Department of Clinical Psychology


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Treatment of autism with discrete trial teaching and early intensive behavioral interventions. An updated systematic review
Collaboration Stepped care to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression in cancer patients
Secretariat Closing the Minority Achievement Gap: A SMART Model of the Benefits of Belongingness Interventions among Students from Ethnic Minorities
Secretariat Internet-based treatment of phobias in specialized mental health care: A randomized trial
Secretariat Improving suicide prevention in mental health care through training of guidelines and support by e-learning
Secretariat Effectiveness of Gatekeeper Training and the Implementation of Evidence Based Practice Guidelines for General Practitioners in the Prevention of Suicidal Behaviour: a Controlled Study
Secretariat Project Spelregels: preventie van agressie en gedragsstoornissen bij basisschoolkinderen dmv een geïntegreerde set van universele, selectieve en geïndiceerde interventies (NL)
Secretariat Ontwikkeling en implementatie van een zelfrapportage signaleringsinstrument voor suïcidaliteit bij jongeren (NL)
Secretariat Internet-based treatment of low-grade glioma patients with depression: randomized controlled trial
Secretariat The development, implementation and evaluation of the meaning-centered group psychotherapy 'Living Meaningfully with Cancer' in the Netherlands
Secretariat Structured life review using autobiographical retrieval practice in depressed palliative head and neck cancer and lung cancer patients
Secretariat Prevalance and riskfactor of victimisation in psychiatric patients
Secretariat Prevention of psychosis with a cognitive behavioural intervention in help-seeking young people with an at risk mental state for developing psychosis

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