories and Connections
Financier The Latin Translations of Targum Samuel
Financier A transnational perspective on informal diplomacy in early seventeenth-century Venice
Financier Developing an Interdisciplinary Philosophy and Ethics of Science and Engineering for International Collaboration on Complex Social Problems
Financier Warrior Ethics in Japan: Bushido as Intellectual History
Financier The Dynamics of Democratic Deliberation
Financier Reasoning with vague expressions
Financier The Body of Democracy: Conceptualisations of Democracy in Dutch Debates on (Homo)sexuality and Multiculturalism, 1991-2007
Financier The House in Russian Literature (19th and 20th Century)
Financier From Two Million Souls to Sixteen Million Inhabitants
Financier The Dawn of Dutch: Language Change in the Low Countries between 500 and 1200 AD
Financier Deliberative Awareness, Conscious Control, and Moral Agency
Financier Soundscapes of the Urban Past: Staged Sound as Mediated Cultural Heritage
Financier The Administrative Behaviour of the Heads of European Union Agencies: From National Democracy to Supranational Eurocracy?
Financier Indigenous roots of the Dutch Renaissance. A study of the conceptions of the medieval in early modern Dutch literature
Financier Contesting representations of New Netherland (1650-1702): a transatlantic perspective on colonial conflict
Financier Autocrats and underdogs: declamation and the dynamics of power in ancient Rome
Financier Creoles at birth? The role of nativization in language formation
Financier Syntax and Information structure: discourse options after the loss of Verb-Second
Financier Relations between modality and language structure: Insights from comparisons of sign languages and gestures
Financier The Material Turn in the Humanities
Financier The development of context structure for lexical items in first language acquisition
Financier Software for Europe (Soft-EU)
Financier War, heritage and memory - a dynamic perspective
Financier Modeling the role of vagueness and granularity in communication
Financier Normativity in Action: A New Theory of Moral Responsibility
Financier The New Management of Knowledge in the Early Modern Period: The Transmission of Classical Latin Literature via Neo-Latin Commentaries
Financier Law and Drama: How Theatrical Practices are defined by, with, and against the Law in France & French-speaking regions (13th-16th centuries)
Financier Digital Collaboratory on Cultural-Historical Dendrochronology in the Low Countries (DCCD)
Financier Biographies of grave goods and the identity of the dead
Financier A Jewish Targum in a Christian World: An Encounter
Financier A computational model of step-wise language acquisition
Financier Shared Commitments and Common Knowledge: The Epistemic Dimensions of Deliberative Democracy
Financier Texts and Identities in the Early Middle Ages
Financier Short-term media logic and the long-term viability of democracy
Financier Production and distribution: Political reformist Salafism and the Sahwa movement in Saudi Arabia
Financier Populist Democracy (20th - 21st c.)
Financier The Media and Salafism - The distribution and transformation of Salafism in modern media
Financier The literary-sociological framework and preconditions in the field of Dutch post-war literary criticism
Financier The interplay between the speaker's and the hearer's perspective
Financier The Best Intentions: Literary Criticism in The Netherlands 1945-2005
Financier The development of European Waterways, Road and Rail Infrastructures
Financier The First Dutch Democracy: The Political World of the Batavian Republic, 1795-1801
Financier Explaining media personalization
Financier Argumentation patterns in literary criticism
Financier Analysis of democracy from the prospective of cultural and political philosophy.
Financier The Economic and Social Stratification of Amsterdam's Artistic Community
Financier The dynamics of apocryphal traditions in medieval religious culture
Financier The development of functional representation bodies in the Netherlands, 1945 to the present
Financier Ethical room for manoeuvre
Financier The Return of William James. Rediscovering the Body in Emotion, Cognition and Rationality
Financier Stressing the facts; Accentuation in Hittite
Financier Seeing and Hearing Words: How Real Speech Perception Changes Over Time
Financier The Dynamics of the Catholic Exile Experience. Amsterdam, Cologne and Douai as Laboratories of Confessional Radicalization in the Dutch Revolt (1572-1600)
Financier Change and Coordination via Dialogue Interaction
Financier Neanderthal Living Space: the organisation of living space and the use of landscapes in Neanderthal society
Financier Crossing the great divide: the sonorant-obstruent contrast in phonology
Financier The Structure of the Amazonian Languages, Phonology and Grammar
Financier Stylistics of Dutch
Financier Understanding the failure to repeat wafeisin: a study into the deficit underlying poor non-word repetition in SLI
Financier The use of written documents in the interaction between judges and suspects
Financier Political Key-Concepts: Representation and Citizen ship, 1795-1801
Financier Parthian Zoroastrianism
Financier Other urbanisms. Migrant entrepreneurs (1849-2005) - liminal spaces of commerce and exchange
Financier Medieval Urban Literacy
Financier Hub for Aggregated Social History (HASH). Toward an integrated infrastructure for Dutch municipal data, 1812 - 2000
Financier Global Network for the Study of Archaic Greek Song
Financier Synthesis: Corporate governance and performance
Financier Data infrastructure for the study of guilds and other forms of corporate collective action in pre-industrial times
Financier Contemporary East Asian Media Centre
Financier Assessing the relative contribution of competence and performance in child language
Financier Arts and crafts in Roman shipbuilding: raw materials management, construction technology, use and disposal of barges in the Lower Rhine region in the Roman period
Financier Dividend policy, financing and performance of Dutch firms in the twentieth century
Financier Technology and the limits of humanity: the ethics and anthropology of posthumanism
Financier Reporting at the boundaries of the public sphere. Form, Style and Strategy of European Journalism, 1880-2005
Financier Indefinites and beyond : Evolutionary pragmatics and typological semantics
Financier Exploring the Early Holocene Occupation of North-Central Anatolia: New Approaches for studying Archaeological Dark Ages
Financier In Defense of Epistemological Pluralism
Financier Faith & fortune, beauty and madness
Financier Asymmetries in Grammar
Financier Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations in the period 1500-2000
Financier The Middle Helladic tumulus cemeteries of Argos: the final publication
Financier Hidden lives - public personae: women in the urban texture of the Roman Empire
Financier Sustaining Total War: Militarisation, Economic Mobilisation and Social Change in Japan and Korea (1931-1953)
Financier A psycholinguistic model for phonological development
Financier A History of Counter-Terrorism (1945-2005)
Financier Ceramics and Social Change. The Impact of the Spanish Conquest on Middle America´s Material Culture.
Financier Living Beyond Historicism: The French Example
Financier Urban mythology. Impact of visual representations on collective arrangements of the Schiphol region (c. 1950 - present)
Financier The modern constitutional state (1850-1950)
Financier Lost cultural landscapes in the border area of Flanders and The Netherlands. . . . . (B)
Financier Nature policy in transition: towards a new system of joined control

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