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Penvoerder Revision control of structured data
Penvoerder CrEATE: Crowd-sourced Evaluation and Annotation of Tonal Entities.
Penvoerder MISSION: Modelling and Supporting Web Search and Navigation by Older Adults
Penvoerder Domain-Specific Type Error Diagnosis
Penvoerder Bayesian Networks for Bio-monitoring
Penvoerder Multimedia and Geometry
Penvoerder Games and Virtual Worlds
Penvoerder Algorithmic Data Analysis
Penvoerder Content and Knowledge Engineering
Penvoerder Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Mixed Continuous-Discrete Problems
Penvoerder Space and Time Efficient Structural Improvements of Dynamic Programming Algorithms
Penvoerder Virtual Organization
Penvoerder Cognition Guided Interoperability beTween Collections of musical Heritage
Penvoerder Algorithms for manipulation planning with imperfect parts and inaccurate manipulators
Penvoerder Robust Median Trajectories
Penvoerder Non-Invasive Incremental Evaluation
Penvoerder Controled game-based stress manipulation
Penvoerder Gelijkenis in muziek
Penvoerder Modelling musical similarity over time through the variation principle
Penvoerder ServiciFi: Service Extraction from Decomposed Software Monoliths in the Financial Domain
Penvoerder Multi-dimensional Bayesian Network Classifiers
Penvoerder Real-life Datatype-Generic Programming
Penvoerder Algorithms for Nonparametric Monotone Classification
Penvoerder PROMUNDI: Probabilistic Multi-knowledge Networks for Diagnosis
Penvoerder KERNELS: Complexity and Combinatorial Analysis of Data Reduction
Penvoerder Realistic Input Models for Geographic Applications
Penvoerder GATE: Games for Advanced Training and Entertainment
Penvoerder Exceptional Model Mining
Penvoerder Decision Support Systems
Penvoerder Intelligent Systems
Penvoerder Algorithmic Systems
Penvoerder Agents Interacting in Dialogues with Argumentation
Penvoerder Immobilization of non-rigid structures
Penvoerder Robotic Manipulation
Penvoerder Motion Planning in Virtual Environments
Penvoerder Coregistration of 3D images
Penvoerder Segmentation for support of AAA-treatment
Penvoerder Medical Imaging
Penvoerder 3D shape recognition
Penvoerder SMURF : Similarity-Based Multimedia Retrieval Framework
Penvoerder Multimedia Indexing
Penvoerder NODES : Novel Techniques for Describing Shape
Penvoerder SHAME - Shape Matching Environment
Penvoerder Shape Matching
Penvoerder Imaging and Multimedia
Penvoerder Automated Cartography and GIS
Penvoerder Computational Geometry

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